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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 28

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 28 – His joke (2)


Her father was a doctor and soon she was hospitalized.


Hearing that she was going to stay at the hospital for two weeks, Qin Xiangnan wanted to cry. That means that she had to drop her homework for two weeks.


During the hospitalization, father Qin Chaoming repeatedly emphasized that she should not be too tired and take a good rest. She was bored on the ward. In order to not drop too many home works, she still asked her brother to bring her some books in secret, and hid it sneakily in the ward. It cannot be discovered by her father, or she will be reprimanded again.


That day, she was secretly reading a book in the ward, then she suddenly heard someone knocking on the door. She quickly hid the book under the pillow and lied quietly, eyes closed.


“Come in,” She said.


She heard someone opening and closing the door.


She didn’t open her eyes.


“Qin Xiangnan, you look leisure, I worried for nothing.”


Who else can have this arrogant voice?


“Shen Zhiyang, how did you know that I’m here?”


“It’s not hard to find out where you are. You’re really sick, I thought your friend was lying to me. I was waiting for you in vain for a few days. I think your face looks pretty good know, and it’s quite moisturized.”


Shen Zhiyang wanted to reach out and pinch her face but she avoided his hand.


“If you have something to say, then say it, brother.” She frowned.


“You’re sick so I’ll listen to you today.” He retracted his hand, looked at her, there seemed to be something in his eyes.


“What? Is there anything on my face?” Qin Xiangnan touched her face.


Shen Zhiyang smiled, “Nothing. It’s just boring so I’m going to look at you more.”


How bored is this person?


The boring guy turned to look around the ward.


“You’ve been here for so many days alone, didn’t you have anyone to take care of you?”


“Ah, my Dad is a doctor here. He have the time to see me.”


“Oh, is that so. That’s more boring…” He raised his eyebrows, “Huh?”


“Huh, what?” She looked puzzled.


With a smirk on his face, he walked towards her. He then slowly leaned down and slowly moved his face closer to her.


Qin Xiangnan saw a handsome face getting closer, her heartbeat suddenly accelerated.


“What are you doing!” She yelled in horror.


She Zhiyang wasn’t scared by her. He straightened up and laughed.


“Qin Xiangnan, you’re scared of me, haha. I think you’re bored so I’m gonna tease you for fun.”


“Psycho!” Qin Xiangnan found out that this is the word she says the most to him  when she’s scolding him. This person is so abusive!


“Then let me tell you a few cold jokes to relieve your boredom, okay?”


“I don’t want to listen to cold jokes, that’s really boring.” She pursed her lips and looked disgusted.


“Boring? I’ll guarantee you, you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing!”


Qin Xiangnan’s mouth closed tightly, she wouldn’t laugh even if she die.


Shen Zhiyang coughed twice.


“I’ll start.”


“One day, Xiaoming, Xiaogang, and Xiaoliang went out to play together and saw a poop of s̲h̲i̲t̲. Xiaoming came back and said: I went to smell it, it might be cow s̲h̲i̲t̲. Xiaogang came back and said: I went to lick it, it’s covered in cow dung. Xiaoliang came back and said: Haha~ I’m the smartest, I tasted it, it’s definitely ugutsu ha ha.” [T/N: I don’t get it lol]




“That’s disgusting.”


“What else. Once there was a big fish and a small fish. One day, the small fish asked the big fish: big fish, big fish, what do you often eat? The big fish answered: I eat small fish. Then the small fish said: Oh, I’m going to make purple sauce, goodbye!” [T/N: I don’t get it again…]


Qin Xiangnan’s lips moved slightly but she held it.


“Not funny? It seems like I need to come up with a better trick.”


“Heh, listen. My buddy is wonderful. I remembered back in junior high school, the guy smoked in the toilet during lunch break. There is one last puff, he gave a fierce blow and suddenly asked the director to come in. Seeing us leaning against the window, he asked: What are you doing? He panicked and turned to look at my buddy. His performance is unforgettable! He emitted a lot of smoke from his nose and said: I’m angry.” [TN: I got it! lol]


“Hahaha…” Qin Xiangnan did not hold back and laughed out loud. “This joke is so funny… haha…”


“I still have something… listen…”




Shen Zhiyang told a lot of joke, and she laughed until her stomach hurts. She didn’t think that this person is so interesting.


They didn’t notice that the ward door was slightly open. A handsome figure was listening to the laughter in the room, the reviewer on his hand was held tightly, his hand was shaking…




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