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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 70

TL & ED: Jelly Mae & Spirit Song

When they returned to Mingyue Palace, Lin Zhanyuan was standing at the gates with the little rabbit in his arms. As soon as he saw her, he threw a tantrum, “Little sister went out to play without me!”


Lin Feilu smiled as she consoled him, “This little sister did not go out to play, but to do business.” She untied the little pouch and held it out towards him, “Doesn’t this smell nice?”


Instantly, Lin Zhanyuan forgot his anger as he sniffed and smelled it, “Nice!”


Lin Feilu smiled and patted the rabbit in his arms.


After they entered the house, she wrote a list of materials she needed to make the hand cream with some ink and a brush, then gave it to Yunyou and asked her to go to the Imperial Household Department to collect the materials.


Since these were insignificant little things, they should be easy to obtain.


She also asked Qingyan to deliver a basket of silver charcoal to Cuizhu Villa.


Mingyue Palace was now under the protection of Consort Xian, therefore there was an abundance of silver charcoal in their stores. It was fine to take some of them as gifts, but Qingyan began to hesitate when she was reminded of who was living in Cuizhu Villa. It was right for her princess to maintain a good relationship with her imperial siblings and noble peers, but why should she care for the hostage prince of an enemy country?


It was not a good thing to get involved with such people.


But now, in this Mingyue Palace, Lin Feilu’s prestige was greater than Xiao Lan’s. Although Qingyan was uncertain, she did not dare to question her princess’s orders. After putting some silver charcoal into the basket, Lin Feilu put the hand stove she had used just now into it as well before letting Qingyan go.


Qingyan was anxious as this was the first time Qingyan personally visited Cuizhu Villa. She stood in front of the bamboo door for a long time before she plucked up the courage to knock on the door.


Tiandong was grinding the inkstone as his young master was practicing his handwriting, when a knock on the door came as a surprise.


He didn’t like people to visit them.


This was a place full of dangers, and not a single soul in it was benevolent. When someone would visit, that usually meant trouble.


Song Jinglan did not stop his hand as the ink strokes flowed fluidly as writings on the paper. His thin lips curved into a smile as he nonchalantly spoke, “We can warm ourselves with some charcoal now. Go and open the door.”


Tiandong received his orders and ran to open the door. He was met with a nervous palace maid who placed the basket of charcoal on the floor. She hastily mentioned, “The Fifth Imperial Princess has ordered this lowly servant to deliver this silver charcoal to you,” then she turned and ran. Tiandong exclaimed his surprise and annoyance at her form.


He immediately burned the charcoal and moved the burner into the house. The cold room was slowly warming up. After Song Jinglan had finished practicing his handwriting, he walked over to the burner and stretched his red, chapped hands to warm them up. Uncomfortable at this sight, Tiandong pleaded, “Your Highness, the frostbite on your hands are getting worse. Perhaps it is best if you refrained from practicing your sword practice for a while?”


Song Jinglan did not seem to be bothered as he responded, “This much is nothing.”


Tiandong handed over the small hand stove to him, “Your Highness, this is the hand stove that the Fifth Princess returned to us. It seems to be different from ours.”


Song Jinglan reached out and fiddled with the hand stove.

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