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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 65

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It’s the TL team here. There were some comments on NU which mentioned that the TL quality was not very good. Some have also decided to MTL the novel to read ahead. As translators, we personally do not recommend MTL-ing this novel, as you miss a lot of minute information. The author uses a fair share of sarcasm and Chinese metaphors, which gets mistranslated in English very often.

That is why we’ve decided to go back to the old chapters to refine the story and improve the translations, so that everyone, whether new or current readers, can have a good time reading this story. As of this chapter, we are in the process of updating the previous chapters for translation mistakes. We changed a lot of terms, especially in regards to place names and consort titles. We also removed inaccurate bits of information and added/updated new ones to make the novel more friendly for English readers with little to no background knowledge of Chinese culture. Know that we are passionate about this project, and we are not MTL-ers! Sincerely, the TL team

— Fleeting, Jelly Mae & Spirit Song.

Lin Feilu tugged at her little buns, pouting and pondering in deep thought before she said, “I don’t know either. Shall we study it together?”


Lin Nianzhi nodded happily: “Okay! Let’s do it!”


The two began to study the nine-ring puzzle together.


Lin Feilu had never played this, but she could not resist a good mental exercise for her high IQ brain. When she was in elementary school, she was the champion of the 6×6 Rubik’s Cube Juniors Competition. Seeing how Lin Nianzhi played with the Nine-Rings, she immediately grasped the nature of the game.


In fact, she already knew how to solve it. However, to rein in Lin Nianzhi, it was unwise to appear to be smarter than her.


So she could only suggest ambiguous hints, which led Lin Nianzhi to think she was intelligent enough to solve the puzzle by herself, but in reality she was still somewhat lacking compared to Lin Feilu herself.


When the maidservant returned from the Imperial Embroidery Workshop, the nine-rings puzzle that had troubled Lin Nianzhi for months was finally solved.


Lin Nianzhi was delighted. Immediately she looked at her fifth sister in a different light.


That idiot Lin Xi could never understand how to solve even the simplest nine-rings. She felt as if she was playing a lute to a cow whenever she attempted to guide her. Although Little Feilu may come across some stumbling blocks which required Lin Nianzhi to guide her through, at least Little Feilu could keep up with her own thought processes.


Before meeting Lin Feilu, she would only listen to Lin Xi’s instigations, thus she inadvertently also came to dislike this fifth sister very much. But now she realized that the words of a stupid person were inherently unreliable.


She recalled Lin Xi’s complaint yesterday and then asked Lin Feilu: “Did you go to the Imperial School yesterday?”


Lin Feilu was startled, as if she did not expect she would know about it. So she explained hurriedly, “I…I didn’t go inside, I was just observing away from the steps to the terrace…”


Lin Nianzhi said in a comforting tone, “I’m not trying to accuse you, don’t be afraid. I’m just curious, why did you want to go to the Imperial School?”


Lin Feilu lowered her head, the two small buns on her head also tilted downward, and she replied in a timid voice, “I heard from Fourth Imperial Brother that the Imperial School is a place where the all royal children study. But I’ve never been there, so I got a little curious and wanted to take a look.”


Lin Nianzhi understood the stratification of the palace.


The unfavored prince and princess were not blessed by the Emperor, thus they were not qualified to enter the school. But the more she understood it, the more she could not comprehend it.


Lin Xi can attend the Imperial School even with her level of idiocy. Little Fifth Sister is so intelligent, so why can’t she attend the school??


Lin Nianzhi had a fiery temperament. Depending on Emperor Lin’s adoration for her, she was always very straightforward and would say whatever she wanted.  She immediately jumped off the daybed, dragged Lin Feilu along and said, “Come, I will accompany you to meet the Emperor and ask him to let you attend the Imperial School!”


Unexpectedly, Little Feilu was not happy at all. She was surprised at first, then she grabbed Lin Nianzhi’s wrist and anxiously spoke: “We must not do this, Eldest Sister!”


Lin Nianzhi was displeased. “Why not? I will ask our Royal Father for your sake. Father loves me dearly, so he will definitely agree to my wish.”


Lin Feilu pulled on her sleeves and whispered slowly word by word: “Elder Imperial Sister, it will not work.”

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