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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 15

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 15 – Beaten (1)


Xu Chang’s sudden appearance surprised Qin Xiangnan. She was relieved, thinking that it had nothing to do with him. Unexpectedly, she still did not escape the embarrassment of meeting her “friend”.


Qin Xiangnan saw Dr. Lin in Xu Chang’s arms, as if she had not recovered from the fright. Her face was red and gasping lightly, leaning against Xu Chang’s chest, holding Xu Chang tightly with her hands.


Qin Xiangnan saw this scene. She thought that Dr. Lin is really beautiful and is a perfect match to Xu Chang. Could it be that the two was originally…


She didn’t dare think about it. Although she and Xu Chang have returned to being friends these days, learning something about his daily life. But she did not have deep conversations with him, nor was she familiar with talking about each others’ emotional issues. For so many years, Xu Chang has always been on the spotlight, always shining, how could he not have a girlfriend?


At first glance, Dr. Lin had a good opinion on Xu Chang. After holding for so long, still not letting go?


Chen Xiaoqi whispered to Qin Xiangnan again, “Oh my god, this doctor is so handsome. What kind of hospital is this?”


“Oh, my mother. The doctor hit someone.”


Dr. Lin finally snapped by Aunt Zhang’s crying and shouting, she let go of his hands.


Aunt Zhang simply couldn’t get up on the ground. She was originally in a dog-eating posture. Somehow, she turned and changed into a posture facing the sky, stroking her legs, like a child crying on the ground.


“What’s wrong?” Xu Chang looked at Dr. Lin in front of him and asked her. “Dr. Qian said you were called away by the police, and then came to inform me to find you.”


Before the poor Dr. Lin could answer, Captain Huang interjected.


“Hello, I’m Captain Huang of the Criminal Investigation Team. May I ask who you are?”


“Hello, I’m a colleague of Dr. Lin, my surname is Xu. What happened?”


“That’s the case. They are family members of a patient. He had just been amputated a few days ago, which was Dr. Lin’s operation. They wouldn’t accept the situation and I didn’t know much about it so I called Dr. Lin. Just now, Dr. Lin explained the situation clearly. I see that the hospital is not responsible. Our police learned about the situation today and will handle it properly and let them go back sooner. This kind of situation won’t happen again. It must not delay the work of you, doctors, who are busy saving lives.” Captain Huang was very reasonable in front of Xu Chang.


“Then, I’ll leave it to Captain Huang. Dr. Lin is a girl, don’t let her come alone in the future. You just need to call for me.” Xu Chang looked polite, and Qin Xiangnan heard pity in his voice.


Uncle Zhang was anxious when he heard what Captain Huang said. They made this out to get more money. Now, there will be no benefits and the police will drive them away.


Those strong men also became anxious, and they didn’t know if these people were real relatives or hired thugs. They came her for a long time, and at the end, they didn’t even get a single penny.


One of the strong men couldn’t bear it any longer. He slammed his fist on the table and said loudly: “Why are you telling us to go back? Without compensation, we will not go back.”


“Yes, we need compensation!”


Suddenly, the scene suddenly boiled. Before, everyone could still sit calmly and communicate well. Now, the family has no intention to communicate well.


The other side, relying on many people, was pressing hard, showing several police officers and Xu Chang on the corner, and even Captain Huang couldn’t withstand it.


Qin Xiangnan was anxious. She couldn’t help but move forward. The family was so big and mighty that she can’t squeeze forward.


Captain Huang yelled, “What are you doing? Trying to attack the police, don’t blame me for being rude!”


Who knew that the brawny man was so angry he couldn’t even listen to the police when he heard that he couldn’t get any money.


When a bunch of people rushed up, they were going to be stingy.


“Ah!” Chen Xiaoqi screamed. “The handsome doctor is going to be beaten.”


Qin Xiangnan was shocked and rushed forward to see.


Unexpectedly, the scene was a mess. Qin Xiangnan couldn’t see who hit who.


Dr. Lin and Qin Xiangnan panicked and was terrified.


At this time, Chen Xiaoqi was quite calm and filmed all the chaotic scenes.


After a few minutes of fighting, some police officers who were strictly trained, eventually subdued the several strong men, but everyone has became disheveled.


Only when the police locked those people up did Qin Xiangnan and Dr. Lin discovered that Xu Chang was leaning against the wall, clutching his left arm with his right, frowning and looking pained.


Qin Xiangnan and Dr. Lin both shouted at the same time:


“Xu Chang!”


They did not expect that they would shout at the same time. The two girls were surprised and looked at each other.


Xu Chang was surprised…


“Why are you here?” He almost grinded his teeth and there was sweat on his forehead.


He was obviously asking Qin Xiangnan because he already knew why Dr. Lin was here.


At this time, Dr. Lin’s beautiful face had a complicated expression. She stared at Qin Xiangnan for a long time, sweeping a look from top to bottom, and looked at her in confusion.


Qin Xiangnan, who had been stared at felt uncomfortable.


Just when the two girls’ big and small eyes met, Xu Chang hissed, and they looked at each other, then at Xu Chang who was sweating.


Dr. Lin was still one step ahead of Qin Xiangnan.


“How are you?” Dr. Lin angrily touched his left arm and saw Xu Chang “sigh” again. “Maybe you broke a bone. Hurry up and take an X-Ray.” Dr. Lin said, pulling Xu Chang and was about to go out.


Qin Xiangnan looked at them, not saying a word. She knew that both of them were orthopedists, and she really couldn’t help at this moment. She suddenly felt that her chest was stuffy and she was worried about him, but she felt that she shouldn’t be worried about him that much.


When Dr. Lin dragged Xu Chang out of the door, he suddenly turned around, still looking pained, and set his eyes on Qin Xiangnan: “You haven’t answered yet. Why are you here?”


“I…” Qin Xiangnan was speechless for a moment, not knowing how to reply. Then she pointed at Chen Xiaoqi who was carrying a camera.


Xu Chang seemed to understand.


“Oh…” He then turned and walked away.


“Who is she?”


Qin Xiangnan heard Dr. Lin ask Xu Chang but she never heard her answer.


Suddenly, she felt very uncomfortable. She had never seen Xu Chang like this. The golden boy ten years ago was hurt, like an ordinary person…


“Sister Xiangnan, you know that handsome doctor?” Chen Xiaoqi asked.


“Yeah. We used to be high school classmates.” Qin Xiangnan smiled bitterly.


“Really? It turns out you had such a handsome high school classmate. He is so handsome, he must have been popular before, right?” Chen Xiaoqi gossiped again.


Qin Xiangnan was still thinking about Xu Chang’s painful expression so she did not care about what Chen Xiaoqi said.


She just said lightly: “I don’t know. We were not very familiar before.”


“Oh.” After listening to Qin Xiangnan’s words, Chen Xiaoqi felt no desire to ask any more.