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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 11

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 11 – Medical Incident (1)


Qin Xiangnan was awakened by her brother knocking on the door. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself lying asleep on the table. Looking up at Xu Chang, he still kept the same posture and was reading quietly.


“Your saliva is coming out.” He said.


Qin Xiangnan embarrassingly pulled a tissue, wiped the corner of her mouth, and ran out to open the door.


Qin Xiangbei stood at the door, looking depressed.


“You still know how to come back.” Who knew that Qin Xiangbei was not on the mood today, walked straight to his room, and closed the door quietly.


She was stunned. What’s going on here?


She went back to her room and told Xu Chang, “Who knew that Qin Xiangbei took the wrong medicine today. Ignore him.” After that, she sat down and continued to do her work.


Xu Chang didn’t say anything, both of them were busy.


One afternoon passed by so quietly…


After a few days, Qin Xiangnan found that her blue-covered notebook was missing. She suspected that she was in a hurry and was dizzy. Or maybe it was her brother’s prank. Qin Xiangbei always liked to take her things and she had no secret in front of him.


Unexpectedly, a few days later, the blue notebook appeared by itself, laying quietly in her pile of exercise books. She didn’t think much about it, and looked at it without any difference, and locked it in the drawer.


In fact, the blue notebook stayed at Xu Chang’s house for a week…


Xu Chang was sitting on the sofa, the little gray cat nestling beside him, asleep. He looked at the photo in his wallet for a long time. From the moment he met her again today, the memory with her broke out of its shackles a little bit, resurfacing again.


She is more beautiful than before and is very eye-catching. She realized her dream and became a journalist. Xu Chang knew that she would be able to do it. She worked so hard, refused to give up, and continued to persevere. The blue notebook contained her ideals.


Qin Xiangnan’s father, Qin Chaoming, is a doctor. He naturally hopes that his children should inherit his his idealogies and become doctors in the future. Therefore, he instilled the idea in his two children since they were a child. Their future career is a doctor. Only doctors can realize their ideals and ambitions.


Qin Xiangnan opposed it from the bottom of her heart. She didn’t like to be a doctor, but she could not disobey her father. She never told her parents what she thought. She could only bury those things in her heart and write it in a book.


Except for her, only her brother knew her secrets. Because Qin Xiangbei, that b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, would take a peek into her diary. When she found out about it, she was so angry. But then later, they reached an agreement, so Qin Xiangnan could not beat him.


Qin Xiangbei said: “I know all your secrets. But you can’t punish me, only I can help you.”


Qin Xiangnan was mad, “You, be careful. I might poke your eyes.”


“No. Do you want to be a doctor? You can rest assured and realize your dreams. For Mom and Dad, there’s still me.”


Qin Xiangnan snorted, “It’s up to you? Look at you, you’re not even skillful. Only want to look like an angel in a lab gown.”


“Hump! Just wait and see!”


“Qin Xiangbei, since you have done such a wicked thing, you have to promise me and do whatever you can to stop our parents from making me a doctor. Otherwise…” Qin Xiangnan smirked, “You know the consequences…”


“Whatever, I can handle it!” He disagreed.


Qin Xiangnan looked at him with an evil smile: “You know Sun Weiwei…”


“Qin Xiangnan!” Qi Xiangbei seemed like he got hit on the head.


“It seems like I poked the nail on the head. Now that we have a hold on each other, you can rest assured that as long as you help me, I will not disclose you affairs.”


Qin Xiangbei was stunned. Unexpectedly, the little girlfriend that he was hiding was discovered by his sister. He gritted his teeth and said: “Okay!”


What Qin Xiangbei didn’t know was that Qin Xiangnan made a plan. In fact, she didn’t know who Sun Weiwei was, but she heard her name being spoken secretly during a call. The silly kid was being sneaky, she knows that there was something wrong!


She didn’t want to be a doctor as strongly as she didn’t want to do mathematical and physics problems. She would dream that she had a knife for surgery, and stabbed herself. The next day, she wrote down the dream and told herself that she would never be a doctor in the future.


Every time her father finishes an operation, he will go home and talk at the dinner table. She will listen to Qin Chaoming talk about organs, blood, and pathology. She will want to vomit and she couldn’t eat meat for a while.


Because she was an imaginative person, the words from Qin Chaoming made her uncomfortable.


Qin Xiangnan never thought about the things she wrote. In addition to her brother knowing, she didn’t know that another person would be able to look into her heart.


In the past few days, Qin Xiangnan did not go out to work because of her injury and just rested at home. But she was not idle and occasionally help interns proofread the press releases. When she isn’t busy, she will scroll around Weibo and watch TV shows like a normal girl.


In addition, these days, she usually chats with Xu Chang in WeChat.


At the beginning, she would ask Xu Chang some medical questions such as: Should she use ice or heat for her swollen foot, can she do some simple exercises? Generally, a sprain would be better after a few days. Xu Chang would answer her questions one by one. She was very satisfied with the answer from a professional doctor.


Later, Qin Xiangnan took the initiative to ask questions and it gradually changed to Xu Chang initiating about her condition.


Every morning, she would open her eyes and see a new message from Xu Chang on her phone.


Xu Chang: Morning. Is it any better today?


Qin Xiangnan’s reply were very simple, from “Much better.”, “Much better.”, to “Almost ready.”, “Almost better.”


Later, Qin Xiangnan will receive greetings from Dr. Xu besides caring about his patient’s condition. For example: “What are you busy with?”, “Have you gone to work?”, “Have you eaten?”


Moreover, Xu Chang started to tell her about what he was doing. What kind of surgery he had done, the time he gets off work, seeing a few patients and encountering some weird things…


At first, Qin Xiangnan gradually realized how lonely a doctor was, and that he would actually chat with his patients.


Of course, Qin Xiangnan remembered that ten years ago, even if the two of them were alone, Xu Chang would not take the initiative to talk to her. In the past ten years, if he really hadn’t change, could it be that she has mistaken him, has his character always been like this?


Later, she felt that if she could be his partner, many people would envy her.