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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 8

Translated By Faery

Chapter 8 – Failed (2)


The next day, Xu Chang really did live up to their expectation and supplemented Qin Xiangran’s study on the physical and chemical aspect of science. When Xu Chang was tutoring Qin Xiangbei before, they were locked on his room. Qin Xiangnan also wanted to stay in her brother’s room to study. Just do it. In order to take care of both, Qin Xiangnan moved her textbooks to her brother’s room.


The older sister and younger brother both harbored mischief in their hearts. The older sister was repulsive. The other reason was that she was really afraid mathematical and chemical problems. Just thinking about it made her head ache!


The younger brother felt depressed that his sister was too stupid. In the presence of Brother Xu Chang, his sister’s shame will also be his. Moreover, half of the study time that originally belonged to him was taken by his sister! He was really mad!


Xu Chang didn’t know any of their thoughts and played the “good teacher” and had not made any mistake.


The three started a small class in this small room. A long desk was near the window, and Xu Chang sat among them for easy counseling.


For the first time, Qin Xiangnan was so close to him that she could smell his faint scent.


In the first class, Xu Chang handed Qin Xiangnan a math paper.


“Today’s task, finish it.” He pushed the math paper in front of Qin Xiangnan, and added another sentence, “Do it seriously. I’m watching you.”  He didn’t look at her, his deep eyes stared down at the book on his hand.


Qin Xiangnan felt dazzled by his beautiful long eyelashes.


And for that math paper, she wanted to tear it apart and throw it into the thrash can. Of course, she just thought about it. After thinking about it, she still obediently picked up her pen and thought hard.


“Qin Xiangnan, that;s just a math paper, is it really so difficult?” Qin Xiangbei looked at her pained expression, curled up his lips and squinted at her.


“Qin Xiangbei, if you have the ability, then do it. I think you are a half catty.” Qin Xiangnan snorted coldly.


Qin Xiangbei suddenly got angry, “You are shameless! I’m still in junior high school and you want me to do a subject for high school?”


“So you also know that you are a little boy? What are you going to do about this paper?”


“Qin Xiangnan! Don’t go too far! I…”


“Why? You want to tell Mom? Haha, aren’t you ashamed?”


Qin Xiangnan’s quarrel always prevailed.


Xu Chang on the side, “…”


“Can you be quiet?” Xu Chang was helpless, and threw his book on the table.






Both the sister and brother spoke at the same time.


Qin Xiangnan felt her brain cells dying. A piece of paper was written with scratches. She held her head with both hands and sighed. After a while, she looked like she discovered a new continent. After writing a few times, she suddenly stopped and frowned, she then shook her head and dropped the pen.


Xu Chang was explaining about a question with Qin Xiangbei. Due to the noise coming from Qin Xiangnan, , Xu Chang’s voice paused. After a while, Qin Xiangnan calmed down, Xu Chang started speaking again, and heard her sigh again. In this way, Xu Chang stopped talking several times.


“Qin Xiangnan, can you be quiet?” Qin Xiangbei couldn’t bear it anymore.


“I’m quiet.” She was innocent.


“Qin Xiangnan, you keep on sighing and making a sound, I won’t be polite.” Qin Xiangbei got up and found a tape, teared it, pulled a ot, and brought it to her mouth.


“Hey, hey. I won’t be making a sound.” She pushed Qin Xiangbei’s hand away. “You are so violent at such a young age.”


Qin Xiangbei snorted, bypassed Xu Chang, and sat back.


The war has not yet began but it already ended with Qin Xiangnan’s surrender.


Without saying a word, Xu Chang lowered his head, holding the pen in his right hand, his fist resting on his lips, hiding the slight curve at the corner of his lips.


After a long time, Qin Xiangnan finally breathed a sigh of relief, “I’m done.”


Then she picked up the upper corner of the math test paper, raised it up, and shook it in front of Xu Chang.


“Mr. Xu, please look at it~” Sh e grinned, exposing a faint dimple around the corner of her mouth and looking proud.


Xu Chang looked up, reached for it, took a red pen, and prepared to seriously correct it.


Qin Xiangnan felt relieved, stretched her waist, and began to look at her composition.


After only reading a few lines, Xu Chang wrote an bold “-5” on her paper.


“The paper is not neat, 5 points off!”


Since when did cleanliness had a point? She didn’t know about it.


Subsequently, Xu Chang scribbled on the paper one after the other making Qin Xiangnan startled!


Xu Chang’s big red cross struck through the paper on the back, showing no mercy, and making her spine chill.


At this time, Qin Xingbei also curiously looked at her papers and sneered inside. “Qin Xingnian, you are so stupid! Hahahaha…”


“Shut up!” In fact, she panicked, and then continued to watch him cross it, can this paper still be read? Her expression was stiff, and a drop of cold sweat rolled down her forehead.


In the end, there was no suspense. Xu Chang sentenced her, FAILED!


Because Xu Chang couldn’t bear to calculate her score, she just told her coldly, “Failed!”


Qin Xiangnan was stunned.


Watching him take her math textbooks and opened the first page.


“The foundation is too poor. I marked out all the important points and wrote them down. I will do the questions next week.” He has a serious tone, a sharp look, and Qin Xingnian was shocked. She looked like she just saw her math instructor.


It turned out that everyone who asked her to do math problems, no matter whether he looked better than Pan An [4] or was extremely ugly, in her eyes, they were all wolves.


[4] Pan Yue (Chinese: 潘岳; 247–300), courtesy name “Anren” (安仁), was a prominent Chinese fu poet in the Western Jin dynasty. He is popularly referred to as Pan An (潘安) and was well known for his good looks from a young age. “Pan An” has become the Chinese byword for handsome men. (credits: wikipedia)


The author has something to say:
Teacher Xu is very strict~