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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 7

Translated By Faery

Chapter 7 – Failed (1)


When she returned home after dinner, Qin Xiangnan took out her cellphone from her pocket. Xu Chang did not reply to her which didn’t surprise her.


She sat on the sofa, turned on the TV, and a soap opera appeared. Qin Xiangnan glanced at it and picked up her mobile phone to look at Weibo. After reading the popular posts and seeing the hot search, she opened her WeChat again.


She began to repeatedly read the messages that Xu Chang sent her.


Xu Chang: Hello, Qin Xiangnan. Long time no see.


Indeed a long time. It should be ten years.


Ten years ago, they were high school classmates.


Qin Xiangnan remembered that Xu Chang was popular all thru out their three years of high school. His grades were always the best in their class and he was on the top three in their year level. What’s more terrible is that he was handsome and countless girls like him.


These girls included her friend Lin Susu at first, but then…


Of course Qin Xiangnan would not like this kind of person. At that time, she thought that she was mediocre with moderate grades and didn’t stand out in the crowd. She doesn’t like expressing herself and her only friend was Lin Susu who was the same as her; mediocre grades and not outstanding in appearance and they had the same taste. The only thing that she does not agree with Li Susu is Xu Chang.


Li Susu likes Xu Chang very much, just like most girls, but the difference is that she worships Xu Chang more. This type of love doesn’t require Xu Chang to reciprocate.


At that time, Qin Xiangnan was very serious in some subjects but her grades in Science is very poor. However, her Liberal Arts grades were very good, especially when she writes articles, so when combines, her scores are on the mid-level. As for the looks, she was not really outstanding.


Qin Xiangnan knew that people like Xu Chang will not put her in their eyes, so she must be respectful and stay away, trying not to intersect with such people.


At school, she hardly spoke a world to him because she felt like it was unnecessary and did not even have the chance. But then Qin Xiangnan’s father and Xu Chang’s father were actually colleagues at the time. They were surgeons in the same hospital. The fact that their father were good colleagues did not have anything to do with her, it’s just that their parents often talk about it endlessly. How can they praise Xu Chang for being a good child even if he wasn’t part of their family? If one listen to it endlessly, they will get bored. Qin Xiangnan didn’t take it seriously. But then, her abominable brother happened. His relationship with Xu Chang broke the balance!


Qin Xiangbei is two years younger than Qin Xiangnan. When she was in her second year of high school, Qin Xiangbei was preparing for the entrance examination. Qin Xiangbei’s performance was also high so their father Qin Chaoming, tried all kinds of methods to let his son enter a good school. Later on, he talked about it to his friend Xu Zhijie. Xu Zhijie then let his son Xu Chang to tutor Qin Xiangbei.


At that time, she didn’t know if Xu Chang was forced to help but he really did appear at Qin Xiangnan’s house and becoming Qin Xiangbei’s “teacher”.


Qin Xiangbei remembered when Xu Chang first appeared at her home. He was tall and handsome and looked so out of place at their house. But her was very polite, greeting her parents and smiling at her younger brother, but he only looked at her with cold eyes and didn’t say a word.


Zhao Mei entertained him enthusiastically, “Xu Chang, we will really bother you. In the future, please teach Xiao Bei more. This child is usually only playing and not studying well, which makes us have a headache. If Xiao Bei is half as good as you, I will be satisfied.”


“Auntie, don’t say that. Xiao Bei is also smart. He will have no problem getting into a good school.”


Zhao Mei was happy but Qin Xiangbei was going crazy.


Qin Xaingbei has heard from his parents that Xu Chang was really good. At first, he didn’t believe it. Until he saw it himself, he admitted that Xu Chang was really excellent. If Qin Xiangbei was a girl, he would have fallen for him.


“Mom, did you hear that? Elder brother Xu Chang praised me.”


Qin Xiangnan sneered, thinking that Xu Chang was being fake in front of her family.


However, Qin Xiangbei’s performance did took off during that time.


Zhao Mei and Qin Chaoming were so happy and Qin Xiangbei regarded Xu Chang as his idol, always saying, “My brother, my brother Xu Chang.”


This was the time that Qin Xiangnan’s nightmare began…


Because Qin Xiangnan’s science was really bad, Zhao Mei and Qin Xiaoming not only worried about her brother’s entrance exam, they also set their eyes on her. The couple felt that their daughter would not be able to continue on to college if it goes on and they were anxious.


Thinking already having a “teacher” at home, why not make the most of it?


That Saturday, when Xu Chang tutored Qin Xiangbei, Zhao Mei talked with Xu Chang.


“Xu Chang, thank you very much. Our Xiao Bei’s result have improved a lot. How can auntie thank you?”


“Auntie, don’t be polite. Most of Xiao Bei’s improvement depended on himself. I just taught him some methods, he was very smart.”


Qin Xiangbei was smug.


Qing Xiangnan sneered in her heart, and silently looked at her composition book, but she was still unhappy.


“Xu Chang, you speak so nicely. How did your parents raise such a good child like you? Unlike the two in our family, one is worse than the other… Aiya, I’m really worried…”


One is not good as the other? Then it must be Qin Xiangbei that is not good as the other one.


“How come? Xiao Bei will definitely be admitted at a good high school. Aunt, don’t worry about it.” Xu Chang still maintained a nice and polite smile.


“I’m not talking about Xiao Bei. Xiao Bei is with you, I’m not so worried. Xiao Bei and I are worried about Xiao Nan.”


Qin Xiangnan heard this and was dumbfounded. They dare to say that she was inferior than the other? In the eyes of her parents, she’s worst than that b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ Qin Xiangbei? She narrowed her eyes towards Qin Xiangbei.


On the other side, Qin Xiangbei suddenly smiled and went forward.


“Xu Chang, you and our family’s Xiao Nan are classmates. You must have known that Xiao Nan is only serious about some subjects, how can she pass if it goes on like this? What about college? So… Aunt is asking you… Can you also help our Xiao Nan with her lessons?”


Qin Xiangnan who was holding her composition book, was so shocked that she almost fell off… She turned to look at Xu Chang. He actually… smiled. Qin Xiangnan thought that it was definitely a mocking smile. Xue Zha [1] despised the mockery of Xue Ba [2]. Since ancient times, this type of person are righteous!


[1] 學渣 [xué zhā] This Internet slang term refers to low-performing students, as opposed to “academic tyrants.” It is often used for self-mockery.


[2] 学霸 [Xué bà] Literally translated to “Academic Emperor,” xueba (学霸) recently became THE term to label nerds, bookworms, and all students that study excessively.


Don’t agree! Don’t agree! Don’t agree! Qin Xiangnan prayed in her heart…


“Okay, aunt. I will also tutor her tomorrow, I will not disappoint you.”


The word “Okay” , he deliberately raised the volume of his voice to emphasize it. Qin Xiangnan felt awkward.


“Ah. Thank you very much, Xu Chang. You go back early, be careful on the road.” Zhao Mei sent Xu Chang away with a smile.


Qin Xiangnan looked like she ate huanglian[3]. She didn’t want Xu Chang to tutor her and didn’t want him to be close to her, and she didn’t want to have anything to do with Xu Chang. But she couldn’t say no. She can’t refuse without any reason. Her poor grade was real, and Xu Chang’s good grade was also true. If she refuses, her parents will think that she has given up on studying and din’t want to learn, her family will be restless. What’s more, even the “teacher” Xu Chang has already agreed. In front of her parents, how could he have said no?


[3] 黄脸/huáng liǎn = yellow face (due to sickness etc)/it just means that Xiangnan looked sick


Besides her, there is another person in the family who opposed this. That is Qin Xiangbei . He felt like he was robbed of his brother Xu Chang!