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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 33

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 33 – Intimidation (1)


After some time, she gradually accepted her brother’s scolding. He was right. When she thought about it, during high school, she devoted herself to studying, maybe she didn’t care about these kind of things. And also, Xu Chang was too good, how could she even think about that? How dare she think about it? The gap between her and Xu Chang is too big, they are opposite apart. She thought that only girls like Zhao Cancan is worthy of him.


Perhaps Xu Chang was blinded for a while, and accidentally liked her. But what about it? Ten years have already passed. In the past ten years, both of them have undergone tremendous changes, experienced different lives, and walked on parallel roads that do not intersect.


They haven’t seen each other for ten years. Qin Xiangnan misunderstood him and Xu Chang must be the same.


Thinking of this, Qin Xiangnan was relieved.


No, Xu Chang is not the same as he was back then. If she keeps on holding on to this matter, she can no longer face Xu Chang.


Ten years later, she was fortunate enough to meet him again, maybe they could still be friends. If they were going to cross the gap, they might not even be able to stay friends.


She decided not to take this matter to heart and need to forget it as soon as possible.


The quickest solution is to focus on work.


This is how she has been over the years. As long as you work hard, you can forget about any unhappy and troublesome things.


Now that the summer season has started, the days are getting hotter. Qin Xiangnan still needed to go out to work from time to time. These days, she felt that she has tanned a lot.


That day, she dragged her tired body and went home form work.


She pulled out her keys from her bag and accidentally brought out a small thing from her bag by the hook of the key holder, and the key accidentally fell on the ground.


Qin Xiangnan bent down to pick it up. She glanced at the doorstep, there seemed to be a white object. She looked closely and found that a white envelope was lying on the ground, half jammed and half exposed outside the door. She picked up the key and the envelope.


Taking a closer look, the crooked writing on the envelope read:


Qin Xiangnan’s collection.


Qin Xiangnan couldn’t think of anyone that would give this letter to her in this particular way.


It felt thin, maybe a piece of paper was inside.


When she opened the door and went in, she opened the envelope.


There was a photo inside. The photo was new.


It seemed like the photo was only taken today. In the photo was Qin Xiangnan herself. The clothes are the same as what she was wearing today, the bags and shoes were also the same.


It’s a picture that was taken when she walked out of the building this morning!


Who took this? Who was so bored that they took a photo of her and stuffed it under her door?


Qin Xiangnan guessed that it was just a small prank.


She set it aside, not thinking much.


But the next day and the third day, she went home on the evening and receive similar pictures that was taken the day it was sent. She started to get nervous, feeling that things didn’t seem as simple as she thought.


She studied the handwriting on the envelope. The other person wrote the words with a black pen. The handwriting was not beautiful, but it was written with strength and printed in large size.


Except for these words, the rest of the envelope was white without any marks.


Who took this picture? Why did they do this?


It is a little scary when she thought about it but it didn’t really cause her harm. She wants to wait and see what this person wants to do. If it was a prank or not…


When she went out on the fourth day, she deliberately observed the surroundings carefully. It seemed that there was nothing abnormal and there were no suspicious person. It was strange. Maybe the person was just playing a prank and got tired?


Qin Xiangnan was busy for the whole day and didn’t think about it until she came back from work that night. She started to think as soon as she entered the corridor. Will there be any pictures today?


She went up to the third floor and went to the doorstep of her apartment. She found out that there were no white envelope but a small box instead.


Qin Xiangnan was surprised. Is there a new trick today? Who is so bored?


She carefully observed that the box was not small, and the size could fit a ball. Above the box, there was a written word “Qin Xiangnan” on a black pen. In addition, there was an ordinary yellow cardboard box.


She took the key out of her bag, opened the door, and held the box with both hands.


It’s not heavy. What’s in it?


She suddenly smelled a strange scent, a little fishy, like… blood?


She was startled, and immediately out the box on the ground. She was afraid to bring it into the house.


What… what is it…


Out of curiosity and wanting to found out the truth, she decided to open the box.


She took out a scissor, stood as far away as possible, and carefully opened the sealed box.


A little slowly, the box was fully opened, she moved a little forward, extended her head, and peeped inside.


At a glance, she saw a fluffy white thing, and when she looked closer, “Ah!” She screamed, fled into the house, and slammed the door shut.


She leaned against the door, covering her chest, panting heavily, and face pale.


She saw it. It was a bloody white dead cat. She also saw the eyes of the cat that was staring wide at her.


Is this intimidation? Someone took her picture to show her on purpose, and then today they took a cat to scare her. She must call the police! This is terrible!


She found her cell phone in horror. At the moment, a strange phone call came in.


She answered it.


“Is this Qin Xiangnan?” It was a man’s voice, which was strange and familiar, as if she heard it somewhere but she couldn’t remember where.


“Yes, who are you?” Her heartbeat was beating fast.


“Did you receive it?” The voice was weird and terrifying, making her feel chills on her back.


“Who are you? Why are you doing this?”


“Aren’t you fond of taking photos? Do you still like cats? Oh, I forgot to tell you, did you recognize the cat? The other day, you saw it and fed it some food. Since you like it, then I’ll give it to you! Haha!”


This man is a pervert! He secretly took photos of her, and even killed a stray cat!


“What the hell do you want?! I’ll call the police!”


“You report it! Even the police can’t control me, hahaha! I’m downstairs in your house right now, should I go up and find you?”


Qin Xiangnan didn’t want to continue with this perverted nonsense. The more she listens, the more she is afraid. She ended the call and called the police immediately!


She then secretly opened the curtains and looked downstairs. Under the big tree, there was a faint shadow! When he saw Qin Xiangnan looking at him, he hid behind the tree.


Her heart almost jump to her throat, someone was really watching her! She closed all the widows and tightened the curtains. Sitting on the couch, she was restless and didn’t know when the police came.


After thinking, she called Qin Xiangbei.


After the phone beeped twice, it was immediately connected.


“Qin Xiangbei, where are you? Can you come over?” She said, her voice anxious.


“I’m on duty. What happened?”


“It seems like I’m being stalked by a pervert. He just put a dead cat in front of my house. I’m a little scared. But I’ve already called the police. You should continue with your work. The police will come soon.”


“Are you all right? Would you like me to take a time off?”


“No, the police should be here soon. It’s okay.”


“Then you must be careful. If someone knocks on the door, you should see who it is first before opening.”


“Okay.” After making the call, Qin Xiangnan was still uneasy. She couldn’t figure out who she provoked but the voice was familiar…


Why is the police not here yet?


After waiting for ten minutes, she finally heard an eager knock on the door which made her shocked! She grabbed a pair of scissors that she used when she opened the box.


Was the police her or…


She stroked her chest and slowly walked towards the door. The knock on the door seemed eager, getting louder and louder…


“Who is it?” Her voice shuddered.


No one answered her She was scared, and the silence at the moment made her feel an ominous hunch. She then asked loudly again: “Who is it?”


“I’m… Xu Chang…”


Xu Chang? Qin Xiangnan couldn’t believe her ears.


“Are you really Xu Chang?” She tried to confirm again.


“It’s me. Open the door.”


The voice was really him!