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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 10

Translated By Faery

Chapter 10 – Crying in front of him (2)


She can hold her tears in front of her parents, her brother. For so many days she was unhappy and blamed herself. She didn’t want anyone to see her true feelings. She had already thought about how to face it. She wanted to give up, and she felt that she was really incapable in science.


But she heard him say that she could, the many days of indifference were lost…


She didn’t want this to happen, didn’t want him, an outsider to see her crying. She felt embarrassed and ugly. But at this point, she can no longer control herself and recover.


“Do you think I’m stupid?” She choked.


Xu Chang hesitated for a moment and did not speak. Qin Xiangnan looked at him with those tearful eyes, not getting an answer, her tears kept falling one by one.


Seeing her like this, he panicked and hurriedly answered.


“You’re not stupid.”


“Okay, I believe in you. Then go first, I’ll be right there. I’ve finished my homework and I’ll give it to you later.”




They both breathed a sigh of relief. Qin Xiangnan wiped her tears with the back of her hands.


“Today’s matter, please forget about it immediately. Also, you are not allowed to tell others about it. If you disclose it, I’ll kill you.”


“No.” Xu Chang quickly agreed and turned to leave her room.


Qin Xiangnan then wiped the tears from her face, adjusted her mood, and went into her brother’s room while holding her book.


Qin Xiangnan recalled the scenes of that year, and the embarrassment at that seemed to resurface. She remembered that this was the only time that she had cried in front of him, and it was just that Xu Chang defined someone who likes to cry. She was furious and typed in the dialog.


Qin Xiangnan: You promised you will forget about it! Dr. Xu, you are untrustworthy!


After not getting a reply for a long time, she put down her phone and went to take a shower.


When she hummed a song and blow dried her hair, she saw a message lying quietly on WeChat.


Xu Chang: I was driving and just got home.


Okay? Do doctors report their schedule to their patients?


Xu Chang, who has just returned home looked exhausted. He put down the key, turned on the light, and unbuttoned his shirt.


At this time, a chubby gray cat saw him come back, ran over and stopped at his feet, and rubbed on him. Xu Chang squatted down, reached out and touched its spine, and the cat narrowed its eyes comfortably, then raised its round head.




He took it to the kitchen, picked up the cat food, and poured some into the bowl. “Tonight’s supper.”


The gray cat “meowed” and enjoyed its dinner.


He then sat on the sofa, took out his phone, and saw a new message.


Qin Xiangnan: Oh. Its such a pity.


He stared at the screen for a long time, then opened the chat head and zoomed in. A beautiful egg-shaped face was seen, a shawl on her long hair, her chin resting on one hand, lips tilted slightly, revealing a faint dimple, her eyebrows and eyes also seemed to be laughing.


He opened her circle of friends and Xu Chang laughed. When did she change it from half a year ago into three days?


Then he continued to stare at the gray cat that finished its dinner, grabbed it and said, “You’re naughty again.”


The little gray cat opened his eyes innocently and looked at him. “Meow~”


He held the cat on his lap and touched petted it twice. Then, he picked up the wallet on the table and opened it. Inside was a small photo. On a blue background, a girls was in a white shirt and a ponytail. There was also a faint dimple…


In Xu Chang’s memory, Qin Xiangnan was a big fool…


She seems to have a lot if stuff in her head and has a lot of strange ideas. She loves to laugh, and is particularly optimistic. She is very serious and hardworking… She and her brother will quarrel with each other over a trivial matter. In fact, Xu Chang liked to listen to the two of them arguing. The scene is very warm.


Xu Chang’s parents divorced when he was very young. He has lived with his grandmother since he was a child. His father, Xu Zhijie, was a surgeon and was very busy. After his parents divorced, the relationship between father and son also became estrange. Xu Chang wanted to be acknowledged by his father, so he worked hard to be the best. Even so, he never got a word of praise from his father… so the relationship between the two became farther and farther.


When the father and son meet, they will only speak simple question and answer. No other words will be uttered from his father’s mouth. Xu Chang felt that he didn’t know any similarities between them. He wanted to be close to his father but could never be able to get closer…


Qin Xiangnan was the opposite of him. She lives in a honey pot, her parents love her, and her brother who seems to argue with her everyday still cares so much about her.


Xu Chang remembered a weekend when he went to their house as usual.


That day, it was Qin Xiangnan that opened the door. In May, she wore a simple and elegant lilac pleated skirt, pure white sweater, and tied her hair into a ponytail like usual, looking fresh and clean.


“Xu Chang, Xiangbei is not here. My parents went out today.” She looked at him.


Xu Chang thought about it, “I’ll come in first.” After that, he went straight in.


Qin Xiangnan once again scolded Qin Xiangbei 800 times in her heart. This stinking brother ran away while their parents are away. So sneaky. He might have went to go on a date. Of course, her brother will never tell her about it.


She didn’t bother to open his room and instead, took Xu Chang to her room and moved a chair to let him sit down.


Before Xu Chang came, she was writing a note. When she entered the room, she realized that she had just hurriedly went to open the door and forgot to turn off her laptop. She glanced at Xu Chang and found that he didn’t look at her stuff, and just quietly closed the blue notebook and threw it on the shelf.


Xu Chang did make her a lot of task that day but he was reading leisurely on the side.


The room was surprisingly quiet. At this time in the afternoon, a beam of sunlight came in quietly from the window and hit her face, she felt warm. She stared at those problems, gradually getting sleepy, and unknowingly falling asleep on the table.


Xu Chang heard her breathing regularly and turned to look at her.


She fell asleep, the sunlight fell on her face from the window. Her tiny face looked fluffy due to the touch of the sun, as if the whole person was wrapped in a halo. Her eyelashes were shaking, her skin was white, her black hair was long, and her pink lips were slightly open. Everything looked calm and beautiful…


Xu Chang’s eyes gradually moved down from her face. Under the swan-like necj, half of her collarbone was covered by the pure white sweater…


Xu Chang hurriedly looked away and looked and tilted his head.


The corner of his lips twitched lightly, creating a beautiful arc…


The author has something to say:
ChangChang: Pretending not to see…