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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 3

Translated By Faery

Chapter 3 – Dr. Xu (1)


This accidental sprain made Qin Xiangnan feel distressed and it delayed her work. She was standing in line at the hospital to register, and then went to the orthopedics line to wait for an appointment. She bounced around like a frog all morning.


She still remembered the time when Lin Susu, a friend, asked her, “Qin Xiangnan, aren’t you tired of working hard alone? Do you know the time when people look the most lonely?”


She smiled at that time, thinking it was a boring question. Shaking her head, “I don’t know.”


“First is often eating alone. Second, shopping alone. Third, going to the hospital alone. Fourth…”


Qin Xiangnan disagreed. These points sounded like it didn’t seem to matter because she never knew what loneliness was. She didn’t expect that she will be hit by what Lin Susu said so soon. She tried to justify that she was not alone, but now she is seeing the doctor alone. A sense of loneliness suddenly sprang up.


The lonely Qin Xiangnan waited at the entrance of the clinic, looking at the rushing patients in the hospital.


The hospital is a place full of both sadness and joy. Qin Xiangnan often went here because of her father’s work. At that time, she was a simple girl who knew nothing about the world. She thought that the hospital is full of white angels, which was a place to cure and save people.


At this moment, she was sitting in the hallway of the hospital, smelling the strange smell of disinfectant, and seeing the people who looked tense and gloomy. She wondered how she thought that it was beautiful when she was a kid.


The patients who went to the orthopedics department were all patients with broken legs and broken hands. Qin Xiangnan also saw a bloody hand that was raised high. She didn’t know how painful it was for that uncle. If she hadn’t seen a lot of bloody pictures and had some insights, this situation would make people dare not look at it.


She looked at the call screen at the door of the clinic, it would be her turn after two more others.


When she was bored, she often does ridiculous things. For example, at this time, she will look at the names of the two first patients, whether they are good or not, or look at the doctor’s name, would it be a man or a woman who is an experienced old doctor?


This inquiry really made her discover something extraordinary.


She saw a name on the screen.


The name of the doctor in this office.


This person who was quickly removed from Qin Xiangnan’s memory and had not deliberately remembered for ten years.




Of course, she called this boy by this name ten years ago, the haughty and indifferent but always shining boy.


Qin Xiangnan remembered that he did go to a medical university, but he should have gone to Medical University B. How come he came back to City S? She haven’t heard from him for so many years, maybe it was just a person with the same name.


The words “Xu Chang” made a fuzzy face appear on her mind, his bright and white face, looking sharp and cold. She wanted to think more but Qin Xiangnan could not remember it.


When her name flashed on the calling screen, she came back to her senses. There is no such ting as coincidence in the world, just the same name. She immediately crushed the fuzzy face in her mind. She stood up and hopped into the office and one foot.


Perhaps this world is indeed small. Qin Xiangnan froze as soon as she entered the consultation room.


At this time, the doctor Xu Chang was staring at the computer screen with a serious expression. Qin Xiangnan looked up carefully. He still looked very young. Under the thick eyebrows, there was a long and curly eyelashes, a pair of deep eyes, and straight nose bridge. He wore a white coat, each button was cluttered neatly, and the whole person looked clean and fresh.


The fuzzy memory that has just been crushed in her mind slowly regrouped, and gradually coincided with the person in front of her… I was him! It’s just more mature and better looking than the person in her memory.


For a while, she felt that her breathing was stagnant, her head was hot, and her body stopped for three seconds. Even is she does not know Xu Chang, any girl feel uneasy facing such a handsome doctor.


She stared at him for a long time. Long enough that the doctor Xu Chang turned his head to look at her. His eyes were faint and there was no expression on his face.


“Xu… Dr. Xu… Hello…” Qin Xiangnan came back to her senses with this sudden look. She hopped into the consultation room with one leg, and sat on the chair opposite him. She didn’t know where to land her gaze, and the beat of her heart sped up.


She hasn’t seen him for so many years and now she has unexpectedly appeared in front of him.


This is too shameful.


No, she thought. Why did she care about her image in front of Xu Chang? What does Xu Chang have to do with her? High school classmates? Enemy? This sudden turn made the person who had hopped on one foot became unstable. Her entire body lost balance and fell forward. Qin Xiangnan saw her face almost hitting the door knob. She was clever and immediately exerted her best effort to stretch out her hands to support her body. With a slam, the originally opened door was closed by her.


She has kept her beauty but lost her face. Her face was almost red up to her neck, and she didn’t dare to say a word. She quickly opened the door, and quickly hopped out of the door with one foot until she went in, her heart on her throat.


And the Dr. Xu who was sitting and witnessing everything was using his fist against his upturned lips at this time, forcing himself not to laugh out loud.


Qin Xiangnan was really furious this time. She didn’t expect to meet Xu Chang again after a long time. Even if she recognized him, it was just a polite embarrassing conversation, and she had nothing to tell him. After all, they haven’t seen each other for ten years.


After a while, she defined her relationship woth him as “ordinary classmates”, or even a classmate who was almost forgotten.


Because for so many years, this arrogant Xu Chang must have forgotten her.


“Qin Xiangnan?”


She was shocked, and the emotions that had been calmed by her started to waver again.