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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 14

Translated By: Faery


Chapter 14 – Beautiful Doctor (2)


This person is not Xu Chang. Qin Xiangnan was relieved.


But the doctor who came in surprised her.


It was a female doctor. If you want to add another word, it was a beautiful female doctor.


This doctor is very beautiful. Fair skin, deep eyes, long eyelashes, tall nose bridge, pink and plump lips, and wearing a white gown, she looked very special. The white coat wrapped around her body tightly, showing her graceful figure to the fullest.


In front of this female doctor, Qin Xiangnan immediately felt that she was being compared. If she is pretty, then this doctor is sexy and enchanting.


She did not expect that in this hospital, aside from Xu Chang who looks good, there is also such a beautiful doctor. Moreover, they are in the same department.


The small policeman introduced her to the scene: “This is Dr. Lin.”


“I’m an orthopedist here, my surname is Lin. Is there anything I can help you with?” Her voice was so gentle that when Qin Xiangnan heard it, her ears were itchy. It hooked away her soul.


“Sister Xiangnan, this Dr. Lin is so beautiful.” Chen Xiaoqi whispered.


All the men present were all attracted to this Dr. Lin. After Dr. Lin spoke, there were no answers within one and a half minute, and the air was frozen instantly.


After a while, the old man responded, “Dr. Lin, are you the doctor who treated my son?”


“Who is your son? I can’t remember all the patients that I treat everyday.” Dr. Lin’s tone sounded a little arrogant.


The old man was impatient when he heard this. Okay, they saw his son’s leg. The doctor didn’t even know who his son was. So this hospital is this irresponsible?


“My son is Zhang Liangman, didn’t you saw my son’s leg?”


“Zhang Liangman… Two days ago that patient’s right leg was amputated?”


“Yes. Today you have to give me an explanation. When we entered the hospital, his right leg was gone. You have to compensate us!” Uncle Zhang took out the seat and scared people.


After hearing this, Dr. Lin understood that these people came to make trouble and exploit money. She stood there calmly, and put her right hand in the pocket of her white coat, and slowly said: “I’m Zhang Liangman’s attending doctor. The patient, Zhang, had comminuted fracture in his right leg and absolute ischemic necrosis  on his muscles when he was brought to the hospital. Without amputation, it may lead to the loss of liver and kidney functions and is life threatening. The blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and bones in the limbs will be severely damaged and there will be no way to repair them. Amputation is the best treatment solution made by our orthopedics and surgeons. Do you have any question about our treatment plan?”


“I… I don’t understand what you are talking about! Don’t talk nonsense with me. You little girl looks so beautiful, are you a trainee? No, no, your hospital is trying to fool us with a little girl. We want the director to come and speak with us. Let him give us a statement. I need your apology and compensation. Otherwise, this matter will not end so easily.”


“I’m a professional doctor. It’s not up to you to judge my ability. You are not qualified to question me. I have explained so much about Zhang Liangman’s condition. We, doctors, have tried our best to save the patient.” She then turned to Captain Huang and said, “Police officer, is there anything else? I have already said what I should say. I have more work to do, I’ll go first.”


“Ah, what is your attitude?” The aunt who wiped her tears drew up tears in an instant. “You stinky girl, what are you talking about? Why are you so shameless?”


Women will always be more malicious intents when looking at another women.


After hearing this, Dr. Lin blushed and was speechless for a moment. Perhaps such a pure and noble girl have never heard someone insult her with such crude words. It’s even less likely to respond with harsh words.


She didn’t speak for a moment, she then pouted and left.


As soon as the door was opened, the aunt rushed up madly.


“You woman, didn’t even explain clearly and want to leave.” Aunt responded very quickly and flew at her in an instant. “You murderer. Shameless!”


Dr. Lin did not expect that the aunt would suddenly make a move. “Ah!”  She screamed.


At this time, Captain Huang on the side saw the situation was not good and rushed forward, trying to catch the aunt.


Chen Xiaoqi was agitated and quickly took out her camera to shoot.


Captain Huang was half a beat slower because of the long distance and was not able to stop her.


The aunt soon threw a slap to Dr. Lin…


Qin Xiangnan eyes shocked, watching the scene happen, then suddenly…


At this moment, a tall white figure flashed into the room, grabbed Dr. Lin’s arm and dragged her into his arms. The aunt did not hit anything and fell.


The author has something to say:
Nan Nan: This is a strong love rival