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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 25

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 25 – Be my girlfriend (1)


Due to Qin Xiangnan’s debate, which was inevitable, the team lost its footing and did not even advance to the preliminaries.


Qin Xiangnan knew that she made troubles, but couldn’t make up to her mistakes.


The so-called bad things spread a thousand miles [1] was true, some of their classmates, such as Su Mingzhe, also because of his relationship with Xu Chang’s friends, knew about this matter intentionally or unintentionally.


[1 ] 好事不出门,恶事传千里  /hǎo shì bù chū mén , è shì chuán qiān lǐ  – it means that a good deed goes unnoticed, but scandal spreads fast


Also, because Su Mingzhe and Li Susu were hostile to each other, Qin Xiangnan who was Li Susu’s friend, Su Mingzhe naturally saw her discomfort. Every time the irritable young man saw them, he fights with Li Susu and then get ridicule Qin Xiangnan who lost during the debate.


The mind of boys and girls are so simple and straightforward.


Earlier, Zhao Cancan, who had been poorly chasing Xu Chang, heard that Xu Chang had to prepare for the debate for several days. Because of Qin Xiangnan’s stupidity, they lost, and Xu Chang had not responded to her for so long.


Due to this, Qin Xiangnan, who wanted to be a salty fish [2], could not turn over at all.


[2]  咸鱼翻身/ xián yú fān shēn – a salted fish wanting to turn over/a person wanting to have reversal of fortune


Zhao Cancan’s pursuit of Xu Chang also became an open secret to the whole class because the princess-like girl is too obvious.


The princess, who was proud at first, showed no mud [3] in the school. She was indifferent, and didn’t like talking with other students. But after all, the princess was educated, and if others came to speak to her, she would smile politely.


[3] Showed no mud meaning she showed no reaction/she didn’t care


But her attitude towards Xu Chang was different. She would put down the princess figure and approach him actively.


As the senior year of high school was buys, Zhao Cancan also knew that it was not good to start, so she could only find a suitable opportunities. Once time during the class, she consciously or unintentionally ran to Xu Chang and asked him softly.


“Xu Chang, can I borrow your review material? I want to refer to them.”


The two were the focus of the class, and every move fell into the whole class’ eyes. The proud woman asked that day, and everyone’s eyes were on them. Everyone was curious on how Xu Chang will answer.


The didn’t expect Xu Chang to not be polite.


“No. I’m going to use it.”


Qin Xiangnan, who was drinking water, uttered a snoring sound, and coughed sharply.


Li Susu quickly handed her a tissue and patted her on the back.


Because Qin Xiangbei asked before, she knew that Xu Chang didn’t like Zhao Cancan, but she didn’t expect that she will not pity her. Zhao Cancan was also a little princess, so how could she bear Xu Chang’s attitude.


Zhao Cancan was rejected by Xu Chang, and her expression was stiff, but she slowly recovered. She gave a beautiful and lovely smile.


“Okay. When you finished, I will ask to borrow it again.”


The turned noble, remained dignified, and always had a smile on her face.


Qin Xiangnan secretly admired Zhao Cancan’s courage. She was ruthlessly rejected but she acted like nothing happened.


She suddenly remembered something and giggled in her heart.


Xu Chang’s review material were in Qin Xiangnan’s possession!


Zhao Cancan, the heavenly prided girl, if she knew that Qin Xiangnan would easily get what she wanted behind close doors, would she still be as dignified as she is now?


Thinking of this, Qin Xiangnan couldn’t help but laugh, she laughed out loud, surprising Li Susu.


“What happened to you? You surprised me. Didn’t you say you don’t care about Xu Chang? Zhao Cancan being humiliated made you so happy?”


“I’m laughing at other things. Hey, where do you want to go? Let’s go now.”


“Really?” Li Susu looked suspicious.


After many days of over time, they left school in the evening. Qin Xiangnan and Li Susu finished packing their textbooks and went home together.


Just after leaving school, Qin Xiangnan was chatting with Li Susu, when someone called out her name.


“Qin Xiangnan!”


When she looked back, she saw a tall and thin figure standing at the gate, wearing D High School uniform. He was not wearing a coat, carrying a schoolbag on one shoulder, and smiling at her. The evening light made his shadow slender.


Qin Xiangnan recognized him. It was the debate opponent who had targeted her that day.


She looked surprised.


“Did you call for me?”


He stepped forward and looked at her.


“Yes, Qin Xiangnan.”


“How did you know my name?” She wondered.


“I wanted to get to know you, how is it difficult to know your name?” He was still as arrogant as that day.


“Are you looking for me?”


“I’m looking for you. Qin Xiangnan, can you be my girlfriend?”