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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 30

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 30 – New Year’s Eve (2)


That weekend, Qin Xiangnan and Shen Zhiyang went for a date for the whole day.


Of course, this matter was hidden from her parents, but Qin Xiangbei saw them that morning. She told Qin Xiangbei that Xu Chang will not come today.


She can imagine Xu Chang must be somewhere with Zhao Cancan. Just him and her, playing the guitar, it’s inevitable to have physical contact.


The day before New Year, Li Susu proposed that several friends should go to the riverside to watch the fireworks for the New Year. Qin Xiangnan was also asked to bring Shen Zhiyang with her. Qin Xiangnan thought that it was a rare opportunity. Next year, everyone will go their separate ways. Good friends should get together while they still have the time.


In the evening, she and Shen Zhiyang met with her classmates at the appointed place. Li Susu brought Su Mingxuan, and several were their mutual friends. What Qin Xiangnan did not expect was that Su Mingxuan also brought Xu Chang.


Seeing Shen Zhiyang, Su Mingxuan teased Qin Xiangnan. “Oh, I didn’t expect Qin Xiangnan’s boyfriend would be so handsome. Qin Xiangan, you really have good ability.”


Li Susu obstructed him and said, “Of course me and Qin Xiangnan are not bad. That’s enough.”


After listening, Shen Zhiyang laughed. “Our Xiao Nan is so good but hard to chase.”


When Qin Xiangnan heard him call her like that, she got goosebumps.


She glanced at Xu Chang who was silent and had no expression on his face.


Today, he didn’t bring Zhao Cancan. Maybe the princess doesn’t like attending such occasions.


An hour before the New Year’s ell rang, the group of boys and girls gathered at the waterfront. They looked at the high-rise buildings on the other side. In the night, the neon lights shone and glowed, highlighting the city’s splendor.


Suddenly, someone asked, “Hey, what major are you guys going to apply?”


Su Mingxuan answered first: “Oh, whatever, as long as I get to college.”


Li Susu threw a punch at him, lightly tapping on his arms and said, “You’re really not wise. Can you be a little bit ideal? I will be a big boss of a company in the future, making lots of money!”


Everyone sneered, “How can a boss be a profession, Li Susu? You’re only thinking of money.”


Li Susu snorted and asked Qin Xiangnan: “Qin Xiangnan, what major are you going to take? You’ve never told me.”


Shen Zhiyang was also curious when he heard this. “Xiao Nan, what do you want to do in the future?”


Qin Xiangnan laughed, her eyes filled with light, she said, “I want to take on journalism and be a journalist in the future. I once saw an article and the reporter’s words touched me. She said that she has experience on being a reporter and that her voice has the power to touch people. This sentence really impacted me.”


Li Susu looked surprised, “Qin Xiangnan, that’s so rare. You ambition is so great, ah.”


Shen Zhiyang looked at her, squeezed her face, and laughed: “Xiao Nan, you have to tell me which university you’re going to in the future. I want to be on the same university as you.”


Qin Xiangnan was surprised. Wasn’t he going to study abroad? She never asked this question, and Shen Zhiyang never mentioned it to her either.


Later, another girl shamefully asked which university and what major is Xu Chang going to take.


The focus of everyone fell on Xu Chang.


Under the lights, his eyes shone like the stars in the sky.


He said, “I want to be a doctor in the future.”


“Wow, Xu Chang will definitely be a good doctor.” The girl said in admiration.


The boys and girls were talking about their ideals, ambitions, and were laughing. Everyone is looking forward for their future…


Maybe they will not see each other again after so many years, maybe someone will not fulfill their original dream, or someone may face many challenges in the future. Only at this moment, they on the riverside in the center of S City, have a dream in their hearts, the cleanest and purest dreams. This moment, they will never forget.


The midnight bell is going to ring soon, the ten-second countdown begins, and a new year is coming.


Qin Xiangnan began to get nervous as everyone shouted:
























The fireworks suddenly bloomed, shining the entire sky.


Qin Xiangnan suddenly felt that Shen Zhiyang was holding her tightly and pulling her towards him.


A cold, soft thing pressed against her lips…


After separating, she saw Shen Zhiyang smiling, a glint in his eyes, reflecting the light of the fireworks, the stars, and her.


He leaned closer to her ear and said, “We will always be together.”


A loud deafening noise drowned his voice…


A colorful light illuminated the night sky and cut through the boundless horizon…




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You two are hurting each other