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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 36

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 36 – Breakfast (2)


She went out and found Xu Chang on the living room, looking for information carefully. It seems like he really has something to do.


“Xu Chang, I’m going to bed. Don’t you really need to sleep?” She asked him again.


“No.” He clicked his lips. “I really slept during the day. Sleep peacefully, good night.”


“Good night.”


Qin Xiangnan entered her room, closed the door, thought s=about something, and locked it.


Lying on the bed, she thought about everything that has happened today. She was tired from work during the day, scared by a dead cat, received a scary call, but did not expect Xu Chang to come and not leave her house. What’s going on? Before today, she did not expect Xu Chang to stay alone with her for one night. Although the door was locked, she still felt that it was wrong.


Thinking about so many things made her sleepy. Maybe she was really scared today, or tired and exhausted, and she fell asleep immediately.


The next morning, she was woken up by her alarm. At seven in the morning, she woke up on time, stretched out, and got out of bed.


When she sobered up, she remembered that Xu Chang stayed at her house last night. Is he still here?


She looked at the mirror and fixed herself before opening her locked door.


A scent floated outside.


Xu Chang is actually making breakfast? When Qin Xiangnan saw him, he was frying eggs.


She stayed still for a while. This scene was like an old couple’s. a sleeping wife, a hard-working husband who woke up early to make breakfast for his beloved wife, and used the fragrance of the food to wake up the beautiful wife.


Xu Chang saw her staying there and smiled. “You’re up. You can eat in a while. There is no food in your fridge, how do you usually live?”


She looked at him, and suddenly thought that a man who can cook is handsome, or was this man who can cook handsome because he was Xu Chang? After thinking about it, Qin Xiangnan felt that these two causal relationship is valid.


She finished washing up in a hurry, and Xu Chang had prepared breakfast.


Qin Xiangnan looked at the delicate plate in front of her. The eggs were golden-fried and fragrant.


Next to it is a stack of sandwich with cucumbers and greens. She was surprised. Is this really the ingredient in her house? He can make such exquisite food with these ingredients. She tasted the egg. Wow. Crispy outside and tender inside. Sure enough, Xu Chang, even frying an egg, can be so perfect.


“Xu Chang, why are you so perfect? I really admire you. It’s so delicious.” Qin Xiangnan was particularly happy.


“How do you usually take care of yourself? No wonder you are so thin.” Xu Chang glanced at her.


“I live alone. It’s normal to be hungry.” She grinned.


Xu Chang seemed to think about something and said, “Do you want someone to make breakfast for you everyday?”


“If they can make it as delicious as you can!” She almost blurted out, and realized that it sounded wrong.


After breakfast, Qin Xiangnan received a call from the police station, saying that the suspect had been arrested.


“Captain Huang, who is that person? Why did he do it?”


“Do you remember the incident on the Singaporean Airlines?”


“Ah. I remember. Was it that person?”


“Yes, it is him. He has a mental illness, and because of this reason, we couldn’t put him in jail. Maybe you caught his attention last time, so he did it. But rest assured, this time we will do our best to not let him run around again.”


“Thank you very much, Captain Huang. You unexpectedly catch people so quickly.”


Captain Huang said that it is their job.


After Qin Xiangnan told Xu Chang about the arrest of the suspect, she was still frightened. Last time at the Singaporean Airlines, she twisted her foot because of that person’s intimidation, and did not expect that she will encounter him again this time. Xu Chang comforted her that everything has passed, she no longer has to worry about it.


Qin Xiangnan packed up and was ready to go to work.


“Xu Chang, I’m going to work, you can go back too. you haven’t rested for the night.” Qin Xiangnan looked at his dark eyes, still a little distressed.


“Okay. You have to be careful in the future. Take care of yourself and eat well.”


Is he concerned about her?


“Also, if you encounter this kind of thing next time and can’t find your brother, come to me. Understand?”


His tone was a little rough, which made it impossible for her to refuse.


Qin Xiangnan nodded and gave a soft hum.


Xu Chang chuckled in satisfaction and went out with her.


After this incident, Qin Xiangnan was still worried at home for several days. The doors and windows are closed every day. Fortunately, Xu Chang and her video chats every day until she was sleepy, then hung up the phone. Qin Xiangnan also slept soundly every night.


After that say, Qin Xiangnan found that Xu Chang and her got along better now that they were ten years ago. Before, he was always cold, and didn’t like to laugh or talk. Now, he will care about her and will take the initiative to find topics to talk about with her.


If they keep going like this, it will be really good.




The author has something to say:
Chang Chang: I don’t want to be friends with you.