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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 71

Hello dear readers! Just to update ongoing readers that we have changed some of the harem titles. Most prominently, Xiao Lan’s title has been changed from “Noble LadytoHonorable Lady“. We did this to avoid confusion when referring to other nobles. We would also like to take this time to correct the harem titles in order of ascending rank: Pure Lady, Honorable Lady, Concubine, Imperial Concubine, Consort, Noble Consort and Empress. In the future, if there are any new titles to be introduced, we will reiterate the order of ranks with the new titles included. As always, thank you for reading!

TL & ED: Jelly Mae & Spirit Song

Lin Feilu had been using that hand stove for some time, and thus it had long been soaked with the light fragrance from her body. According to the social etiquette of this era, this would be considered as a lady’s private property. Even if she were not keeping up with the times, Song Jinglan also did not seem to care much about it. Once Tiandong had filled up the hand stove with hot charcoal, he leisurely stuffed it inside his sleeves.


As the new year approached, the weather turned colder and colder. It was just a few days after Lin Feilu had sent the silver charcoal when the first snowfall happened. 


It was cold here in the northern lands. Once snow had fallen, it would not melt until the spring of next year. 


In previous years, winter was the harshest time of the year for the residents of Cuizhu Villa. The charcoal they were supplied with would produce too much smoke, yet it was not enough to keep them warm, so they would suffer from the cold. The Song Kingdom was a southern nation that did not experience cold winters, and as such, they could not adapt when they first arrived in the Great Lin Empire.


Over the past few years, they grew accustomed and managed to make do with what they had. Fortunately, Song Jinglan was physically fit and healthy from practicing martial arts all year round. He suffered no illnesses apart from the frostbite on his hands. With the silver charcoal they had received, they could finally enjoy a warm winter this year. Tiandong took a mental note and lessened his disdain for the Fifth Princess.


Although there was another princess who coveted his prince’s beauty, that Third Princess only knew how to order Song Jinglan around. She would order him to help her sit here and there, or accompany her to places near and far. She never had a speck of consideration for his welfare.


However, this Fifth Princess was really different. Since they had met, she had never demanded anything out of Song Jinglan. She would even occasionally drop by to bring them gifts of kindness.


Snow had just fallen when another visitor had arrived.


Tiandong opened the gates and saw Lin Feilu. This time, his eyes were no longer filled with wariness. Lin Feilu smiled with a childish grin, “Where is Your Highness?”


Tiandong replied, “His Highness is reading inside the house.”


He’s studying again. What a hard-working kid.


Lin Feilu followed Tiandong into the house. As she entered, finally, the interior of the house was no longer cold and humid. Even if it was not warm enough, there was still at least a hint of warmth. She scanned the area and saw that there were only a few pieces of silver carbon in the furnace. It was an amount that was only enough to keep oneself warm.


They’re using it sparingly.


Song Jinglan walked out from his room, with a gentle smile on his face he said, “The weather is so cold, why did the Fifth Princess come to visit?” He ordered Tiandong, “Go, bring more charcoal and add it to the furnace.”


Lin Feilu hurriedly said, “No need, I just brought something over for you. I’ll be leaving soon.”


She tottered over to him, took out a rouge box from her sleeves and handed it to him. “This is a hand cream I made. Your Highness can have this and use it.”


(T/N: A rouge box is a box that usually contains cosmetic creams or powder. Sometimes it is used to carry medicinal salves as well.)


Song Jinglan looked at the small box as he lightly raised his eyebrows. He picked it up and opened it in a calm manner. First, he could smell a delicate fragrance, like the scent of white plum blossoms. The box contained a soft, white paste which looked exquisitely delicate.


In a softspoken, loving tone, he asked, “Did the princess make this?”

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