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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 66

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— Fleeting, Jelly Mae & Spirit Song.

Lin Feilu lowered her eyes as her voice turned a little sad: “Our Royal Father does not favour my brother, that’s also why he doesn’t like me. If Eldest Sister is seen with me, Father will somehow associate me with you when he meets you in the future. This would become troublesome for you.”


She looked into Lin Nianzhi’s eyes. Her soft voice was very firm as she said, “I cannot trouble my Eldest Sister just for my own sake.”


Lin Nianzhi felt immensely touched by her words.


In this palace, no matter who it was, anyone who sought her favor only wanted to benefit from her. Even the Third Princess, Lin Xi, just because they had a good relationship since childhood, she often accompanied her and Emperor Lin. This was how Lin Xi managed to receive the favor of the Emperor.


But this Little Feilu befriended her purely because she liked her. Lin Feilu would take the initiative to care for her well-being, now she was also taking care to not implicate her with any troubles.


What a cute and kind little angel.


Lin Feilu turned around and began to laugh and smile, “Besides, I’m still young. So I’m not in a hurry to go study at the Imperial School.”


Just as Lin Nianzhi was internally wrestling with her thoughts, suddenly she heard the palace servants announced, “The Lady has returned.”


Consort Hui’s voice came from outside the door, “What is the Princess currently doing?”


The palace servant replied, “The Princess and the Fifth Princess are playing together inside.”


Consort Hui was taken aback: “The Fifth Princess?”


Earlier she had just asked Nian’er to teach that little girl a little lesson outside of the palace, so why did she bring her back to their palace instead? If things were to go wrong, she was still considered royal blood. If Her Majesty the Queen were to investigate this matter, she would never be able to extricate herself out of this mess.


Consort Hui anxiously walked in to have a look.


The children were hugging their small hand stoves as they peeled the little melon seeds and ate them with care. It was obvious that this was just a warm, homely scenario.


Slowly, Consort Hui’s thoughts turned from worry into a question mark.


Lin Nianzhi happily called out “Mother”, and Lin Feilu obediently gave her salutations, “Little Feilu pays her respects to Consort Hui.”


This was also Consort Hui’s first time seeing Lin Feilu. She hated Consort Xian to her bones, thus naturally she did not warmly welcome her. She said coldly: “You may rise.” Then she turned to look at her daughter with a displeased expression, “Why are you not practicing your words? What are you doing here?”


Lin Nianzhi affectionately responded like a baby: “I’ve finished practicing in the morning. I’m playing nine-rings with Little Fifth Sister.” She picked up the solved nine-ring puzzle and said, “Mother, look at this! I’ve solved it!”


A smile finally surfaced on Consort Hui’s face. His Majesty favored intelligent princes and princesses. Of course she was very proud of her daughter who was born so smart for her age.


She took a glance at Lin Feilu then said quietly: “The Princess still has to practice reading. If there’s nothing else, the Fifth Princess should return to her palace.”


Lin Feilu obediently obeyed with her head bowed towards her.


Seeing her mother’s bad attitude towards Lin Feilu, Lin Nianzhi pursed her mouth, but did not dare to intervene. She only winked at Lin Feilu secretly while Consort Hui was not paying attention. Little Feilu smiled back at her. Holding two hand stoves, she left Yaohua Palace.


As soon as Lin Feilu left, Consort Hui began to reprimand her daughter, “I told you to teach her a lesson outside the palace. Why did you bring her back to the palace? Also, those two new hand stoves in her hands, did you give them to her? “


Lin Nianzhi replied, “Yes.”


Consort Hui was displeased, “Don’t interact with her. Didn’t you know that Lin Xi was punished by the Eldest Prince because of her?”


Lin Nianzhi pursed her lips: “That’s due to her own stupidity. Mother, I’ve decided to spend less time with Lin Xi in the future.”


Consort Hui was taken aback for a moment. “Why? Aren’t you two sisters who grew up together?”


Lin Nianzhi replied earnestly: “As the saying goes: he who handles vermilion will be reddened, and he who touches ink will be blackened. I worry that her stupidity will negatively affect my intelligence.”


Consort Hui: “…”

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