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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 17

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 17 – I’m Angry (1)


Qin Xiangnan, quickly typed on the dialog box.


Qin Xiangnan: How is your hand?


Xu Chang: Are you concerned about me?


For a while, Qin Xiangnan did not know how to answer him. If she says that she cared about him, wouldn’t it be too ambiguous? If she says she doesn’t care, she will look cold-blooded.


So she thought about it and typed these words.


Qin Xiangnan: When I was there, I saw such a scene and thought that it was a very serious, I should be concerned about you. Besides, my foot was twisted before, and Dr. Xu was also concerned about my condition. It’s just reciprocating. So, what happened to your hand?


After a long time, Xu Chang sent out two words.


Xu Chang: Very serious.


Qin Xiangnan was dumbfounded. She did not expect that it would be serious.


She was in a panic, thinking of what happened today, and of the amputated patient Zhang.


No. Would Xu Chang be amputated?


Suddenly, her nose turned sour, and tears were almost shed.


After a while, she received a new message from Xu Chang.


Xu Chang: Just kidding. It’s just a small fracture, it will get better after three months.


He then sent a photo of himself being plastered.


Qin Xiangnan’s tears that was about to fall were choked back…


This b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ Xu Chang, when did he learn her brother’s skill?! They are really brothers!


Qin Xiangnan was so angry that she didn’t want to bother him any longer. But thinking that he was still injured, she thought that he was pitiful and just typed a few words coldly.


Qin Xiangnan: Then take a good rest.


Xu Chang looked at the “care” she sent on the screen and turned off his phone.


He grabbed the cat sleeping next to him with one hand and hugged it to his lap. He squeezed its round head with his thumb and forefinger, looking at it and said:


“Showing care, is it so difficult?”


After he said those words, he pushed the cat away angrily and was dropped to the ground. He stood up and went into the room. (T/N: aww, poor cat)


“Meow~” The fat gray cat called out to his back, its eyes flickering.


#XX Hospital Medical Incident# After a few days of being Weibo’s hot search, another new hot search appeared. This hot search completely overwhelmed the original one and reached the top of the list.


That is: #XX Hospital Super Handsome Orthopedic Doctor#


This hot search instantly boiled and it was spreading all over the nook and crannies. On her way, Qin Xiangnan could hear several little sisters talking about the hot topic.


“Hey, have you seen on Weibo that there is a super handsome orthopedist in XX Hospital?”


“I saw it. So handsome. I heard that he was involve in the fight because he stood up for his colleague and was injured.”


“Really? These people are really abominable and must be severely punished.”


Qin Xiangnan did not expect Xu Chang to become so “popular”, which is even more than when he was in high school.


She glanced a the Weibo comments and suddenly giggled.


“Wow, this brother is so handsome.”


“Wow, this doctor is so handsome. I’m going to see him.”


“I want to cut off my legs and go see this doctor!”


“I’m going to XX Hospital to block the door so I can see him. This little brother is waiting for me!”


“There is such a handsome doctor in XX Hospital. Why do I always see old men when I go to the hospital?”


“If I see this little brother up close, then my life will be fulfilled!”


“I’m going to XX Hospital to clean up the garbage and come to see this handsome brother.”


Qin Xiangnan smirked when she read these comments and sent a message to Xu Chang.


Qin Xiangnan: You’re on fire, you know?


Xu Chang: ?


She retweeted a few Weibos with a smile, looking silly.


Xu Chang: So terrible. How will I get out of the hospital today?


Qin Xiangnan: Ah? Aren’t you hurt? Why are you still at work?


Xu Chang: I won’t perform any surgeries, just seeing the patients. The hospital is too busy.


Qin Xiangnan: Orthopedic doctors insist on giving surgeries even when they break their hands. It’s really a good hand, a good heart, um, this news subject can definitely be hot.


Xu Chang: …


Qin Xiangnan continued to look at Weibo with a smile, looking and there seemed to be a new topic that appeared: #XX Hospital Handsome Doctor’s Girlfriend#


She opened it and found that it was about Xu Chang’s girlfriend that was spreading on the internet saying that it was Dr. Lin or someone else.


The previous medical trouble incident was very popular. At that time, the videos and photos where Xu Chang was rescuing her was also recorded. Therefore, the netizens became Detective Conan.
[netizens became investigators :)]


“Wake up. That little brother already has a girlfriend and his girlfriend is also very good looking.”


“The younger sister that the younger brother rescued is his girlfriend. No wonder she was so tightly guarded.”


“It’s a hero saving a beauty, they are a very good match.”


“I’m a fan of this CP [1]!”
[1] CP is a Chinese internet slang that stand for imaginary couple or lovers/character pairing. In western term it would be “ship”


“My god! Good-looking people really only pay attention to other good-looking people. I just wanna cry and faint in the toilet.”


“I give up! I don’t want to be hit by this younger sister.”


Qin Xiangnan looked at this topic and calmed down. Is this beautiful doctor really his girlfriend?


Although she was very curious, she was reluctant to forward these Weibo posts to Xu Chang. She did not want to ask him about such things, it’s not her business. If Dr. Lin is really his girlfriend, why should she ask him? If not, he does seem to care too much about her. Regardless if she asks or not, she felt that she was being too nosy. They are not even that familiar with each other yet!


Qin Xiangnan recalled what she looked like the day she met Dr. Lin. She was very beautiful and has a good temperament. There is only few good girls like her, won’t one be impressed if they see her?


However, Xu Chang is not bad, there are countless of people who likes Xu Chang. His matter, she had a deep understanding of it ten years ago. Ten years ago, there was only one girl who was worthy of Xu Chang.