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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 12

Translated By: Faery


Chapter 12 – Medical Incident (2)


After a week, when her foot injury was completely healed, she started to become active again.


In this city, there are hundreds of car accidents every day. Large and small, numerous neighborhood disputes, homicides, fires, drowning… In this fast-developing information age, new hot spots would pop up everyday as people want to follow news as quickly as possible and understand the truth.


That day, Qin Xiangnan received a call from Chen Xiaoqi.


“Sister Xiangnan, I heard that your brother works in XX Hospital, is it true?”


“Um, yeah. What’s wrong?”


“We received a hotline. There is some issue with a doctor at XX Hospital. I’ll rush over right away. Sister Xiangnan, when will you arrive?”


“I will leave immediately. Half an hour. Let’s meet at the hospital.” Qin Xiangnan packed away and set off.


Whether her brother is in the hospital or not, she will go. Later, she suddenly remembered that Xu Chang and her brother worked at the same hospital.


When she arrived at the hospital, Qin Xiangnan and Chen Xiaoqi talked and asked the security guard at the entrance and learned that it was on Xu Chang’s department.


Qin Xiangnan was agitated.


They went to the hospital’s orthopedics department again and found that the police have already arrived. Captain Huang and several policemen who had also been at the previous case were with him. They were busy talking with the family.


In addition to the police, the family and several patients were there. Qin Xiangnan swept a look and saw no doctor. She sighed in relief.


The family looked worked up. There was a couple who was a little older, and it was estimated that they were on their sixties. There are also several men in their forties who are more than 1.8 meters tall that looked dark and sturdy.


“Sister Xiangnan, I will go to the police and ask about the specific situation.” Chen Xiaoqi has been very active recently.


“Okay. Continue.” Qin Xiangnan nodded.


Qin Xiangnan took out her camera and took a few pictures.


After while, Chen Xiaoqi returned.


“Sister Xiangnan, I understand clearly. This older couple is the injured’s parents. I heard that something happened to their son on the construction site. He apparently fell from a high altitude and he accidentally injured is leg. When he was sent to the hospital, the flesh was seen and the doctor judged that the leg could not be kept and need to be on operation. It is said that the injured person was still awake and signed the papers. During the operation, his parents came and saw their son unconscious and had no leg. They cried on the spot and asked the doctor about their son’s leg and made the matter bigger. The they called some relatives to make trouble.” Chen Xiaoqi pointed to the five big and burly men. “These are the few of them.”


“Then, do you know the doctor who performed the operation?” Qin Xiangnan asked.


“I don’t know. Sister Xiangnan, do you know the doctor here?”


“No. I just asked casually.” She smiled awkwardly.


Captain Huang was still talking with the patient’s parents.


“You guys, it’s time to go home. Don’t make trouble here. This is a hospital, not a park. You came to this hospital and made noises. What about the other patients? Do you also want to see a doctor?”


The aunt relented. “What do you mean we are fooling around, Captain? My son’s leg is missing. I don’t like to hear what you say. To our family, this is a big event. The cruel doctor saw that my son’s leg is gone. My son is not cultured. He just relies on his strength to work and earn money. Now that he lost one of his legs, what will he do in the future?”


After that, the aunt sat on the ground, crying and wiping her tears.


“My son, what are you going to do in the future…”


Captain Huang wanted to lift her up. He didn’t expect that the aunt was strong and he couldn’t pull her up.


“Ma’am, get up first. The patients still need to see the doctor. Don’t affect the others.”


“Their illness have nothing to do with me. They have their hands and foot, unlike my son who has no foot… How would he be able to live…”


“Madam, what do you want? Doctors are professional, you have to believe them.” Captain Huang was helpless.


“Who asked them to cut my son’s leg? We have to get compensation from the hospital!” The old man finally spoke.


This is their point. Qin Xiangnan and Chen Xiaoqi smiled at each other.


“Yes, let the hospital compensate!” The strong men agreed.


Captain Huang said so much and wasted his words in vain. Well, if they don’t eat the soft ones, then become the hard ones.


“Did you know that it is illegal for you to make troubles? Since you are not willing to go, if you want things to become bigger, then go to the bureau with me.”


The Aunt got up.


He did not expect that the old woman was good in acting. As soon as Captain Huang touched her, she immediately lay on the ground.


“The police is beating civilians, the police is beating civilians…”


Captain Huang is an old man after all, and he has seen this scene a lot.


“Ma’am, I haven’t done anything yet, don’t say that we hit someone. I tel you, there are CCTVs here. It’s not up for you to decide whether we hit someone or not. See that, there is one, and the other.” He pointed to the ceiling.


The aunt was frightened by Captain Huang and immediately calmed down and stopped crying.


The police did not expect that the scene would last until half past one, and that it would not affect the operation of the hospital.


“Ma’am, you see, you’re already tired. It won’t solve any problems. It will also affect other patients. Otherwise, go to a conference room to sit and drink tea and slowly discuss.”


“Don’t fool us. We are all farmers and you as police should protect us. We should resolve this today and give our son an explanation.” Said the old man.


“Hurry up and find a place to talk slowly.”


After that, several policemen took the family and left. The aunt didn’t forget to wipe her tears as she walked.


Qin Xiangnan and Chen Xiaoqi followed in a hurry.