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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 62

Translator: JellyMae

Editor: Spirit Song


Throughout the ages of mankind, no one can resist the persuasive powers of a flattering rainbow fart*. No one.


(T/N: “Rainbow fart” is an abstract saying for high praises.)


Once upon a time, Lin Feilu once joined a fandom out of sheer boredom and became an outstanding copywriter. As such, it was simply child’s play for her to make up hundreds of compliments without ever repeating them. However, it was clear that this level of flattery was enough to deal with Lin Nianzhi.


For the first time, this proud princess had blushed from being praised.


But it was super effective. Now, she was not angry at all. What Xi Xingjiang? Who cares? Didn’t you hear what her little sister said? The most beautiful girl in the world is worthy of the worst temper in the world!


Once she got over her embarrassment, Lin Nianzhi cleared her throat. She stretched her hands out and grabbed her little Fifth Sister’s hand. With a haughty expression, she said, “Fifth Sister, let us depart from here. There is no need for us to interact with this kind of person.”


Lin Feilu made a wry face at Xi Xingjiang while she obediently clung onto her Eldest Sister’s hand and was planning to leave with her.


Meanwhile, Xi Xingjiang was tutting behind them and deliberately continued to provoke the pair, “You said she is the most beautiful girl in the world? You’ve got to be kidding me. I think you look better than her.”


As he finished his sentence, the resulting effect was immediate.


As expected, Lin Nianzhi’s expression instantly soured. Her fingers’ grip around Lin Feilu’s hand stiffened and were slowly loosening.


Lin Feilu held onto Lin Nianzhi’s fingers and turned her head back to look at Xi Xingjiang without changing her expression, nor was there any expression of guilt. She sighed childishly and retorted in an aggrieved tone, “You’re still so young, yet your eyes seem to already gone blind?”


Xi Xingjiang: “???”


Looking at his defeated expression, Lin Nianzhi laughed so hard that her stomach ached. Whatever little resentment that had arisen before was now completely erased. She had no desire to interact further any longer with Xi Xingjiang, so she said, “Fifth Sister, come to Yaohua Palace with me. The Ministry of Internal Affairs had just delivered some winter fruits this morning. I’ll bring you along with me and you can have some of them.”


Lin Feilu smacked her lips like a gluttonous little kitten and replied, “Okay.”


Ah, my Fifth Sister just keeps getting cuter and cuter!


Standing frozen in place, Xi Xingjiang looked on as the crowd of people drifted away. His gaze lingered on Lin Feilu as he smirked and let out a snicker.


This little bean has such sharp razor fangs. Wait till I see her next time, see if I’ll take off one of her little head buns.



After walking for some distance, Lin Feilu suddenly remembered something and informed Lin Nianzhi, “Eldest Imperial Sister, I forgot to let my maidservant know that I was leaving along with you. She might become anxious from trying to look for me everywhere.”


Lin Nianzhi waved her hand, “That’s not a big deal.” She commanded a maidservant behind her, “You, return to Baimei Garden and keep watch. If you see the Fifth Princess’ maidservant, let her know.”


The maidservant adhered to her instructions and left the group. Lin Feilu gave an affiliative smile. She tilted her head as she looked at Lin Nianzhi and appeared to have thought of something. She quickly took out the hand stove in her sleeve and handed it to her. “Elder Sister, this will warm your hands. There’s still a little bit of warmth to it!”


Lin Nianzhi took a glimpse and saw it was another hand stove. It looked different from the one she gave herself last time. The design of this hand stove seemed very old, in fact, it should no longer be procurable in this palace since they were all disposed of. Who could still be using this odd thing in this vast palace?

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