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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 29

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 29 – New Year’s Eve (1)


Two week later, Qin Xiangnan was finally discharged.


It’s finally time to go back to school.


When she entered the classroom, she heard a shocking news from Li Susu.


Xu Chang and Zhao Cancan are dating.


She couldn’t believe it.


Xu Chang said that he didn’t like Zhao Cancan. Why…


Xu Chang lied. He, who has always been proud would not admit who he likes. Because of this, he lied to her and her brother. It turned out that Xu Chang, like other boys, likes a princess-like girl. He just pretended to be noble-minded, not to mention the beauty’s willingness to be with him. Oh, Xu Chang is just an ordinary person.


When Qin Xiangnan heard this news, she was very angry. This anger came out of nowhere. She wanted to ask him, why did he lie to her?


She secretly looked at Xu Chang and saw that he was still reading a book so seriously as usual. Her anger was more intense, she really wanted to hit him to feel better.


That weekend, Xu Chang came to her house and threw her a copy of his review material. She finally found the chance to vent. She was sad, so she also wanted him to be the same as her. This inexplicable idea came to her mind, and she really put it into action.


“I don’t need it! Take it back!”


“Are you sure you don’t? All the mathematical, physics, and chemical topics are here.” Xu Chang’s hazy expression was a little scary. He looked at her in disbelief.


“I don’t need it! Xu Chang, don’t think that just because you are great, you can do anything you like. Last time, you gave me so much homework that made me tired and sick. Do you also want to torture me now?”


“I was wrong last time. You can do this slowly, don’t worry.”


Xu Chang’s attitude was still very good. But when Qin Xiangnan thought that he lied, that he did not admit that he liked Zhao Cancan, her heart hurt again. She wanted to make trouble for no reason.


“Whatever, I don’t need it. Xu Chang, don’t think that you are so great. Without you, I can also get to college. So you don’t need to give me these broken materials in the future, I don’t need it!” She pursed her lips.


“Okay, good.” He put away the review material, packed it in his bag, turned around, and left.


Qin Xiangnan looked at his back. She didn’t know why she was so angry at him today. It’s just that if the anger in her heart doesn’t come out, she will feel uncomfortable.


Qin Xiangbei, who didn’t say anything, looked astonished. Why did the two of them argue?


After a few more days, Qin Xiangnan, who was shocked by Li Susu again.


Li Susu and Su Mingxuan are dating!


This series of news left Qin Xiangnan speechless. Whatever the situation, one by one, her classmates are falling in love. Li Susu and Su Mingxuan, these two archenemies, actually crossed paths and liked each other?


Qin Xiangnan could only congratulate them and remind her.


“Li Susu, let me remind you that the college entrance exam will be in half a year’s time, and you should make sure that your relationship will not affect it. Otherwise, the two of you will have no future. Do you understand?”


“I know. The two of us are encouraging and learning from each other. We will definitely inspire each other. But when will you date Shen Zhiyang?”


“I’m not like you.” Qin Xiangnan looked at her sideways.


New Year is coming soon. After more than half a year, they will really be on the battlefield. She didn’t want to be the same as them!


After Xu Chang and Zhou Cancan’s relationship rumor, she has never seen the two of them together except that time…


Zhao Cancan asked Xu Chang for his review material in front of the class again.


Her voice was gentle, with a smile on her face.


“Xu Chang, last time I asked to borrow your review material. Can you lend it to me this time?”


Still the same as last time, the eyes of the whole class were on them, Qin Xiangnan was no exception. This time, she looked so blatantly at them, and wanted to see how the two of them interacts.


Xu Chang hesitated and didn’t answer.


Zhao Cancan’s face was slightly awkward, as she tried to say something. She saw Xu Chang took out a review material and handed it to her. Zhao Cancan immediately burst into a big smile, took it with both hands, and hugged it like a treasure.


Qin Xiangnan clearly saw that this material was the one Xu Chang wanted to give her that day in which she rejected it. She widened her eyes and stared at Xu Chang.


He treated her like that?


It was true that she rejected it, but did he have to give it to Zhao Cancan? It turned out that the two of them are really…


Qin Xiangnan suddenly felt like something was biting her heart, it hurts.


“So, Xu Chang, are you free this weekend? I want to learn how to play the guitar, can you teach me?” Zhao Cancan looked at Xu Chang.


This weekend? But Xu Chang is going to tutor her…


“I’m free.” This time he agreed to her without hesitation. He looked at Zhao Cancan, but his eyes flew past her, looking at something in the distance.


“Really? Then I’ll make some time again.” Zhao Cancan ran away happily.


Qin Xiangan did not know how she spent the rest of that day feeling uncomfortable. It was as if there were countless ants biting at her heart. She tried to keep herself calm and study with ease, but she couldn’t stay calm that day.


This feeling continued until the end of the day.


After school, she was listlessly ready to go home.


When she walked out of the school gate, she saw Shen Zhiyang standing not far away.


He was smiling at her.


She thought that he looked nice, quietly standing there.


Then, without knowing why, she ran to him.


“You asked me to wait for you for so long again.” He said with a smile.


“Shen Zhiyang, didn’t you ask me about it before?” She asked him.


“What?” He went blank.


“To be your girlfriend.” She said.


“…” He was stunned, just looking at her without saying anything.


“If it doesn’t count, then forget it.” She wanted to turn away.


“He grabbed her. “It still counts.”