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Live At The Murder Scene Chapter 10

Dormitory number 103.   Five people used to live in this dormitory. After the death of the second person, that number became four.   The name of the second person that died was Zhou Nansong.   Her things were still in their original place, including her mattress and books. Her family members brought back some…

Live At The Murder Scene Chapter 9

[Edited]   It was also a mixed-gender dormitory.   Qiongcang looked at the top of the building before gazing at the building beside her. Suddenly, she asked, “Will a person who wants to commit suicide care about ceremony?”   He Jueyun tilted his head. “What do you mean?”   “Nothing. Just wondering why this building…

Live At The Murder Scene Chapter 8

[Edited] “More accurately, I’m a Sanyao staff member fulfilling an empty player slot. At the same time, I get to play for free. Of course, I don’t have information I shouldn’t, so I am a fair player in this game.” He Jueyun pulled out his in-game work ID and told her his identity. “Zhou Qi….

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