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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 9

Edited by Jelly Mae & Spirit Song


The prayers lasted until evening, only then did Xiao Lan feel the fear in her heart had lessened. Still, she reminded Lin Feilu several times that if she encountered any ghosts again, she must inform her immediately.


In response, Lin Feilu obediently nodded. As she was about to retire to her room, suddenly, there was an unexpected flurry of loud knocks on the gates in the courtyard.


Qingyan hurriedly opened the gates. Upon opening, they were surprised to see Concubine Xu standing outside. Accompanying her were two men garbed in Buddhist monk robes.  


Then, with a swagger, Concubine Xu entered the courtyard and spoke haughtily, “Where is the Fifth Princess? I heard that she ran into an evil spirit today. I have brought someone to exorcise her. After all, I cannot allow the existence of some unclean thing, that would soil the revered prestige of Mingyue Palace.”


Xiao Lan’s expression changed in an instant and was about to leap in to stop Concubine Xu. However, several palace maids and eunuchs rushed to block her and grabbed Lin Feilu to bring her into the courtyard.


At first, Xiao Lan was frightened, but then her fear turned into rage as she shouted, “Concubine Xu! Feilu is the Fifth Princess of the Great Lin Empire!”


Concubine Xu confidently said with a smile, “It is exactly because she is an imperial princess that I even bothered to help with her exorcism. I would never have bothered otherwise! Even if you were to report to the Empress about this, she will also agree that what I am doing is within reason.”


After that, she signalled the two monks beside her and they immediately pulled out two willow branches from behind their backs.


Xiao Lan, Yunyou and Qingyan were all immediately obstructed by the palace maids brought by Concubine Xu as they struggled to save Feilu. She ferociously cried out, “What are you up to?!”


One of the monks explained, “Willow branches are used to drive out evil spirits. We will use this to exorcise the evil spirit from the princess’s body.”


After explaining, he raised the willow branch up high then swiftly swung it downwards. Lin Feilu could not move as she was restrained by two palace maids. The slender willow branch struck hard on the back of her hand, resulting in a red mark and causing her to tremble in pain.


No one had ever dared to beat her like this. Not even once in her past life from infancy to adulthood.


Lin Feilu silently gritted her teeth and took in deep breaths.


I want to be a good person… I want to be a good person… F̲*̲c̲k̲ it. Anyone else wants to be a good person, be my guest. Little ol’ me isn’t going to take anymore of this crap.


The most urgent matter at hand was to deal with this current predicament first.


Some things can not be rushed. This Green Tea Princess can bow and submit or stand tall, for the primary purpose is to protect herself. First, she must make a tactical retreat, then only she can launch a counterattack!


(T/N: A “green tea” person refers to someone who appears sweet and innocent, but is secretly calculating & egocentric. “Bow and submit or could stand tall” means to be flexible.)


Lin Feilu immediately held her breath. Just as the willow branch was about to hit her the second time, everyone present at the scene saw the little princess fainted with beads of sweat on her forehead.


Xiao Lan screamed in horror and broke free from the palace maids who obstructed her. Concubine Xu was bewildered and she immediately looked at the monks, who were also looking at each other in dismay. In fact, she was also afraid there would be some complications, that is why she chose to use willow branches. She just wanted to make Lin Feilu suffer a little pain. Why did she faint before it even started?


At first, she suspected that this little girl was just pretending. However, when she went closer to have a look, she saw Lin Feilu’s pale face which was covered with beads of sweat. Instantly, she became frantic with fear..


In truth, these two monks here were only disciples of the senior monk who was invited to perform the exorcism at Imperial Concubine Jing’s palace. They only came here because Concubine Xu had bribed them. Now, as they saw Lin Feilu had fainted, they immediately panicked.


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