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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 88

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 88 – Her Daughter (2)


Unexpectedly, the woman appeared again three days later, and her daughter still had a high fever. The test results showed that the white blood cells were too high and needed infusion. Her daughter was crying in her arms, she seemed to be unable to parry, coaxing her to say: “Yiyi, be good, you will be fine after taking medicine and injections.”


Qin Xiangbei couldn’t handle it, “Is the child’s father still on a business trip? Doesn’t it matter that the child is sick?”


“He hasn’t returned yet.”


“Do you take care of the everyday? Don’t you have to go to work?” He knew he shouldn’t be nosy.


“I am a freelancer,” she replied.


“I remember you entered the Chinese department, writer?”




Qin Xiangbei didn’t ask any more, watching her coaxing her daughter and holding her infusion. His heart felt uncomfortable.


After getting off work, Qin Xiangbie checked her on the internet and found out that she was actually a famous scriptwriter.


Because of the need for infusion for three consecutive days, the second and third day, Sun Weiwei still came with the child alone. On the third day, the little girl’s condition was already very good. The fever has retreated and the words became more frequent.


Qin Xiangbei opened her throat, “Open your mouth, ah…”


The little girl, “Ah.”


“It’s much better. Go home and pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water.”


“Thank you.” Sun Weiwei’s attitude was still very cold.


“Aunt, do I still need to take medicine at home? Yiyi doesn’t want to take medicine anymore. It’s too bitter.”


Qin Xiangbei was shocked. “What did you call her?”


“Aunt, Yiyi has always called her like this.” The little girl blinked naively.


“Sun Yiyi, shut up!” Sun Weiwei scolded her.


The poor girl immediately covered her mouth.


Qin Xiangbie was surprised. He looked at Sun Weiwei, seeing her embarrassed. He angrily asked her: “Sun Weiwei, why did you deceive me?!”


With Qin Xiangbei’s coercion and the help of the little girl, he finally got Sun Weiwei’s phone number and added her WeChat.


He touched Yiyi’s cute little face: “Yiyi, uncle doctor will always ask you to play, okay?”


“That’s not possible. Yiyi doesn’t want to be sick.”


“Who said that I can only play with you because you’re sick. Next time, uncle doctor will take off his coat and play with you, alright?”




Qin Xiangbei has since launched a fierce and offensive pursuit. He really can’t forget Sun Weiwei, the little woman with a weak appearance but a strong heart.


Qin Xiangbei went to her as soon as he was free and later learned that Yiyi’s father, Sun Weiwei’s brother, was really on a business trip abroad, and Yiyi was also a poor child. Her mother died of an illness a year ago.


Sun Weiwei’s father has been released from prison, and her mother died when she was on college. She had a good time in the past few years. Although her career is successful, she has never been really happy because of the changes in her family. She treats Yiyi as her own daughter because her brother is very busy with work and it can be said that the two was very dependent to each other.


Sun Weiwei initially rejected Qin Xiangbei. She felt that her family situation was a burden to him but Qin Xiangbei didn’t care at all. And he wanted to be with her with all his heart.


He has always been clever and started to know her the routine from Yiyi.


“Yiyi, do you like uncle doctor?”


“Like.” The little girl said naively.


“Do you want uncle doctor to be your uncle [her aunt’s husband]?”


“What is ‘uncle’?” Yiyi asked Qin Xiangbei.


He smiled, “The person your aunt likes.”


Sun Weiwei gave him a glare and said: “Qin Xiangbei, don’t talk nonsense in front of Yiyi. Who likes you?”


Qin Xiangbei snorted, “Whoever wants you to like, Yiyi likes it.”


Later, he took Yiyi away from her side.


Qin Xiangbei took her to the amusement park, took her to eat delicious food. Yiyi completely fell in love with this uncle doctor.


That day, Qin Xiangbei was having dinner with Yiyi. Sun Weiwei wanted to kill him on the other side of the phone.


“Qin Xiangbei, it’s so late, why haven’t you sent Yiyi back?”


“Yiyi can’t bear to leave me. Right, Yiyi?” Qin Xiangbei gave Yiyi the phone.


“Yes, I like uncle doctor.”


Sun Weiwei was terribly angry. “Sun Yiyi, then do you want uncle doctor or aunt?”


“I want doctor uncle but I can’t bear to leave aunt.”


Qin Xiangbei answered the phone, “Sun Weiwei, you heard it. She likes me, and it’s nothing for you.”




“But I have a way. Sun Weiwei, you can stay with me so Yiyi can like us both. Yiyi, is it okay for you?”


“Okay!” The answer was crisp and cute.


“Qin Xiangbei, just die!”


The author has something to say:
Weiwei is a little devil~