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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 22

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 22 – Typhoon in July (2)


She didn’t expect a typhoon to come. The first typhoon this year finally came. The meteorological observatory issued multiple typhoon warning signals in S City.


Qin Xiangnan still couldn’t stay home as she received a call from the unit manager Pang early in the morning. She rushed to the suburbs of S city to check the situation. This is her job. She didn’t think much about it and just agreed.


The rain in the morning was quite small. She and Chen Xiaoqi rushed to the suburb of Nan county of city S, which was near the sea, so the wind was stronger than in the urban area.


The local government has already told the people to evacuate, and everything was arranged properly.


At noon, the wind gradually increased. Qin Xiangnan and Chen Xiaoqi had work arrangements. They had to go to the dock to check the wind.


Waiting at the dock, Chen Xiaoqi, who was carrying the camera was shivering due to the strong wind. Qin Xiangnan adjusted the recording equipment and told Chen Xiaoqi to start.


“I am currently at Nan County’s pier in S city…”


She couldn’t even stand still, her hair was blown away by the wind. Due to the strong wind, the radio effect was not ideal so she spoke with her loudest voice. She tried her best to finish the video.


Because Manager Pang asked them to report the typhoon situation every two hours, they had to check the situation again two hours later.


When they went back to the pier after two hours, the wind was stronger, and both girls were holding the telephone pole to complete the recording. Qin Xiangnan did not expect that she would feel embarrassed one day… The wind was blowing so strong that he face hurt, her hands that was holding the telephone pole was red, and she couldn’t even open her eyes.


They were like for several hours. When the wind in Nan county gradually reduced, it was already eight o’clock in the evening.


Qin Xiangnan and Chen Xiaoqi were packed and ready to go back. At this time, the unit driver Xiao Liu ran over to find Qin Xiangnan.


“Reporter Qin, someone is here to pick you up.”


Qin Xiangnan wondered. Who came to pick her up? She really couldn’t figure who it was.


Xiao Liu showed a vulgar smile, and added: “Its a handsome guy!”


Before Qin Xiangnan reacted, she saw Xu Chang wearing a casual outfit, with a cast on his left hand.


Qin Xiangnan was surprised and did not expect him to appear here.


“Why are you here?”


“Is your phone not working?” Xu Chang asked.


She hurriedly took out her mobile phone out of her pocket and glanced at him, saying: “No power.”


At this moment, Chen Xiaoqi patted her head as if she remembered something and said to Xu Chang: “Aren’t you Dr. Xu?”


Xu Chang nodded to her and smiled, “Hello.”


Then he glanced at Qin Xiangnan, “I’m picking you up.”


She was stunned again. How did Xu Chang knew that she was here…


Chen Xiaoqi looked at the situation in front of her. She pondered back and forth for a while, and said, “Sister Xiangnan, I’’ go with Xiao Liu. Feel free to go~” She then finished packing her things and smiled slightly at them, “I’m leaving~ Sister Xiangnan, Dr. Xu~”


“Xiao Qi, be careful on the road.” Said Qin Xiangnan.


After Chen Xiaoqi left, Qin Xiangnan finished packing her things. She said to Xu Chang, “Let’s go.”


The two looked awkward. After arriving at Xu Chang’s car, Qin Xiangnan was not sure where to sit.


“Sit in front.” Xu Chang seemed to see through her mind.


The two remained silent along the way. Qin Xiangnan spoke in order to get rid of the awkward atmosphere. She then said: “How did you know that I was there?”


“Did you forget that I warned you not to go out because of the typhoon?”


Qin Xiangnan realized that he came here after reading the news.


“Xu Chang, have you seen Weibo, Dr. Lin is also on the hot search, did you see it?”


“Hmm, I saw it.” He replied.


Unexpectedly, Xu Chang seemed to be thinking of something. He didn’t hold back and laughed.


“What are you laughing at?”


“If you didn’t grab the telephone pole, you might have been blown away.” After that, he kept on laughing.


“Xu Chang!” Qin Xiangnan blushed. “Don’t laugh anymore. Drive well, you are only driving with one hand.”


Xu Chang nodded and held back his laugh.


Then a strange thought appeared on Qin Xiangnan’s head. Did Dr. Lin also sat in the co-pilot seat? Was this her exclusive position?


The stronger her thought was, the more she couldn’t hold back her curiosity and asked him, “ So, are you really in a relationship?” She asked slowly.


“What kind of relationship?” Xu Chang’s mouth slightly tilted.


“That, I just saw the gossip and I’m just curious and asked to help the netizens. Is she your girlfriend?”


Xu Chang laughed again.


“Xu Chang, what the hell are you laughing at? Why didn’t I see you laugh this much before?” Qin Xiangnan was a little angry.


He calmed down and said: “Of course Dr. Lin is not my girlfriend. She is just a colleague. In the past, she was a school mate. If you want to know about Dr. Lin, go home and ask your brother. They are classmates in the university.”


“Oh? It was like that. I’m just asking for the netizens, don’t worry about it.” Qin Xiangnan thought that her words were getting more and more dark.


It turned out that Dr. Lin and Qin Xiangbei were university classmates. When she goes back home, she will torture Qin Xiangbei.


The two remained silent for a while.


Xu Chang opened his mouth again, “So, have you been single all these years?”


Qin Xiangnan did not expect him to suddenly ask that question. “Um.” she nodded.


“Is it because you can’t forget Shen Ziyang?”


Her head buzzed instantly. How long did she not hear that name? Xu Chang actually remembers…


Shen Ziyang…




The author has something to say:
Chang Chang: Shen Ziyang, I hate you