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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 68

TL & ED: Jelly Mae & Spirit Song

Qingyan followed Lin Feilu’s gaze and looked up as well. Once she recognized who the young boy on the tree was, her expression drastically changed as she hurriedly bowed to greet him. “This lowly slave greets the Viscount. My Lord, please stop teasing our Princess.”


Xi Xingjiang let out a little chuckle. “Little Bean, where’s your feisty spirit? You’re getting scared from just this?”


Lin Feilu looked up and gave him a mean look, “I’m not afraid of you! Come down here!”


Xi Xingjiang folded his arms across his chest, sitting cross-legged as he leaned against the tree trunk. “Why don’t you come up instead?”


Lin Feilu shot him a wry face as she responded, “Gross, only monkeys climb trees!”


For a moment, Xi Xingjiang was stunned, then he suddenly cheerily said, “Who said I climbed up here? I got up here by flying!”


Lin Feilu: “I don’t believe you! Not unless you show me how you did it!”


Xi Xingjiang: “Then I’ll show you how to fly.”


So he used the Qing Gong style of flying to come down from the tree.


(T/N: You can read about Qing Gong Here. It is basically a chinese martial art style.)


As he glided down from above, the young boy’s black robes and black hair were flailing blithely in the wind. His handsome visage was a picturesque sight to behold.


He flew down and landed right in front of Lin Feilu. It was at this moment when she realized something was amiss.


Lin Feilu was grinning as she asked, “Why did you get down?”


Xi Xingjiang: “?”


She was right, why did he come down?


Xi Xingjiang then realized he had been fooled and played right into his Little Bean’s hands.


However, he was not angry. While he was thinking this little trick of hers was funny and interesting, he reached out to grab one of her hair buns. Lin Feilu expected this, so she quickly protected her little head and pedaled backwards, fiercely telling him off, “Don’t touch my little bun-buns!”


Xi Xingjiang asserted himself, “In the first place, who gave you permission to have such cute little bun-buns?”


His Little Bean seemed a little embarrassed as she turned her face away from him, but she quickly turned back around and continued to scold him, “Even so, you’re not allowed to touch them!”


Xi Xingjiang was about to die from her unbearably sweet cuteness, so he raised his two hands up in surrender. “Alright, alright, I won’t touch them.”


It was truly a struggle for him to talk to her while he was standing. As it was common for children who practiced martial arts to develop faster, he was naturally very tall for a 12-13-year-old boy. So he stepped forward and lowered his body into a squatting position in front of her.


As soon as he squatted down, he smelled there was a refreshing fragrance coming from her. Xi Xingjiang looked around and saw there was a bulging little pouch fastened around her waist. He reached out and poked it, “What’s in here? Smells nice.”


This time, his Little Bean did not challenge him and replied in a soft, cute voice, “White plum blossoms.”


Xi Xingjiang became interested. “If you’re making a scent pouch, just a small amount would be enough. What are you trying to do with this many? It’s not even beautiful and just gets in the way.”


This boy may look dull due to his rowdiness, but his line of thinking was actually very meticulous.


Arrogantly, Lin Feilu raised her little head up high, “I’m not telling you!”


As soon as these words fell, Xi Xingjiang snickered as he grabbed the little pouch and forcefully yanked it off from her. He joyfully taunted, “If you won’t tell me, I won’t return this to you.”


Lin Feilu panicked as she struggled to grab her pouch. He laughed as he stood up with his arms raised high. Dangling the little pouch in mid-air, he continued, “What do you say?”

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