Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 8

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She never expected that the situation of side hall was so difficult.


Who would believe that the concubine of the dignified emperor didn’t even have food to eat?


It shouldn’t be ‘Xiao Lan’ at all but only ‘Xiao’.


(T/N: Xiao Lan means ‘desolate mountain’ and ‘Xiao’ also means miserable.)


Lin Feilu opened the door and walked out to follow her mother. She saw a beautifully dressed woman sitting at the entrance of the main hall, leisurely drinking tea just like watching a play. She was probably Concubine Xu.


Yun You’s eyes turned red as Xiao Lan whispered a few words to persuade her to stop making unnecessary remarks and head back to the side hall.


Lin Feilu suddenly shouted, “Mother.”


Xiao Lan turned to see her and said softly, “Why did you go out? Is the incense burned out already?”


Lin Feilu acted like a spoiled child, “My knee hurts.”


Xiao Lan no longer said anything and held her hand to go back. Lin Feilu looked curiously in the direction of Concubine Xu and asked innocently, “Mother, why does the Concubine Xu take so much food? Does she also raise two children?”


Concubine Xu entered the palace two years earlier than Xiao Lan. However, Concubine Xu’s womb failed to live up to its expectations and was unable to conceive after so many years.


Now that she had fallen out of favor and couldn’t even see the emperor once a year, it’s even less likely for her to get pregnant.


Lin Feilu’s words earlier was akin to stabbing a knife into her heart.


Concubine Xu was so furious that the teacup fell from her hand. However, she couldn’t do anything about Lin Feilu. Xiao Lan hurriedly led her daughter back to the courtyard. After closing the door, Yun You gritted her teeth as she said, “She has done so many misdeeds. I pray that she never gives birth!”


Qing Yan said to Xiao Lan, “Things can’t go on like this. She always uses her position to suppress us. Why don’t you go to the Empress and ask for justice? Even if the Empress does not care about you, she must care about the royal blood.”


Xiao Lan sighed, “If I go to the empress, wouldn’t it bring the attention of the whole harem on us again? Forget it, it doesn’t matter. We can make do like this.”


After living with Xiao Lan within these two days, Lin Feilu also understood more about her character.


She was too kind. Sometimes, being too kind was also a weakness. She never thought of a solution when she encountered problems and quickly gave up. It was no wonder that things had reached this point.


Even after so much had happened, she still wanted to be kind.


Xiao Lan was already accustomed to this kind of situation and did not take it to heart. After the worship was over, she took Lin Feilu to kneel in front of the Bodhisattva statue enshrined in the courtyard and prayed for blessings.


Lin Zhanyuan sat on the futon next to her and asked foolishly, “What is my sister doing?”


Xiao Lan continued to tell her beads and said softly, “Sister is praying for peace.”


Lin Zhanyuan pointed his hand to Lin Feilu, “I give all of my ‘peace’ to my sister!”


He didn’t know what peace was. However, he would give his sister whatever she needed, whether he had it or not.


Lin Feilu suddenly felt a little warm on her heart. It was a strange feeling. She actually felt the love of family for the first time since she was born.


When she thought about it this way, she felt that wealth was not very important. The days of peace and poverty were also quite warm.

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