Live At The Murder Scene


Welcome to the live-broadcast, ultra-realistic, simulation game [Murder Scene Analysis] (Rookie qualification test). The identity you applied for is [Victim]. The memory related to the case has been blocked. Please try to avoid the outcome of death with the help from in-game hints, or assist the [Murderer] and [Investigators] to complete the scenario restoration.

Identity: Wang Dongyan (Alias).

Method of death: Jumping off a building (Recorded in file).

Player Evaluation Score: 92 (A genius like you should be able to crack the case, right?)

Character Compatibility Rate: 36% (You and the victim are two entirely different people).

Suicide Advancement: 87% (Your character is already on the edge of a mental breakdown).

[Table Of Content]

Chapter 1-3        Chapter 4            Chapter 5            Chapter 6            Chapter 7

Chapter 8           Chapter 9            Chapter 10          Chapter 11          Chapter 12

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