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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 24

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 24 – Debate Competition (2)


“I would like to ask the other party’s second instigator. A good foundation is also considered a gift. If there is no good foundation, would it be enough to have hard work alone?” The other party’s instigator raised his eyebrows and looked at her.


Qin Xiangnan was speechless. How can he help her? It’s impossible to cheat in front of the referee and let her read a note.


Qin Xiangnan did not wait for Xu Chang’s help and had to give up. After a long time, she didn’t say anything.


“I think… the foundation, the quality of the foundation, will not affect success…” in this way, she stumbled on her words and finally finished her illogical statement.


Qin Xiangnan wanted to find a hole and hide at the moment. She knew that they would definitely lose.


In the later parts, because of Qin Xiangnan’s defeat, their three defense and four attacks did not help even if they performed brilliantly.


And this diabolical opponent’s second argument seems intentional, always choosing Qin Xiangnan. She felt so angry. The second instigator knew that she was the weakest and deliberately embarrassed her.


Soon the competition was coming to an end. There was no doubt that Qin Xiangnan lost.


She felt guilty. Xu Chang’s any days of effort were wasted because of her.


Although Yu Yutou kept on encouraging her, she still felt bad.


She glanced at Xu Chang and he seemed frustrated. She suddenly felt guilty and apologized to them.


“I’m so sorry. It’s because of me that you guys lost.”


The third debater was a girl, she looked at her and said coldly, “It’s good that you know.”


The fourth debater, a boy, didn’t say anything. He just made a face and walked away.


In the end, only she and Xu Chang were left. She tried to fix her expression and apologize to him. By chance, Xu Chang opened his mouth first.


“No need to apologize. Nobody wanted it, you tried your best. It’s just a small thing, no need to take it to heart.”


She was surprised and looked at him. There was a smile on his face, good-looking and gentle.


She did not expect Xu Chang to forgive her so easily. Isn’t he angry that she behaved so stupidly today?


Qin Xiangnan looked at him without saying a word.


“Let’s go.” Xu Chang said.


The venue of the debate was in the school next door so they had to go back to their school after packing.


When the two of them went out, they did not expect that the other party was still standing at the door.


The opponent looked at Xu Chang coldly. Then he walked in front of Qin Xiangnan, his mouth turned up, showing an evil smile.


“Hello, I’m Shen Zhiyang from Class 3 of D High School. I want to get to know you.”



Qin Xiangnan was still immersed in the guilt of losing the debate, and she was surprised to hear the opponent say those words.


“Get to know me, what are you doing?”


“You were so cute today.”


She thought that he was laughing at her, and immediately blushed, and said angrily: “Absolutely not. You played against me in the competition, you bullied a weak woman. Even if you won, do you feel glorious?” After that, she pulled Xu Chang’s sleeve and strode forward.


She Zhiyang did not expect that this girl would suddenly become so fierce and behave completely different during the game.


It’s really fun.


He looked at their back as they went away and a smile was on his lips.




The author has something to say:
Shen Zhiyang is overbearing