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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 35

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 35 – Breakfast (1)


Xu Chang did not expect that Qin Xiangnan will order him to go so quickly.


“Didn’t you hear what Captain Huang said, is it safe for a girl to be alone at home? Did you forget it so soon?” Xu Chang looked at her with a mocking smile.


Qin Xiangnan was stunned.


She was left alone with Xu Chang, and the ambience was weird. Earlier, she was too nervous so she did not feel it but as soon as the police left, she relaxed and realized that something was wrong.


When Xu Chang said that, she felt embarrassed to drive him away, but she didn’t know what to say.


“Didn’t you just offer me to drink boiled water?” Xu Chang seemed to find himself taking a step back.


Qin Xiangnan said yes then she immediately went into the kitchen and closed the kitchen door.


She watched as the water in the kettle boil but she just stood aside.


It seems like Xu Chang doesn’t have have the plan to leave right away? After the water has boiled, she should tell him something good, or talk about their past and their high school years. But when she thought of what Qin Xiangbei has told her, she couldn’t talk about it. What is she talk about their high school and he finds out that she knows his secret?


Otherwise, she just need to talk to him about what he has been doing these past years. As friends, they need to understand and respect each other. It is also necessary to deepen the friendship. “Let’s do it like this.” She seems to made up her mind.


She picked up the kettle, poured two glasses of water, took a deep breath, and opened the kitchen door.


When she went out, she saw Xu Chang sitting on the soda and playing on his mobile phone.


Qin Xiangnan looked at his handsome side profile.


“I’m sorry, there are no other drinks in my house. So, just drink this.” After that, she gave him a glass of water.


Xu Chang put down his phone, took the cup, and said thank you.


“When can you remove the plaster?” She glanced at his left hand.


“There is another month left. I can take a good rest during this time.”




Qin Xiangnan didn’t know what to say next. The determination that she had on the kitchen seemed futile.


She reluctantly said, “Well… that… then you…” But her tongue seemed to hold back and could not say anything.


“What do you want to say?” Xu Chang took a sip and looked at her.


“Nothing. I just want to ask, how have you been in these past years?” She then added quickly, “I’m asking for the majority of the netizens. This is not a personal question. Everyone is curious about Dr. Xu’s private life, hehe…”


“Qin Xiangnan, you really want to know more about me but you’re embarrassed to asked.” He suddenly laughed.


She did not expect that Xu Chang was such a direct person. Is this the same person? She want to pinch herself.


“Well, how can I… I just casually asked.” She was embarrassed.


“Then, I will tell you. I studied medicine for seven years. When I was on school, I did research in addition to attending classes. After graduation, I went to XX Hospital in City B as an orthopedist. Three years later, because the hospital in S city needed more doctors, I moved here. I have been very busy and did not have the time to get a girlfriend. How about that? Does my answer satisfy you?”


Qin Xiangnan looked at Xu Chang and nodded, satisfied.


She did not expect Xu Chang to be so frank. Compared with the Xu Chang ten years ago, when did he ever tell her something about himself so straightforwardly? He has really changed.


“Oh, I didn’t ask about your girlfriend, why did you take the initiative. You might think that I’m such a gossip monger, hahaha…” She even felt embarrassed with her laugh.


Later, in order to ease the ambience, she tried to find some topics to talk about with him such as asking when did he start raising cats, and how to take care of cats. In the end, there was nothing more to ask, she has even asked what brand of cat food does he buy.


This continued until she she couldn’t find any more topics to continue. She looked at the clock and it was ten o’clock in the evening.


“Oh, it’s so late, shouldn’t you go back? I should go to bed too, I’m sleepy.” she then yawned.


Xu Chang did not seem to understand her. He then said seriously: “Did you forget what Captain Huang said? The suspect hasn’t been caught yet, he might be around. If I leave, he may come up here right away. Aren’t you afraid?”


Ah? She’s afraid. But… she’s going to sleep… What does he mean? Can’t he leave today? She also knew that the suspect hasn’t been caught yet, but she couldn’t sit with her eyes wide open for the whole night.


“But I am really sleepy, and I have work tomorrow.” She said.


“Then go to sleep.” Xu Chang actually said this sentence naturally.


“What about you?” Qin Xiangnan looked puzzled.


“Do you have a computer? I happen to have a research paper to write. Can I borrow it?”


“Yes, you can.. Don’t you sleep at night?”


“Well, I don’t need to go to work tomorrow, and I also slept earlier. I’m a patient.” Xu Chang said as he raised his injured left hand.


“Oh, okay. It’s really hard for you.” Qin Xiangnan agreed.


If the stalker really come up, Xu Chang will be there to protect her.


She took out her computer before going to bed.


She rummaged in the closet and prepared to take a shower. Gosh, she found out that her pajamas were too showy. It was summer, and her pajamas were either suspenders or lace.


This is not okay, she sighed.


After searching for a long time, she gave up. She just took a loose white t-shirt and jersey pants.


After taking a shower, she took a look in the mirror, she was covered so she was relieved.