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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 5

Translated By Faery

Chapter 5 – Long time no see (1)


Qin Xiangnan, who had been tossing for a long time, returned home and was hungry. She had not had the time to eat a meal from seven in the morning. Irregular life has also become the norm for her in the recent years.


She opened the refrigerator. There were only three eggs, two greens, one bread, and several bottles of carbonated drinks…


She picked up the two greens, and the leaves were turning yellow. She gave a disgusting glance at the two greens and dumped them in the trash.


Qin Xiangnan took the bread and closed the refrigerator again, and stuffed her mouth casually.


She simply washed, got into the quilt, and turned her head to sleep.


She has been so tired the last few days and only slept for two hours in two days. She didn’t think of anything and closed her eyes when she climbed into the bed.


When Qin Xiangnan was getting drowsy, the phone rang. She opened her eyes and saw that it was Chen Xiaoqi. She answered the phone.


“Sister Xiangnan, I’m done here. I’ll write the manuscript when I go back. I’ll post it for you. Rest assured, I will take it seriously and won’t make a mistake. I promise!”


“Okay, thank you. It looks promising.”


Chen Xiaoqi on the other side of the phone giggled. “Yes, Sister Xiangnan. I have to tell you something. Captain Huang told me today that the pervert might be released. Do you know that he has mental illness? I’m really mad at them. This kind of abnormality is harmful to the society. He even caused you to sprain your feet… What to do, I panicked at the thought of his eyes today.”


“Ah, I know. Do not think too much. They will not let him go home. These days, you did not have a good rest, quickly go home.:


“No. I’m not tired. Is your foot okay sister?”


“It’s okay. There should be no fracture. I’m going to bed, I’ll hang up. Call me if you have a problem.” Qin Xiangnan said and yawned.


“Sister Xiangnan, take a good rest. Goodbye.”


Chen Xiaoqi’s words reminded Qin Xiangnan of the insignificant man in the morning again, the look he gave her was provoking and shameful. She shook her head and immediately cleared her memory.


After finally falling asleep and being awakened by the ringtone of her cellphone, Qin Xiangnan was startled. The words ‘Qin Xiangbei’ jumped out of the screen.


Qin Xiangnan sighed. She was really tired and didn’t want to talk.


“Qin Xiangbei, what’s the matter? Why are you disturbing people’s sleep.”


“Sleeping during the day, don’t you have anything to do? Aren’t you always busy?”


“I was up all night yesterday. I’m too tired and wanted to sleep. The result of the scan, did you ask your brother?”


When he heard Qin Xiangnan about the x-ray, he sighed and said, “You are so serious. You didn’t ask him directly and let me do it for you?”


“Is it serious? Was there a fracture?” Qin Xiangnan suddenly became worried.


He grinned and said, “No. It’s just that Dr. Xu…”


“Can’t you go straight to the point? Since there is no fracture, it is not serious.” Qin Xiangnan yawned again, “I want to rest. I’ll hang up now.”


“Ah, Qin Xiangnan, wait a minute. I haven’t finished talking. Dr. Xu said that although there is no fracture, you can’t run around. You have to take a good rest and…” Qin Xiangbei paused, “Why did you and my brother pretend to not know each other, but you relationship was normal before…”


Why did Qin Xiangnan thought that his words were ambiguous?


“Don’t talk nonsense, especially in front of him. Who is Xu Chang? It’s not that I pretended not to know him. Did you remember the proud him? If I had a thick skin and told him, my clever high school classmate Xu Chang, why are you here? Maybe Xu Chang will give me a blind eye, what would he think about? That I was trying to be charming and seducing him? Qin Xiangbei, you have to stand up for me. I am your sister. How can you help an outsider? You can’t slander me in front of your brother. Besides, we did not really know each other before, it’s only because of your relationship.  It’s just some similar contacts. In this relationship, we haven’t seen each other for ten years, why did we have to recognize each other?” Qin Xiangnan said it very seriously. She really didn’t want to hear any crazy words from Qin Xiangbei’s mouth. When it comes to Xu Chang, he really digs into the past.


After Qin Xiangnan finished speaking, the phone was surprisingly quiet. A few seconds later, Qin Xiangbei laughed out loud.


“Hahahaha! Qin Xiangnan you are so funny… Hahahaha!” Qin Xiangbei laughed until he was out of breath.


“Qin Xiangbei, do you have a problem? Can’t you be serious?”


“Hahaha, what a big game you made up in your mind. I have never seen my brother roll his eyes. You really want to make me laugh.”


She was speechless for a moment.


“I just said that your relationship is not ordinary. How could you have such big reaction? Hahahaha! It’s not possible.”


Qin Xiangnan scolded him again and again, only to let him laugh more.


“My brother said that he would tell you your condition in person. I gave your WeChat to him. Remember to add him. I’m still at work and won’t say any more.” His seriousness was so unscrupulous.


WeChat? Does Xu Chang care about the WeChat of his patients? Is this also part of the professionalism of doctors?


She opened WeChat, and it turned out that in the upper right corner of the address book, there was a little red “1”. Qin Xiangnan opened the “1”. There was a very straightforward WeChat named “Xu Chang”. Add as a friend, there was a message “I am Xu Chang.” It really is him.


She did not expect that Xu Chang, who claimed to have no QQ number, would still actively add others?


She sneered twice. Maybe it’s a doctor’s essential quality, and he should always care about his patients.


She stared at the “Accept” button on the screen for a long time. Would you like to accept it? She she accept it? Accept and what to say?


Thinking about it, her eyelids began to fall, slowly closing, and finally sleeping…


When Qin Xiangnan woke up, she didn’t know how long she had slept. She turned on the light, got up, put on her slippers, and opened the curtains.


It was dark outside and the surroundings were surprisingly quiet.


She didn’t know who told her not to take a nap, because when she wake up, she will feel that the world has abandoned her! It seems that this sentence is correct.


Qin Xiangnan found the mobile phone next to the pillow and looked at the time. It was already seven o’ clock in the evening. Also, there are rows of unread messages on the phone’s screen.


She didn’t know when they came because she slept too much.


She looked at them and found that several of them came form Chen Xiaoqi.


QiQi: Sister Xiangnan, I have finished writing the manuscript and sent it to you via email. You can help me proofread it.


QiQi: Sister Xiangnan, President Pang is coming again. I’ll send it to brother Feng. Have a good rest.


QiQi: That’s it! Love you!


Qin Xiangnan was about to open another unread dialog box. The red unread number was too eye-catching. But she saw an unfamiliar chat head, who is this?


Xu? Xu Chang?