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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 16

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 16 – Beaten (2)


After Captain Huang arrested the people who made trouble, the old couple was frightened and did not dare say anything.


Captain Huang glanced at Qin Xiangnan: “I didn’t mean to scare you. You look unwell.”


Qin Xiangnan shook her head and said, “It’s okay, just a bit shocked. I’m not that afraid.”


“Yes, these people are really brave. They dare to hit people under our noses, and actually hurt the doctor. You must go back and report how horrible they are and make them pay the price so they won’t do it again in the future. Is there any more problem in the hospital?”


“Yes, yes, captain Huang. You are right, we will report it truthfully. Hey, you have also been injured, your face…” She pointed at Captain Huang’s face, there were some blood.


Captain Huang was so concerned for Qin Xiangnan, his face turned slightly red, and he held his wound.


“It’s okay. This injury is nothing. I’m used to bumping into these kind of things in my job.” He smirked.


“Are you all right? We are already in the hospital, let the doctors take a look.” Qin Xiangnan asked with concern.


Captain Huang was obviously a little embarrassed. “It’s okay, this is not big deal. If I went to see the doctor, those little policemen will make a joke about me.”


She didn’t say anything when Captain Huang declined.


Several police officers were busy cleaning up the mess and she and Chen Xiaoqi were about to leave.


Before leaving, she was tangled a bit. She would like to check on Xu Chang but she couldn’t find a suitable reason, thinking that there was a beautiful doctor beside him. Qin Xiangnan had nothing to do, and it was awkward to go, so she simply left.


Xu Chang did not get hurt badly this time, just a simple fracture, and his hand was tied into a plaster by Dr. Lin herself.


Because Dr. Lin was not assured by others, she had to do it herself.


Lin Rui’er looked at his arm and said angrily: “It’s really a group of hooligans, how did you get beat up like this?”


Xu Chang smiled slightly: “It’s all right, should I take this opportunity to take a good rest?”


Lin Rui’er saw that he had done this on purpose, laughed and said, “Dr. Xu, you are so smart.”


Xu Chang pouted and said nothing.


She was still tangled and Xu Chang hasn’t answered her question yet so she asked again: “Who was that girl just now?”


He paused and said, “High school classmate.”


“She seems to care about you?” Lin Rui’er asked him cautiously.


Xu Chang raised his eyebrows and said, “She doesn’t.”


She won’t care about him because she doesn’t have him in her heart.


Qin Xiangnan and Chen Xiaoqi did not go home directly, but went to the office and collected some information. PresidentPang felt that this news would definitely become a hot topic at the moment and asked them to report it well.


The first draft was written by Chen Xiaoqi. At the beginning, she devoted a lot of time describing how Xu Chang saved the Dr. Lin.


“Xiaoqi, are you writing an entertainment news? Don’t you want to be precise?”


Chen Xioaqi made a face.


Later, it was modified by Qin Xiangnan to focus on describing what happened. The two men handed in the draft and went home for a break.


On this day, Qin Xiangnan was quiet tired again.


She was still worried about Xu Chang and wanted to ask how he is. She picked up her phone but didn’t know how to ask him, and after a while, she gave up.


Feeling hungry again, she began to make dinner, then ate, and took a bath. After being busy for a while, she felt irritable, and her body was getting tired again.


Eventually, she felt sleepy and went to bed.


Before she went to bed, she looked at her phone. There were no news from Xu Chang.


In this way, she went to sleep.


She didn’t know how long she was asleep when she was woken up by her phone. She was startled and immediately grabbed the phone and saw that it was a call from Chen Xiaoqi.


“Sister Xiangnan, look at Weibo soon. The XX Hospital medical incident is hotly searched. Netizens are scolding the hooligans.” As soon as Qin Xiangnan heard it, she hung up the phone.


She hurriedly opened Weibo and opened the hot search and found that the news has appeared on the top five hot search.


Netizens have expressed their opinions.


“I feel bad for these medical doctors. How great would it be if they actually beat these brain-dead family members. Hoping to punish the hooligans.”


“Healthcare workers are the warriors of peace who help the soldiers defend the motherland.”


“The thought of medical trouble, I got angry. I really want to beat these hooligans.”


“Now the society is too angry. Hoping for more tolerance and understanding…”


“Being a doctor is really a high-risk occupation, hoping to punish the hooligans!”


“Hoping that there will be no more medical troubles, praying for world peace…”


Qin Xiangnan looked at the comments and was touched. In this world, there are still sane people in the majority.


She read the comments one by one, and she felt warmth in her heart.


At this time, a new WeChat message popped up on her phone screen. She opened it and saw Xu Chang’s WeChat.


Xu Chang: Did I look weak today?


The author has something to say:
Chang Chang: She doesn’t have me in her heart *sigh*