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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 4

Translated By Faery

Chapter 4 – Dr. Xu (2)


“Ah?” She replied softly. Did he recognize her?


“What’s the matter? What’s wrong with your foot?” Doctor Xu Chang glanced down at her feet. His voice was magnetic, gentle, and friendly. His expression was also very serious. Qin Xiangnan understood, it was just the attitude of doctors towards their patients.


Oh, she was thinking too much.


At this time, Qin Xiangnan could not help but feel a little lost, but she thought that such loss was not because Xu Chang did not remember her, but because such a person was too far away from her. He is like a beam of light, no matter where he is, people can still recognize him at first glance and can’t move their eyes away.


She remembered that it was the same in high school.


“I… twisted my foot…” Qin Xiangnan felt that her tongue was about to start a fight.


“Lift up your feet. I will take a look.” Dr. Xu said as he put on is gloves.


She stumbled. What is going on? Is he going to start now?


Dr. Xu who didn’t get a response, also stayed still for a while, and the hand that was stretched out stopped halfway.


“Oh.” she broke the deadlock first, slowly raising her feet, and pointed to her ankles.


“It hurts in here.” She was also stupid now, not expecting that her ankle was swollen.


Dr. Xu was professional after all, he was not surprised, and his expression was calm.


After Dr. Xu’s action, although she was prepared, the pain still surprised her.


He held her ankle and squeezed it lightly. Although she could feel the warmth from his finger across the medical gloves, a painful tingling sensation spread. Qin Xiangnan actually felt goosebumps all over her body, and even forgot to say say anything.


She actually felt hurt but in this case, yelling sounds unnecessary.


It seems that it was wise for him to choose to become a doctor. For a female patient, just looking at him might make them lose their reasoning and forget the pain.


“It looks like it was just been twisted and there is no fracture. To be safe, take a scan.”


Dr. Xu took off his gloves, exposed his slender fingers, tapped on the keyboard, and the printer next to the computer made a squeaking sound. A piece of paper was thrown out of the printer, and he picked up the list and handed it to Qin Xiangnan. The whole process was completed in one go, and his gaze never fell on Qin Xiangnan’s face.


“Pay for it.”


She stared at the list, as well as the white slender fingers that held it.


She remembered that when he was still in high school, he used such good-looking fingers to cross out her test papers.


“This is wrong, this is also wrong…”



Dr. Xu felt the hesitation of the other party, looked up at her, his eyes were unclear.


“Anything else?” He asked.


“Nothing! Thank you, Dr. Xu!” Qin Xiangnan quickly grabbed the list, jumped from her seat and turned to walk to the door.


But she did lose face today! This made her feel uncomfortable.


When Qin Xiangnan finished the scan, it was almost noon.


While waiting for the result, she received a call from her brother.


When she saw the name “Qin Xiangbei” on he phone screen, she remembered that her younger brother also worked in this hospital. Qin Xiangbei is a pediatrician at this hospital.


“Qin Xiangnan, let me tell you something. You need to take a seat and control your emotions.”


“What’s the matter?” She asked him.


Qin Xiangbei smiled and said: “Guess who’s back?”


“Who?” She looked puzzled.


“It’s my brother, your high school classmate, Xu Chang!”


“…” Qin Xiangnan was speechless for a while, and she seemed to know about it in advance.


“Xu Chang came to our hospital from the B-City Hospital. I only learned about it last month. I heard that he was in our hospital’s orthopedic department. I’m preparing to meet him. Anyway, he is my brother. Ah, he was very kind to me when he was a kid. We haven’t seen met since he graduated from college. Qin Xiangnan, do you know? As soon as Xu Chang came, our female doctors and nurses went crazy! Previously, I was said to be the most handsome doctor in the hospital, and now I became the second. I did not expect to be turned faster than a book.” Qin Xiangbei spoke like a machine gun. “But this is really true, after all, it is Xu Chang. This news is very hot.”


“Qin Xiangbei!” Qin Xiangnan roared on the phone, and Qin Xiangbei was surprised, his phone almost slip and fell off.


“Come here immediately!”


Five minutes later, Qin Xiangbei took a slow step to “catch up”. Qin Xiangnan saw his lazy smile, and the white coat was draped over his body. Putting his hands on the pockets of both sides of the white coat, she saw four words on him.


Danger Langdang!

[浪荡 /làng dàng = unchaste]


“Qin Xiangnan, why are you here? As soon as I said the news, you couldn’t wait to see him?” Qin Xiangbei smirked.


“Get out and take it!” She threw the x-ray on his chest.


Qin Xiangbei grabbed and and curiously took a look: “What the hell?”


“Well, show this to your ‘brother’. I still have something to do, I will leave first. Remember to tell me the result.”


When Qin Xiangbei responded, he was thrown something. When he looked up, he saw the funny back of Qin Xiangnan hopping on one foot.


“Hey what’s wrong with your legs?”


“Hey, have you met my brother?”


“Qin Xiangnan, why are you running…”


She didn’t look back, raising her right hand impatiently and waved.


“You two have good relationship go and talk to him about the old things. I’ll leave. Don’t forget to show him that result.”


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