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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 1

Translated By Faery

Chapter 1 – Hostage (1)


During June, City S is in a rainy season. The rain and wet air are mixed with stickiness which makes people feel irritated and suffocated. However, this kind of weather makes people feel like they don’t want to move, and makes them slacken.


Qin Xiangnan was still sleeping. The sudden situation last night kept her busy until five in the morning. Her eyelids were only closed for two hours when she was interrupted. The harsh ringing of the phone rang, louder than the first one. Qin Xiangnan frowned, eyes still closed, she searched for her phone by the pillow.


“Sister Xiangnan, there is a sudden situation again. I just received the hotline. On the top of the Singapore Airlines building, someone is holding up a little girl. Sister, hurry up!” Chen Xiaoqi’s voice came from the phone.


This Chen Xiaoqi is young and energetic. A junior intern who has not graduated will always be like chicken blood [1]. As long as there are new clues and news, what task the leader arranges, she is always the first one to rush on and always feel so energetic.


[1] 打鸡血/dǎjīxuè = Literally this term means to “inject chicken blood.” it means that someone is crazy or obsessed about something or an idol.


Early in the morning, she is starting the day so enthusiastically. Qin Xiangnan deeply suspected that the person who ran to the scene with her all night last night was not Chen Xiaoqi. Compared to her, her eyelids couldn’t open, as if it was stuck by glue, and she forced herself to wake up.


“Sister Xiangnan, are you okay? You can sleep for a while, I will tell Brother Feng to go…” Chen Xiaoqi lowered her voice and asked tentatively.


“No need. I’m coming soon… Remember to understand the specific situation first.” Qin Xiangnan struggled a little, and agreed with her sleepy eyes.


After hanging up the phone, she immediately sat up from the bed and finished washing at the fastest speed. She wore loose T-shirt, ripped jeans, sneakers, and she put up her hair into a ponytail. This type of clothing has become a must for her daily travels.


She hurriedly looked at herself in the mirror. After graduating from college for many years, she still has the same passion for her work. Besides, she doesn’t seem to have any special hobbies. She usually doesn’t have time to dress herself up. Fortunately, she is slim and those type of clothing looks good on her. In the past two years, she ran into breaking news, her daily life was irregular, and her figure was slender. She could barely stand with the young Huang Mao girl [2] like Chen Xiaoqi.


[2] 黄毛丫头/huáng máo yā tou = silly little girl


Qin Xiangnan grabbed a foundation and put two layers on her face, covering out the dark circles, and hurriedly went out the door.


Singapore Airlines building is only ten minutes drive from her home. After graduating from the Department of Journalism, Qin Xiangnan went directly to the Daily News and became a social journalist. After many years of rowing, she has finally achieved a little success in the industry and has a small reputation. Because her looks were okay, she occasionally have opportunities. In front of the interns like Chen Xiaoqi, she is still an excellent senior. Of course, this “excellent senior” has experienced many difficulties and slowly adapted to it.


Downstairs in the Singaporean Airlines building, people were crowding the outside, there were three barricades blocking the main entrance of the building. She looked up to the top of the building and saw two figures, one large and one small one, on the rooftop, approaching the edge of the railing… Qin Xiangnan felt bad.


She squeezed to the door and showed her press card to the police officer who pulled the cordon. Qin Xiangnan ran into the building, took the elevator straight to the rooftop of the building.


“Sister Xiangnan, I’m here!” Chen Xiaoqi saw Qin Xiangnan ran out of the crowd, and waved at her. Chen Xiaoqi was dressed in sports clothes, looking young and energetic. She ran to Qin Xiangnan, lowered her voice to he rear and said, “That person, there might be something wrong with his brain.” She reached for her index finger and knocked on her temple. “It’s a mental disorder. That sister over there is the victim’s mother. I didn’t expect that the man would bring his child here and try to see the fuss.” The young woman was half kneeling there, covering her face with her hands and crying.


“Is there any conflicts between them? Why is he doing such extreme things?” Qin Xiangnan asked her.


“It seems like it was because the woman has hurt him when she is scolding. I guess this psychopath has been stimulated a lot before, so when he was suddenly angered and retaliated on the little girl.”


“How long have you been here? It’s not even eight o’ clock.”


“I’ve been here for an hour. It should be a conflict between the mother and her child on their way to school. The police are also having difficulties. I think they talked for a long time and didn’t persuade them.” Chen Xiaoqi pointed their direction with her mouth.


When Qin Xiangnan looked over, the two policeman kept a distance of ten meters from the man while talking. The man was about 1.75 meters tall, with a sharp face. He was leaning against the railing. He seemed very excited and his face was extremely distorted. He was fiercely holding the arms of a 4 or 5-year-old girl.


The little girl kept crying and yelling for her mother. Her mother was almost on the verge of collapsing, crying and begging at the man. “Please let my daughter go, just take me!” She then comforted her daughter: “My baby, don’t be afraid. Mom will come to save you.”


“Mom, I’m afraid…” The little girl cried loudly.


The man was annoyed by the mother and daughter that was crying and lost some patience.


“Is the video recorded? Are the photos taken?” Qin Xiangnan asked.


“Oh, I forgot. I was too busy seeing the excitement. I will shoot it.” Chen Xiaoqi patted her head and quickly pulled the camera out of the bag. Qin Xiangnan sighed when she saw her acting so rash.


Qin Xiangnan snatched the camera from her hand and said, “Let’s do it.” She then found a good angle to take a full picture and turned on the camera.


“Xiaoqi, do you want to get it right?” Qin Xiangnan glanced at her obliquely and continued to stare at the camera.


Chen Xiaoqi blushed. Although she knew that Qin Xiangnan was angry, she also knew that Qin Xiangnan is the best senior in their unit. “Fortunately, Sister Xiangnan is here. If it was Brother Feng, he will scold me again.”


“Just know.” She licked her lips.


This group of gossip interns usually get together and talk about the most beautiful female reporter, Qin Xiangnan. But they also heard that this beautiful reporter is addicted to work and has no boyfriend.


A few daring little boys have once confessed to Qin Xiangnan but she refused, saying that she prefers mature men. In fact, everyone knows that she is devoted to work, and has no intention of playing with it. And the unit’s little boys really didn’t deserve her. Qin Xiangnan’s character was bold and hard-working.


Just like the drunk driving accident that happened last night, three cars collided they tracked the victims from the hospital to the scene of the accident. The scene was bloody and Chen Xiaoqi wanted to faint several times but Qin Xiangnan did not even frown, and did not close her eyes all night. After returning home last night, she still insisted on the code, and she only went to rest after sending out the press release.


In Chen Xiaoqi’s eyes, Qing Xiangnan is her goddess. It should be said that all the young interns at Daily News are her fans and sisters… Such a beautiful sister should not be wasted on those little boys, and she does not know what kind of man will enter her eyes.


At this time, Qin Xiangnan did not know Chen Xiaoqi’s thoughts. And the insignificant man on the end of the rail was still deadlocked with the police, and everyone was tensed.