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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 9

Translated By Faery

Chapter 9 – Crying in front of him (1)


In this way, Xu Chang made tests for Qin Xiangnan for several weeks, and she was tortured to death.


She suffered everyday, when she closes her eyes, all see could see are mathematical. Physics, and chemical formulas. At night, she dreamed that she was sitting on a classroom, taking an exam. During that time, she almost suspected that she was under some kind of spell.


Qin Xiangnan looked at her mobile phone for a while and remembered that she was so funny ten years ago.


“Ding!” When the notification came in, she opened it.


Xu Chang: Isn’t timid people those who like to cry?


This sentence made Qin Xiangnan confused…


She analyzed it. Who likes to cry? Why does Xu Chang thinks that she likes to cry? When did she cry? When did she ever cry in front of him?


She thought for a long time and remembered what happened between them but she still did not get it.


Qin Xiangnan believed that she is optimistic by nature. Although she has suffered a lot along the way, she will never cry. How could she easily cry in front of an outsider?


Perhaps it was only ten years ago, the only one who had cried in front of him once was… That was after Xu Chang tutored her for her homework. On one occasion, although her science scores improved a little, they were still unsatisfactory.


She was annoyed for a few days and wondered is she really was stupid.


Those days, she was in very bad mood, and started to give up.


That weekend, Xu Chang still appeared in her house.


Zhao Mei pulled him and said, “Xu Chang, how did she get a bad score in this exam, is she really too stupid? I heard you were the top scorer again and our Xiao Nan was on the bottom.”


Qin Xiangnan was already depressed, but she didn’t expect her mother to say such things in front of Xu Chang.


Qin Xaingbei on the other hand, continued to stir up the flames, “Mom, this is not the first time that my sister was too stupid. She has been stupid for more that ten years. Hahahaha… There is already a good teacher like Xu Chang teaching her but she still failed. Really, the rotten wood cannot be carved!” [1]


[1] 朽木难雕/Xiǔ mù nán diāo = Something that is already bad cannot be made better, or prettier. You cannot change the true nature of such things. An English equivalent would be: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”


“Qin Xiangbei!” Qin Xiangnan’s roar scared him.


Seeing her white faced flush, her pink lips clenched, her breathing was rapid, her chest was undulating. Qin Xiangbei also saw a glint in her eyes.


Qin Xiangbei took a step back.


Before he could react, Qin Xiangnan has already given him a fierce glare, turned and walked quickly to her room, and closed the door with a slam!


“Aiya, this child. What’s wrong with her. Xu Chang, I’m sorry. Xiao Nan is not polite.” Zhao Mei apologized.


Xu Chang answered that it doesn’t matter.


Qin Xiangbei was speechless for a moment. He seemed to realize that he had just made a msitake, but he still pretended like nothing happened and went to his room to continue his class.


Qin Xiangbei felt like a stone was crushing his heart that day, which made his mood really heavy. He usually quarrels with his sister almost every day. They are always at war and always ready to go to the battlefield. Whoever responds slowly is the loser. In the past, he had said worse things to win battles. He thought that today would be the same as usual so he started a war again. Seeing that he was about to win, his sister suddenly snapped.


He didn’t understand why she was so angry. He felt that although he won today, it was disgraceful.


Qin Xiangbei was so upset that he felt restless and looked at Xu Chang.


“Brother Xu Chang, can you do me a favor…”


Qin Xiangnan locked herself in her room. She lowered her head and bit her lower lip, feeling uncomfortable in her heart as she snorted on her notebook.


Someone knocked on the door but she ignored it and continued to write down.


After a while, someone knocked again.


“Qin Xaingbei, leave me alone!” She shouted at the door.


“It’s Mom… Xiao Nan, please open the door. Mom has something to tell you.” Zhao Mei’s voice came from outside the door.


Qin Xiangnan thought about ti, put down her pen, stood up and opened the door.


Standing at the door was Zhao Mei and… Xu Chang.


“Xiao Nan, Xu Chang is looking for you. I don’t think you’ll open the door if you knew it was him so mother called you.” Zhao Mei said. After winking at Qin Xiangnan, she left.


Qin Xiangnan understood that her mother wanted her to talk nicely and not lose her temper like earlier.


The boy outside the door was tall, he was a full head taller than her.


“What’s the matter?” She was still standing by the door, looking up at him with a flat tone.


“I finished my homework last week, did you finish it?” He looked at her, his eyes fell on her face. His eyes were deep and she saw reflection in those eyes.


“Did not do it!”


“Why didn’t you do it?”


“What does it have to do with you? I don’t need you to teach me in the future!” She screamed with all her might, making him startled.


“What did you say? Say it again.” Xu Chang’s eyes suddenly became sharper, a dangerous glint came from his eyes.


Feeling scared, Qin Xiangnan stepped back and said, “I don’t need you to teach me. I’m stupid anyway that it won’t make a difference!” She continued to talk and felt something overflowing from her eyes, blurring her vision. She was strong but she couldn’t bear it.


Xu Chang tilted his lips slightly, revealing a smile. “Are you insulting yourself or are you insulting me?”


“How can I?” She wouldn’t dare insult him.


“Do you think I can’t teach you?” Xu Chang took a step closer to her and looked down: “I wont’ do things I’m not sure of, and I won’t waste my time on things that I’m not sure of.”


He leaned closer to her, his mouth rising, “Qin Xiangnan, I can definitely let you go to college, are you giving up now?”


Qin Xiangnan was surprised. This was the first timeshe heard him call her name. His voice was so nice and gentle that she felt that her ear was tickled.


He said she could.


Qin Xiangnan’s nose was sour, the bright tears rolled down her eyes, and then there were larger, more round tears sliding down her cheeks, one by one…


Then Xu Chang was mistaken…


She didn’t hold herself back. Xu Chang’s words completely made her defenses crumble.