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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 21

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 21 – Typhoon in July (1)


“Is that right?” Qin Xiangbei continued to probe.


“Zhao Cancan is your girlfriend, right?”


Xu Chang was annoyed by him.


“No. Don’t say any b̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲.”


“You don’t like Zhao Cancan? Isn’t she good?” Qin Xiangbei looked curious.


Qin Xiangnan pretended to be doing the problem but in fact, she was also listening.


“Do you like her?” Xu Chang asked.


Qin Xiangbei suddenly froze.


“Hey brother, don’t talk nonsense. I asking you, do you really not like her?”


“Don’t like.” Xu Chang confirmed.


This relieved Qin Xiangnan.


Huh? What’s up with her?


“Brother, who do you like then?” Qin Xiangbei raised an eyebrow and smirked.


“Could it be…” Qin Xiangbei seemed to have an answer.


This made Qin Xiangnan curious. Xu Chang didn’t even like girls like Zhao Cancan. Who would he like then? Which girl is better than Zhao Cancan?


“Finish your work!”


Qin Xiangbei didn’t expect Xu Chang to interrupt him then continue to read his book and didn’t answer his question.


Qin Xiangbei was annoyed.


Unexpectedly, ten years later, history repeated itself!


Is Dr. Lin the girlfriend of Xu Chang? This question puzzled Qin Xiangnan for a long time, just like when Li Susu asked her if Zhao Cancan is Xu Chang’s girlfriend.


She thought she was crazy. What does these issues have to do with her? Curiosity killed the cat ah!


After reading all the Weibo comments until she was upset, she dumped her phone and took a bath.


When she came out, the phone was ringing.


She picked up her phone and gave a glimpse, she was suddenly taken aback.


Xu Chang invites you to video chat!


She looked at the mirror in panic. Oh dear! She was still wearing pajamas and had just washed her hair and didn’t even have the time to comb it.


She hurriedly found a t-shirt from the closet and put on a rubber band to tie her hair.


When she was ready, she took a deep breath before and got ready to answer.


She didn’t expect the phone to stop ringing. She might have been preparing for too long.


Qin Xiangnan relaxed again. But then her phone started to ring again.


Xu Chang invites you to video chat!


She calmed herself again. She looked at the mirror again, and then cleared her throat.


A professional smirk was revealed.


The answer key was pressed.


Xu Chang appeared on the screen. He seemed to be at home and wearing a casual clothes.


Qi Xiangnan saw Xu Chang first. He was still doing something with his head down, giving her a handsome profile. Later, he found out that the video had been switched on, turned his head, and met Qin Xiangnan’s eyes.


“Qin Xiangnan, what are you doing? Why did it take you a long time to answer?”


The voice on the phone was still nice…


“I… I was taking a shower. Why did you suddenly asked for a video chat?”


Xu Chang laughed, the corner of his mouth showed a nice arc.


“My hand is injured.” He lifted his left hand with the plaster cast and shook it in front of the camera. “Typing is not convenient.”


Ah? Qin Xiangnan thought that the situation became more and more strange. Typing with one hand is still good enough…


She just smiled and did not expose him.


“Oh, that’s the case. Do you have something to tell me?”


“Well, there are some things. I have seen Weibo, and now I have to wear a mask when I go out. I’m afraid that it will become troublesome like those celebrities. Don’t you have to take responsibility for me?”


What responsibility…


Qin Xiangnan was surprised.


Xu Chang smiled again when he saw her frozen face across the phone.


“Didn’t you report this news? Shouldn’t you be responsible?”


Oh, it turned out it was like this. Qin Xiangnan was annoyed about her earlier thoughts.


“As a journalist, I just want to report real events. Who knows that after it was published, you will go viral. If you become a star, you will become an A-class male actor! It’s really a waste. Young master, why did you decide to become a doctor.”


Xu Chang laughed at what she said, and then said, “Why did you become a reporter?”


“Hey, don’t ask about it. It’s just the same as to why you became a doctor.”


While they were talking Qin Xiangnan remembered again whether Dr. Lin was his girlfriend.


“Xu Chang, are you alone at home?” She immediately regretted her question.





Qin Xiangnan’s heart twitched. Really?


“I still have it.” Xu Chang, who was across the phone picked up something and put it in front of the camera.




It was a chubby fat cat.


“It’s so cute. I didn’t expect that you like cats too.”


It’s because you like it. Xu Chang thought.


“Yes. This cat has been with me for six years. For a cat, it is already very old.”


“I never thought that Dr. Xu is so caring. It really made my impression on you look good.”


Xu Chang said, “Why kind of person do you think I am?”


Qin Xiangnan struggled to answer this question.


She gave a “haha” and said, “Of course handsome.”


She didn’t expect that Xu Chang will be satisfied with her answer, and asked her, “What else?”


When did he become so annoying? He was not like this ten years ago…


“I don’t know. We weren’t very familiar before, I didn’t know you very well.”


After speaking, she didn’t dare look at him. Xu Chang stayed silent.


After a while, Xu Chang opened his mouth and said: “Tomorrow, there will be a typhoon, you should stay home. You are so thin, you might get blown away by the wind.”


“Ah?” Qin Xiangnan haven’t responded yet.


“I won’t tell you more. I still have something, I’ll hang up first.”




Then the figure on the screen disappeared.


Did she say something wrong? This feeling is like when she argues with other people, after thinking about not working well at the time, it made her extremely upset.