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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 69

TL & ED: Jelly Mae & Spirit Song

The Little Bean was about to explode from frustration at him as she stared at him fiercely for a long time. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something. She pouted cutely and complained in a tone as if he had wronged her, “Didn’t you say that we are friends? How can friends bully friends like this?”


Xi Xingjiang was ecstatic. “Now you remember that we’re friends? Why didn’t you say that when you helped your Eldest Sister to bully me?”


This Little Bean’s little bun-buns bobbed up and down as she shook her little head. “Aiya, at that time I really just forgot about it.”


Xi Xingjiang: “…”


Can’t take this anymore, she’s too damned cute.


He squatted down and lowered his head as he helped to tie the little pouch back on her waist. As he was fixing it up, he asked, “Little Bean, what is your name? You didn’t tell me last time.”


Lin Feilu replied, “You’re lying. You already know I’m the Fifth Princess. How can you not know my name?”


Xi Xingjiang finished tying the pouch and dusted off his hands. In a half squat position, he looked at her with a genuine smile on his face, “I haven’t asked anyone about it. I want to hear you tell me in person.”


She let out a huff and lifted her chin. After a short while, she confidently stated, “My name is Little Lu.”


“Little Lu.” Xi Xingjiang mumbled her name repeatedly before he proceeded to pat her on her head as he smiled. “What a lovely name.”


He looked up to the sky, then handed over the slingshot he had just used to tease her with. With a smile on his face, he said, “I have to go now. I’ll give this to you, take it as a present to commemorate our first meeting.”


My, how very romantic of him to give this as a first meeting commemoration.


Lin Feilu mentally complained, as she put on a happy face while she accepted the slingshot. Xi Xingjiang continued, “I gave you a gift, what will you give me?”


She tilted her head and thought for a while. She bit her lower lip as she wiggled the little pouch on her waist and answered, “I plan to turn these white plum blossoms into a hand cream. When it’s done, I will give you one box of it.”


Bewildered, Xi Xingjiang asked, “Hand cream? What’s that?”


His Little Bean became annoyed. With a look of disgust on her face, she replied, “Aiya, you’ll know when the time comes. Now go away.”


Xi Xingjiang was grinning as he frantically waved her goodbye before he finally turned around and strode away. Lin Feilu held the slingshot in one hand, pulled back the bowstring with the other, aimed at the back of his head, and launched something at him with a “whoosh” sound.


All this time, Qingyan was mortified as she looked on from the sides, but she was even more impressed and admired this little princess from the bottom of her heart.


It seemed as if there was no one she could not handle.


Especially adept in reforming arrogant little princelings.


She looked at the little pouch curiously and also asked, “Princess, what is a hand cream?”


Lin Feilu talked as she walked, “A kind of silky paste. It protects your hands from becoming dry and chapped after you apply it.”


Qingyan was astonished, “The Princess is so smart, you seem to know everything. It’s the first time this humble servant has heard of such a thing.”


Lin Feilu smiled, “I came across it by coincidence when I was reading Mother Consort’s book collection. It’s nothing that novel.”


In her previous life, there was a period of time when she used to indulge in handicrafts. All kinds of soap, essential oils, hand creams; she could make them by herself as she knew the procedure. Some materials may be lacking or missing in this life, but she could just use beeswax to solve the problem and make a simpler version of hand cream.

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