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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 13

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 13 – Beautiful Doctor (1)


The hospital’s security arranged a meeting room for them.


The police asked the family to sit down and poured them a glass of water.


“Uncle, Auntie, elder brothers, we know you are tired. I think no one is wrong in this. The orthopedic of this hospital is the most popular in the city. How is it possible that you just see a person’s leg casually. Don’t be troublesome. The most important thing right now is for you to take care of your son.” Captain Huang said calmly.


“Why isn’t it? Why did the doctor operated our son’s leg without our consent? Although we are only farmers, don’t we also have our rights? You are bullying the weak! My son is working here in the big city. Those of you who live in the big city is bullying us countryside people!”


“Hey, uncle. The more you say, the more it gets farther away. Yes, your son is a worker in this big city, we are grateful to you. But this has nothing to do with your son’s operation. You see, your son injured his legs. Our big city also accommodates you and treated your son. Those doctors did their best. They are benevolent doctors, they are all good doctors who saves people.” Captain Huang patted his chest and vowed.


“You guys are bullies! Saying you are doing your best, is it your best to chop my son’s leg? What kind of saving is this?” The uncle slammed his fist on the table and stood up angrily.


“Uncle, calm down. You are not listening to what I’m, saying. To tell you the truth, you are in the wrong! We are the police, what we do is fair. It doesn’t matter who you put up with. If you make this matter more bigger, you are breaking the law and we can sue you. I’m warning you.” Captain Huang has seen bigger scenes than these.


“Oh, you officials are bullying us. Us common people have the right to criticize you. I just want fairness for my son, ah.”


“Let the people judge, isn’t it easy? Uncle, did you see those two journalists? If the media reports, everyone in the country will know that you came to the hospital to make trouble, aren’t you going to be judged? The people’s words will drown you. Such behavior, and you dare to judge people’s behavior, you are embarrassing the people of the country.”


Uncle’s momentum suddenly weakened. “Police officer, you say, how can this be resolved? My son is still unconscious and lying on the bed. Us old people rushed to the hospital from the field and saw our son become like this. What do you want us to do? His parents are already old. Our whole family is counting on him to make money and support our family. This hospital must give us an explanation.”


“What more is there to say? The hospital is doing their best. I said, do you want to take money? This is an illegal act.” Captain Huang really did not leave the law.


“Why do we have to take money? We just need compensation. This is a large hospital, they saw my son’s leg and don’t even have to compensate. This is clearly bullying us rural people who don’t have high education.”


Going around again.


“Ah, uncle, the hospital saw your son’s leg to treat him, to save his life. Why would you make people compensate? Isn’t this an act of revenge?” Captain Huang shook his head helplessly, talking to this family was so tiring.


Having said so much, he felt his mouth dry, and took a big sip of water.


Captain Huang exhaled and suddenly looked at Qin Xiangnan and Chen Xiaoqi and said to them: “Reporters, do you think there is a better solution?”


Qin Xiangnan was asked. She smiled and said, “I am a reporter whose purpose is to report the real news. I can only report what I see, record, and hear today. This is fair and easy.”


The old couple panicked when they heard this, they had to make trouble on TV. They didn’t get any benefit and if they went back to their hometown, they would not be able to show their face.


They thought about it and the family began to discuss with each other.


After a while, they turned quiet. The old man said: “You are not doctors, I don’t believe you. You have to let the doctor who operated my son come out and clearly tell us why they sawed my son’s leg. They must give us a statement, we can’t go back without being clear of what happened.”


“Yes. Tell the doctors to come out. Why are they hiding, are they afraid?” The strong men agreed.


When Qin Xiangnan heard this, she became restless.


Captain Huang discussed it with a few police officers and agreed. They let a little policeman to call someone.


Qin Xiangnan was silently thinking and hoped that the person who would come will not be Xu Chang.


The family was sitting quietly at the moment, they were thinking about how they could get a lot of money. They could not let their son break his leg in vain, let alone return to his hometown without gaining any benefits.


Captain Huang was thinking of resolving the matter as soon as possible, and couldn’t get into trouble.


Ten minutes later, someone opened the door of the conference room, and Qin Xiangnan held her breath.


Pushing the door was the little policeman who had just left. He came in and saw everyone staring at him. He felt embarrassed and scratched his head. Then he looked behind him, opened the door of the conference room, and a doctor in a white coat came in.