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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 2

Translated By Faery

Chapter 2 – Hostage (2)


After more than an hour of negotiation, the eldest police officer was so tired that the back of his shirt was soaked, and the little girl and her mother kept crying, it was really disturbing…


“Sister Nan, this my first time seeing this kind of news event, it seems like I have good luck!”


“How many times do you want to see such things? The world is so chaotic!”


Xiangnan’s words made Chen Xiaoqi hold back for a while.


The man seemed to have relaxed, his eyes began to drift away, he kept looking around, seeming like he didn’t know where he was looking at.


“Hey, what is that woman doing? Are you filming?”


“Oh no, he saw us.” Chen Xiaoqi exclaimed.


The wretched man looked at them. Chen Xiaoqi froze, took a breath, and held Qin Xiangnan nervously.


“What are you doing, putting me on the news, put it down!”


Seeing the man carrying the girl’s arm rushing to his side, the two policemen who were ten meters away were stricken as soon as they stepped off their legs. Distracted by one’s attention, a policeman walked as fast as he could, kicking the man’s knees and holding the man’s wrists with one hand. Then the was pressed to the ground, his hands on his back, face on the ground, and he couldn’t move. Another police officer quickly took the little girl and gave her to her mother.


The mother wept with joy and hugged the little girl.


“Baby, it’s okay, mother is here…” The mother and daughter hugged each other tightly.


Everyone at the scene was relieved.


Before Chen Xiaoqi had any time to respond, Qin Xiangnan actually took two photos of the police officer who caught the gangster.


“Wow, that police officer is so handsome!” Chen Xiaoqi came to her senses and couldn’t help but praise…


“Let’s go back and ask the specific situation.” Qin Xiangnan said and Chen Xiaoqi followed.


“You guys are journalists? We need to clean up the scene and take this guy back. If you want to ask about the specifics, you can follow us at the office. It is not convenient here.” The police officer had a very good attitude.


Chen Xiaoqi recognized the policeman. He was called Captain Huang. When she saw him last time, the captain was not as polite as he is now. When he saw Brother Feng. He almost arrested them like bad guys. This time, there was 180-degree change in his attitude. Alas, this world really treated the good-looking differently, Chen Xiaoqi thought that her Sister Xiangnan was really attractive.


“Okay. We won’t delay your work. We will follow you back later.” Qin Xiangnan signaled the police to do their work first.


“Hi beauty…”


The insignificant man provoked her suddenly, giving her a ghostly evil smile, and his whole face was distorted, making her feel like a pot of cold water was splashed on her, making her shudder.


“It was you who just filmed me. Will you put it on tv or are you going to watch it at home?” There was something in the man’s words, his eyes swept over her from head to toe.


Qin Xiangnan was disgusted and she took a step back immediately. It was a coincidence that she stepped on air.


“Oh!” With a whisper, she twisted her feet and almost fell on the ground. Chen Xiaoqi quickly held her.


“Sister Xiangnan, your foot is twisted.” Chen Xiaoqi looked at her bare feet with anxiety. Qin Xiangnan hissed just as soon as she touched her foot.


“Please don’t cause any more trouble!” Captain Huang saw this, and the b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ even made a provocative statement under his nose, and he felt embarrassed. He then put a hood on the man and apologized to Qin Xiangnan. “Miss Reporter, are you okay? Otherwise, I will let Xiao Liu of the bureau take you to the hospital to treat your legs.”


“It’s okay, I can just go by myself, I won’t trouble you.” Qin Xiangnan then thought, “No, I will still follow you to the station, the news should not be delayed.”


“Sister Xiangnan, I will go with them. Don’t worry, leave this to me.” Chen Xiaoqi blinked at her. “Sister Xiangnan, if I get it done this time, will I be able to get it right?”


Qin Xiangnan couldn’t help but laugh at the girl’s well-played words. However, they have already settled on the situation. Although Chen Xiaoqi usually works a little bit, she has been with her for so long, she can also see that she is hardworking. She definitely has the talent to be a reporter.


“Let’s go. Xiaoqi, you follow them. If there is something, tell me immediately. After that, arrange the materials and send it to me.”


After getting Qin Xiangnan’s affirmation, Chen Xaioqi patted her chest again, indicating that she was understood.


Qin Xiangnan still frowned. “If you would like to get it right, then hurry up and help me get a taxi.”


“Ah, sister, please slow down.” Chen Xiaoqi took out her tongue, looking charming.


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