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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 32

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 32 – He likes me? (2)


It turned out that Lin Rui’er was beautiful but she was poor.


Lin Rui’er and Qin Xiangbei are university classmates. Because she is beautiful, many boys liked her. But she didn’t like any of them, but she liked Qin Xiangnan, a sophomore.


Xu Chang also knew about it. It is not strange that Lin Rui’er liked him, but she was just like Zhao Cancan before. No, she was even crazier than Zhao Cancan.


To say that Zhao Cancan is a little princess, sometimes she can’t let go and willing to do anything. Lin Rui’er is different. She is different from the other girls that liked Xu Chang. She is qualified to stand beside Xu Chang.


She has been chasing him from her freshman year until college graduation. Then she followed Xu Chang into the same hospital in City B, trying her best to go into orthopedics. Just two moths ago, Xu Chang returned to City S. she took the initiative to apply in the hospital and transferred over.


For so many years, there has always been Lin Rui’er beside Xu Chang, and the other girls were discouraged.


“So Xu Chang doesn’t like Lin Rui’er?” Qin Xiangnan asked.


“Well, Xu Chang has never admitted that Lin Rui’er is his girlfriend for so many years. But the two of them have been together for so long, even if there is no love, there should be feelings.”


Qin Xiangnan stayed silent… If two people live together for ten years, will nothing really happen?


“Is that the case. Okay. Qin Xiangbei, you can continue to sleep. Goodbye!”


Qin Xiangnan was trying to hang up the call when there was a hesitation on the other side of the call.


“Qin Xiangnan, can you speak quietly? Why did you ask about Lin Rui’er?” He asked.


“It’s a long story. I’ll talk about it later.” Qin Xiangnan tried to ignore him.


“Did you finally find out that Xu Chang is good? Sister, it’s not too late…”


“Where he is has nothing to do with me. To tell you the truth, there was a hot search on Weibo a few days ago. It said that Lin Rui’er was Xu Chang’s girlfriend. I’m just helping the netizens verify this news.”


“Qin Xiangnan, sometimes I don’t know what to say to you. You say that you’re smart and say that I’m stupid but you’re the stupid one!” Qin Xiangbei scolded her.


“Did you take the wrong medicine so early in the morning? How can you say that to your sister!” Qin Xiangnan also scolded him.


“Do you really not know who Xu Chang liked in high school?


“Isn’t it Zhao Cancan?” She replied.


“Zhao Cancan my ass! Qin Xiangnan, you’re really a fool! Xu Chang is blind to like you!”


“What are you talking about?”



Qin Xiangnan was stunned, her breathing was stagnant…


How could that be possible?


“Qin Xiangbei, don’t joke with me. You sister has been tired recently, I’m serious, don’t joke around.” She still feels that Qin Xiangbei was fooling her.


“My sister, let me tell you the truth. Although Xu Chang never told me, I’ve already guessed it. Do you remember the notebook that you couldn’t find that one time? The one with the blue cover.”


“Didn’t you hide it to take a peek?”


“I’m not that free. I can tell you that it was Xu Chang was the one who took it, and he gave it back to me, and then let me secretly put it back to your room.”


She remembered that the blue notebook was missing for a while. She suspected that her brother took it again, then after a few days, she found it lying quietly on her pile of books. At that time, she didn’t think much about it. In order to prevent her brother from stealing it again, she locked it on her drawer.


Why did Xu Chang take it? She remembered that she wrote some personal things in there, such as her ideals, dreams, and some of her views on things…


Were they seen by Xu Chang?


Xu Chang peeped on her thoughts and all this time she didn’t know? Wasn’t this strange?


“That doesn’t explain it. Maybe Xu Chang was just curious and took it to have a look…”


“Curious about your ideas? Have you ever seen Xu Chang be curious on things regarding a girl?”


It seems like… she has never seen Xu Chang take an initiative to look at a girl…


“One more thing, once you got sick and was hospitalized, Xu Chang asked me about your situation. He especially arranged the review material for you, but you rejected it. Do you remember that, Qin Xiangnan?”


“I remember…” She hesitated before answering.


“I f̲*̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ wonder what was wrong with you that time. You were so near him yet you have never taken a good look at him! Aren’t you too much?”


“I…” Qin Xiangnan was speechless.


She was once angry because she thought that Zhao Cancan ad Xu Chang were dating. She felt that Xu Chang has deceived her and she had to vent her anger somewhere, and that somewhere was him.


“That’s not all. Later, you suddenly dated Shen Zhiyang what did Shen Zhiyang look like that time? Did you have something wrong with your eye sight?”


“Why did you mention him?”


“Why can’t I mention him? Didn’t he leave you and ran abroad? You didn’t know but the day you dated him, Xu Chang came to our house and when he found out that you were out with Shen Zhiyang, he was sad.”


“You said that day… did he really come?”


Shouldn’t he have been with Zhao Cancan? She remembered that Zhao Cancan asked Xu Chang to teach her how to play the guitar and he agreed to her in front of all their class. She remembered this very clearly.


Didn’t Xu Chang go on a date? Why did he agree then?


The more Qin Xiangnan knew, the more confused she became. She began to doubt herself. Did she misunderstand everything? Is she really wrong? Xu Chang really hasn’t been with Zhao Cancan. She thought… she thought… all of it was not true…


“Of course he came. I told him that your boyfriend and you went out on a date. After he knew about it, he was unscrupulous the whole day. I didn’t understand it at first but after I thought about it, I wondered what he liked about you! Qin Xiangnan, what are you doing now? Xu Chang’s first love? You deserve to be deceived by Shen Zhiyang! You deserve to be single for so many years!”


Qin Xiangnan really listened like she was stupid this time… The younger brother scolded the older sister until she was dizzy but it seemed like it was not enough to wake her up. It was like she was dreaming, this damn unbelievable dream that she can’t face.


“Think about it alone! I’m going to sleep!”


Qin Xiangbei hung up the phone after speaking, and there was a beeping sound.


Qin Xiangnan maintained the same posture that she had just now. Her eyes were empty, her expression looked dumb…


She didn’t dare to move, she doesn’t want to face what her brother had just said. She doesn’t believe it…


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