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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 23

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 23 – Debate Competition (1)


Qin Xiangnan and Shen Ziyang met during a debate competition. In fact, Xu Chang also participated in this competition.


At that time, their high school organized a debate competition with the nearby school in order to regulate the pressure on high school students.


Originally, the school would definitely invite outstanding students to participate on the competition. Ordinary students like Qin Xiangnan would certainly not be able to participate.


Four students from each class will participate. It’s no surprise that Xu Chang is definitely on the list. The other three are also the best in the class.


Originally, it had nothing to do with Qin Xiangnan, but in order to get more students involved, the old man chose a few students as staff. The so-called staff is to give “official contestants” support, for example: finding information, make suggestions, bring tea or water. Qin Xiangnan, because of her outstanding achievement in Arts, was arranged to find information.


One week before the preliminary rounds, the topics of debate I their class were announced.


The topics: learning depends on hard work and the opposite is learning depends on talent.


They were chosen for the topic: learning depends on hard work.


Qin Xiangnan looked at the topic and almost vomited blood. Where can she go and check the information? Come on, she is only a staff anyway, a small role that is dispensable.


Does learning depend on talent? Isn’t that just Xu Chang? Anyway, she didn’t usually see Xu Chang studying hard but his results are good. Looking at herself, isn’t it hard work? She was desperately studying but she couldn’t reach that point. Alas, heaven is unfair. He has given talent to Xu Chang, and at the same time, good looks. Why can’t God even give her a little bit?


Having said that, she should really be happy. Because the four “official contestants” are good enough, she doesn’t need to intervene at all. However, due to the old man, several of their staff  must participate in the discussion of the debate.


During this week’s preparations, Qin Xiangnan participated in every discussion of the “official contestants”. in fact, she didn’t say anything, just nodding her head and agreeing.


Soon, the official competition started. Everyone took it seriously even though it was just a preliminary competition.


The competition is divided into elimination systems. Because two schools participated in the competition, the opponents during the preliminary rounds are four students from the other school and the third and second year high school.


Xu Chang is the one who argues straightforwardly. He is responsible for opening the argument and is an extremely member of the team.


Qin Xiangnan thought that she could continue to be a “salted fish” and enjoy the battle of the two teams.


Unexpectedly, something went wrong just before the game.


The “official participants” broke out in a quarrel and one left temporarily.


This time, she was anxious. Where could she find a substitute? Time is running. She had to put in mind those other staff, after all, those staff were also involved in the discussion.


Lao Yu called these staffs and held a temporary meeting.


“Classmates, you know that our second debater was suddenly unable to participate in the competition, and now one of you have to replace him. After all, you also participated in the process and are quite familiar. This is the time to win glory for our class. It’s all about honor. Everyone has been preparing for so long. Isn’t it a pity to quit now? Let’s see who will volunteer.” A staff members met face to face, none of them dared to speak out.


The old man was anxious, thinking why did these students so timid. He was so anxious that he didn’t know what to do.


“If you don’t say a word, I will just name someone. Qin Xiangnan, you are responsible for gathering information. You must have known more.”


“Ah, I can’t, teacher Yu…” She’s really not good at this.


She’s just all show and no courage!


“it’s up to you. This is a task assigned by the teacher and must be followed!”


Qin Xiangnan was kicked off the shelf and joined the “official participants” with a crying face as a second argument.


Xu Chang saw Qin Xiangnan as the substitute, and suddenly had a bad feeling.


The game was about to start, and Qin Xiangnan shivered.


After seeing their opponents and seeing their opponents’ confidence, she wanted to run away.


The two sides sat down and the game officially began. First, the moderator briefly introduced the topics and rules of the debate.


Then the first party has to speak. She saw that Xu Chang was calm.


“Hello everyone. I’m Xu Chang. I came from class B of the senior high school. My point is that learning is hard work. First, I want to briefly discuss what is hard work. Since ancient times, many people have advocated the spirit of hanging beams, cutting walls and borrowing light [1]. However, this is not hard work. In fact, hard work does not mean staying up at night, not sleeping through the night. This method is a strength, a spirit, and even a pursuit. So why does learning depend on hard work instead of talent?…”


[1] I think this is based on the idiom 悬梁刺骨 – xuán liáng cì gǔ – to study hard. It originates from two ancient Chinese stories. One of them is about Sun Jing (孙敬) who studied very hard – often till morning. Since he was always afraid of falling asleep, he tied his hair to the ceiling beam with a rope. So, he woke painfully if he began to doze off.


Qin Xiangnan heard Xu Chang’s speech.


When Xu Chang finished speaking, the opponent spoke in defense. The opponent who argued was wearing glasses, he looked like a good student at first glance.


“Hello everyone. I’m the opponent, Wang Mingyan. I’m from class 3 of D High School. Our view is that learning depends on talent…”


The opponent’s argument was over.


Qin Xiangnan sensed a crisis coming, and it was just now that she was going to speak. It was her turn to speak. She began to sweat profusely on the forehead, and when she saw Lao Yu throwing affirmative glances at her, she felt her breathing stop.


She suddenly pulled Xu Chang’s sleeve an whispered, “Xu Chang, help me.”


Xu Chang looked at her and sighed softly.


It was her turn to speak, she slowly stood up, her body shaking.


“I… I’ll ask the other side to argue… um…”


The scene was very embarrassing.


She hasn’t thought about what to argue with the other party.


At this moment, Xu Chang pulled down her sleeve and quietly handed a small not, her eyes suddenly lit up.


“I would like to ask the other side that a genius is 99% is perspiration, that is hard work, and 1%  is inspiration, that is talent [2]. This classic saying does not mean that learning is based on hard work. How did the other party’s deputy understand this famous saying?”


[2] Genius is 1 Percent Inspiration and 99 Percent Perspiration – Thomas Edison. Good ideas are only slightly about creativity. They are mostly about hard work.


The other party’s second deputy who sat on the opposite side stood up. Previously, due to the tension, Qin Xiangnan didn’t look at the other party’s appearance carefully. She didn’t expect that whom she chose to argue was a handsome guy. The difference of him and Xu Chang was that he looks proud and indifferent.


The opponent’s second argument was unshakable against Qin Xiangnan’s question. From time to time, he put his eyes on her, as if laughing at her, letting her feel uncomfortable.


The opponent’s second argument was answered, and the time was up.


Then the other party’s second argument was asked, because the other party’s second argument could choose the second or third instigator to answer his question, so Qin Xiangnan prayed that the other party should not let her answer the question.


Unexpectedly, Qin Xiangnan kneeled as soon as the other party argued.