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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 6

Translated By Faery

Chapter 6 – Long time no see (2)


Why did Xu Chang appear here? She felt that her brain was foggy due to her just waking up. When she calmed down, she remembered what happened. When did she agree to add him? Did she accidentally pressed on it before falling asleep?


Qin Xiangnan hurriedly opened the dialog box. This guy actually sent several messages.


She pulled the interface to the top.


Xu Chang: Hello, Qin Xiangnan. Long time no see.


Her breathing became stagnant.


After sending that message, half an hour later, he sent another one.


Xu Chang: Your feet are okay, no fractures. Take a good rest and don’t walk around casually.


Half an hour later, he sent another message with the title “Sprained foot, do the following”.


Another hour later, Xu Chang reposted two news. One was the drunk driving last night with the three-car crash. This press release was written by her, and the reporter Qin Xiangnan was written under the title.


Another is the hostage-taking incident that took place this morning at the Singapore Airlines Building. Although she did not write this news, she was also at the scene, so the reporter wrote Qin Xiangnan and Feng Ge, and the trainee reporter Chen Xiaoqi.


Qin Xiangnan opened her eyes and quickly flipped through the two news.


After Xu Chang forwarded her two news, he sent another one again.


Xu Chang: It seem like you need to take a time off in the next few days.


Xu Chang: I didn’t expect that you would be so brave. Now you even dare to take such a bloody photo.


?? When was she timid? Or was she timid? How did he know?


Qin Xiangnan was completely confused by the inexplicable news.


Also, Xu Chang remembered her? Then why did he pretend that he didn’t know her at the hospital today?


Qin Xiangnan was so annoyed that she was on the dark, putting the news to the left side, letting him talk all afternoon?


He was Xu Chang. She actually pushed Xu Chang aside. Haha! She feels that she is super powerful. If Li Susu knew it, would she scold her violently?


Qin Xiangnan prepared to reply to him, thinking a lot of words, what kind of reply can show politeness, not showing that she did not intentionally ignore his messages, can’t appear to be proactive, but generous and unpretentious… This is really difficult.


At this time, the phone rang. It was her Mom, Zhao Mei.


“Hey, Mom.”


“Xiao Nan, I saw the news last night. You should let your colleagues go after such dangerous things. Mom is worried.”


“Mom, it’s okay. You can rest assured.”


“Ah. For so many years, you don’t listen to what I say. You don’t live with us either. You just don’t want to see me, you always talk about being busy. So does your younger brother, who always likes to run outside, saying that the hospital is busy and often lives in the hospital’s dormitory. He grew up with the idea that he should do what he wanted. It’s difficult for me to meet my own daughter… The family is only me and your Dad…” Zhao Mei choked.


“Mother, don’t do this. I live outside because I don’t want to disturb you and Dad. You know that in my job, we often go out and answer the phone in the middle of the night. It is inconvenient to live at home. Wait for a few days, I will go back and see you guys.” Qin Xiangnan will not tell her about her sprained foot, it will only make them more worried.


“Okay. You must be careful. Eat well, don’t starve yourself. And your brother, please help me, he is an uneasy child.”


“Mom, don’t worry. How are you and Dad these days?”


“Still the same, some good and bad days, just like a normal person. Don’t worry about us. Take a good rest, Xiao Nan.”


Zhao Mei is an ordinary woman. Qin Xiangnan always felt guilty towards her parents. After graduating from college, she moved out because of her work and was unable to accompany them. Although she usually tells the good news and not the bad news, her mother can always learn the bad news from the other channels. Her Dad also suffered from Alzheimer’s for so many years.


After Qin Xiangnan and Zhao Mei made the phone call, she went back and forth to see the news Xu Chang sent to her, and suddenly she patted her head and thought of something.


She hurriedly opened her circle of friends and wanted to see if there was anything unseen. In addition to the news on the public account that was forwarded, there were some funny selfies with Li Susu, and she felt that such photos were too childish!


She continued to scroll down, and she still had this…


At the company’s annual meeting, the interns must have a performance. She reluctantly practiced singing at home and finally sang Deng Ziqi’s “Bubbles”. Unexpectedly, Chen Xiaoqi also recorded a video. She sent it to her circle of friends and said that she is her goddess. Qin Xiangnian thought about sending it out. After all, she was really dressed up for the annual meeting, and her singing was not too shameful.


When this circle of friends was issued, it did receive unprecedented praise and likes from friends and family.


However, at this time, the video appeared in the circle of friends and made her very resentful. Qin Xiangnian wanted to slap her own face.


She immediately changed her circle of friends from six months to three days. She hoped Xu Chang is busy or uninterested in her circle of friends at all! Otherwise…


After changing the setting, she felt better. Out of curiosity, like doing a bad thing, she opened Xu Chang’s circle of friends.


His profile was Luffy from One Piece, and the cover of the circle of friends was a cartoon doctor in a white coat. It really looked like him. Qin Xiangnian laughed.


The following were all boring reposts, similar to the article “Sprained foot, do the following” to her. No photos, no status.


Che. Really a boring man.


Qing Xiangnian turned her head on the dialog box.


Qing Xiangnan: Hello, Xu Chang. Long time no see.


After thinking about it, she felt like it was too arrogant, and then deleted it.


Retype: Thank you, Dr. Xu for your concern and to be sure to take a break.


She felt like it was too boring and deleted it.


Looking at the content of his WeChat posts, she typed: When was I ever timid?


However, she felt that this was too impolite, she then added “Dr. Xu” in front and clicked the send button.


The last thing that she sent was:


Qin Xiangnan: Dr. Xu, when was I timid?


After reading this sentence, Qin Xiangnan felt that her tone was too harsh, as if questioning him. She wanted to withdraw her message, but she accidentally pressed the delete key…


Qin Xiangnan was dumbfounded that it was too late to change. This sentence will sooner or later be seen by him. She pondered on this sentence again and again, and after reading it twice, she felt that there was nothing wrong with it so she felt relieved and threw her cell phone. She changed her clothes and went out to look for food.