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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 19

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 19 – Orientation (1)


Zhao Cancan stood in the middle of the classroom with a clean and sweet smile, her clear black eyes were sparkling, illuminating the chilly September.


She was beautiful and pure. If Xu Chang is admired by all girls, then Zhao Cancan is the goddess of all boys.


Rumor has it that Zhao Cancan’s family started a company. She is a veritable rich second generation [1] girl. She usually have a luxurious car dropping and picking her up from school. She doesn’t fall short on having suitors but she rejected them all.

[1] 富二代/Fù’èrdài literally: ‘rich second generation’ is a Chinese term for the children of the nouveau riche in China.


It is not strange to think that a girl born with a silver spoon is versatile, but no one in the school knew that Zhao Cancan can dance. Maybe she doesn’t even really bother to show it in school.


Only this time, Zhao Cancan offered and shocked everyone.


“Teacher Yu, I can perform and I’m good at dancing.” She smiled confidently.


“That’s great. Thank you, Zhao Cancan. Then for this welcome party, we will look forward to our band and Zhao Cancan’s wonderful performance.” Lao Yu rejoiced.


For this welcome party, everyone was looking forward to it, and even Qin Xiangnan was no exception.


Qin Xiangbei has just entered high school and is looking forward to this welcome party. He was excited when he heard that Xu Chang will perform.


Zhao Mei, on the other side heard that Xu Chang will sing and began to feel envious again.


“Xu Chang, that child is really good. How can he do everything? While the two of you only know how to fight everyday and make me worry.”


Qin Xiangbei was unhappy, “Mom, how is your son worst that him? Don’t we go to the same high school?”


“Is it that great to go on the same school? Look at your sister, she is even in the same class as Xu Chang. Is that all great?”


Zhao Mei really offended both her children in one sentence.


Soon, the much anticipated orientation was arranged in the school’s auditorium. The freshmen sat in the front row, and the other years sat on the back.


Li Susu sat on the side of Qin Xiangnan who unhappy.


“Hey, I can’t see Xu Chang clearly. This seat is too far behind.”


“Isn’t he just going to sing? Why do you have yo see him?”


Li Susu clicked her tongue and glanced at her, “You wouldn’t understand!”


She didn’t understand, but isn’t they going to hear the sound even if they are behind?


She looked around and found her younger brother’s head from the front row. She didn’t expect him to be sitting next to a long-haired girl. It isn’t even that long since the start of the semester.


The age of seventeen and eighteen is indeed the most beautiful age. Boys and girls are full of happiness. But the most memorable is their youth.


Youth is the focal point of a person’s life; it is full of colors and dreams.


There are two performance for each class. It includes singing, skit performance, and group choirs… Each performance was wonderful.


Soon, it was time for their class to perform. Li Susu held her arm tightly.


“Qin Xiangnan, I’m so nervous. I’m even more nervous that those who are going to perform…”


Qin Xiangnan gave her a dismissive look and motioned her to sit still.


“Our classmate, Zhao Cancan from the third year will give us a beautiful ballet dance, please enjoy…” The screams came one after the other…


With the beautiful music of ballet, the dancer wore a large white skirt. Tiptoeing, dancing slowly, like a water lily in full bloom. She started moving, looking up and down. She was so graceful that it was hard to use words to express admiration…


Afterwards, her toes were lighter, like a goose. Her slender legs looked golden under the lights, just like the starry sky at night, so dazzling and charming. Her chin was raise, her eyes were bright and she smiled lightly. She turned around in the middle of the stage.


At the climax of the music, she settled in the middle of the stage, her arms gradually opened, her head looked upward. The audience applauded…


“So beautiful…” Qin Xiangnan exclaimed. A noble and beautiful girl, this is the kind that most girls wish to be.


“It’s just so-so.” Li Susu disagreed.


“If you go and perform like that, you can’t be like a swan, only a jumping ugly duckling.”


“Qin Xiangnan, who is your friend?!” Li Susu pouted angrily.


“I’m just telling the truth. She dances very well and looks good, but she’s not as cute as you.” Qin Xiangnan coaxed her. “Anyway, the next one will be Xu Chang and his group.” She saw her friend become tense and stopped speaking.


“The next one are Xu Chang, Su Mingxuan, Ji Yuan, and Jiang Kai from 3-2 who will perform Mayday’s ‘Angel’ [2].”

[2] Here’s the link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wptQk0JBWsw


The screams this time were more enthusiastic that when Zhao Cancan was performing…


Qin Xiangnan covered her ears due to Li Susu’s scream. At the sound of the intro, the curtain on the stage opened and four teenagers appeared on the center of the stage. Xu Chang stood in the middle, playing the guitar. He was wearing a white shirt that made him shine.


The other three were bass, keyboard, and drum player. Every one of them is full of energy and vigor…


All of the audience are watching the four teenagers on the stage. Qin Xiangnan felt that here hands were gripped by Li Susu.


When Xu Chang began to sing, everyone held their breath…


You are my angel,

An angel who protects me, I’ll never feel fear again

You are my angel,

An angel who gives me joy



His voice was really nice… All the girls were in tears while watching him with affection in their eyes… When he sang the climax, all the girls started to scream like crazy.


You are an angel who gives me dependence and strength

Like a poet depending on the moon,

Like a dolphin depending on the ocean.

You are an angel. You are an angel

You are my first and last heaven.


After the song was over, the curtain was pulled down but the girls did not stop screaming.