Wife Became a Minor Before Divorce


Shi Wen and his wife Mu Zhen had the seven-year itch and calmly agreed to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for a divorce the next day.

As a result, the door was opened in the morning. His wife returned into the seventeen year old her. She opened a pair of black and white eyes and asked him, “Uncle, where is this place?”

Looking back at the memories.

She was so ignorant that Shi Wen wanted to commit a crime.

His wife was calm and composed, did things clearly, and was meticulous in the way she dressed and never did anything wrong.

But the seventeen-year-old girl liked skirts and dolls. She would act like a baby and be cute. When did things go wrong?

Shi Wen said, “Who can stand this?”

A short and warm story.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1      ||    Chapter 2      ||   

Chapter 3      ||    Chapter 4      ||   

Chapter 5      ||    Chapter 6      ||

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