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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 34

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 34 – Intimidation (2)


She opened the door and saw that Xu Chang was standing in the dim light outside the door, his eyes were as dark as the expression on his face. Qin Xiangnan could see that he was anxious.


“How are you?”


Until she saw Xu Chang with her own eyes, she couldn’t believe it.


“Are you okay? Your brother told me about your situation.”


Oh, that was it. Qin Xiangnan looked at him steadily…


At the moment, Qin Xiangnan had a pale face, holding a scissor on her hand, her eyes were dull.


Xu Chang looked at her and said, “Can I come in?”


“Come in now.” The scissor on her hand were tightly grasped.


When Xu Chang walked in and looked at her like this, he felt that she was very cute. He held back a smile.


“Such a small pair of scissors, do you want to cut the flowers?”


Qin Xiangnan realized that she was still holding the scissors in her hand, she then threw it away immediately, smiling awkwardly.


“What do you want to drink? I have some…” There is seemed to be nothing at home as she was too busy. “There is boiled water…” It was the only drink available.


“Okay.” He said with a smile.


It’s hard not to dislike him!


When Qin Xiangnan was preparing to boil the water to entertain the guest, someone knocked on the door again.


The two looked at each other. Qin Xiangnan was not as nervous as she was just now because Xu Chang was there.


“I’ll open the door. Don’t move.” Xu Chang looked at her and said it.


“Well, does that… Do you need scissors?” She was a little embarrassed. Is it better than none? The scissors can also be used for self defense.


By chance, Xu Chang laughed and said nothing. Then he smiled and opened the door.


Qin Xiangnan looked nervously outside the door.


This time, it was really the police!


Standing at the door was Captain Huang and the little policeman that she had met before.


Captain Huang was surprised to see Xu Chang opening the door.


“Does Qin Xiangnan live here?” Captain Huang asked.


Qin Xiangnan saw that the man was the police officer and ran over.


“Captain Huang, it’s a coincidence. I ran into you every time.” Qin Xiangnan said.


“It’s really you, Reporter Qin! I thought the name was familiar!”


Captain Huang looked at Xu Chang again, and saw that he still had plaster attached to his hand. Suddenly, as if remembering something, he came to a realization. “Isn’t this Dr. Xu? It turns out that Dr. Xu is your boyfriend?”



Qin Xiangnan wanted to say no, but the little policeman found the dead cat on the box at the door.


“Reporter Qin, was the dead cat sent by the suspect?” The little policeman looked at the box in horror.


“Yes. When I came back from work, I saw the box on the doorway.” She said.


“Okay, then we’ll take it back to investigate. By the way Reporter Qin, when we came in, we didn’t see anyone outside. We may need to investigate the surrounding, and we can draw a conclusion after checking it.” Captain Huang said.


“Thank you, Captain Huang. Oh yes, there’s one more thing.” Qin Xiangnan hurried into the room and took out the three envelopes from the drawer in the living room. “Captain Huang, these are what I received the first three days. I saw it on the door when I came home at night.”


Captain Huang looked at the three photos on the envelope and said angrily: “This pervert! He dared to sneak a photo of you! Reporter Qin, rest assured, we must catch this suspect as soon as possible. If there is nothing else, we’ll go first.”


“Captain Huang, I’ve really troubled you this time.” Qin Xiangnan said gratefully.


Captain Huang laughed a little and said that it was all right.


“We didn’t catch the suspect today. I’m still a little worried that Reporter Qin is not safe at home. However, we can rest assured when Dr. Xu is here.”


Qin Xiangnan repeatedly said yes.


Captain Huang and the little policeman accepted the case, and did not forget to investigate as soon as possible before leaving.


After they left, Qin Xiangnan closed the door.


Suddenly, there was a distinguished guest at home.


She glanced at Xu Chang, feeling that the atmosphere was a bit wrong. She touched her hair. She then said, “Xu Chang, it’s all right. You can rest assured and go home.”




The author has something to say:
Chang Chang: I will not leave today.