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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 37

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 37 – Outing (1)


Although Qin Xiangnan was busy at work, she some took time to return to her parent’s house. In addition to moving out because of work, one of the reason was because Zhao Mei urges her to get married, she felt annoyed and rarely goes home because of it.


Just after returning home, Zhao Mei started again the marriage promotion mode just like before.


“Xiao Nan, the old Liu family next door has recently have another grandson. His son is two years younger than you.”


“Really? That’s good.”


“A few days ago, Aunt Chen came over and gave us candy. Her daughter got married right after graduating college. Hey, it’s really fast.”


“So fast.”


“What about you, when will you bring back a boyfriend for us to see?”


“I’m not in a hurry and I’ve been busy recently.”


“Let’s go to a blind date. Whether you are busy or not this weekend, if you don’t want to go, I will not care about you in the future. When you get busy, you won’t have the time to visit me and your Dad.” Zhao Mei finally made a cruel remark.


“Meimei, why are you saying this? I have no problem if you don’t want Xiao Nan to visit you. But Xiao Nan is my baby daughter and I want to see her often.” Qin Chaoming, who was watching TV suddenly spoke up.


Qin Chaoming has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for many years, and his physical condition is sometimes good, sometimes bad, and his life is always sloppy. Sometimes, people don’t even recognize that he is suffering from the disease. But even if he is confused, he still remembered that Qin Xiangnan is his baby daughter. After Qin Chaoming spoke up, the argument was conceded. The raw that Qin Xiangnan had with Zhao Mei soon disappeared.


“Mom, my dad said that he wanted to see me, won’t you welcome your daughter?”


“Then, do you want to go this weekend? If you don’t want to go, you don’t have to come back.”


“Going or not, don’t be angry Mom.” Qin Xiangnan gave Zhao Mei a charming look and spoke flatteringly.


Zhao Mei really hates this act, and every time she chats with her daughter about this topic, Qin Xiangnan pretends to be stupid.


“Xiao Nan, let me tell you the truth. Your Aunt Chen wanted to introduce you to someone the other day. I think that person is really good. I heard that he has started a small business. This weekend, you’ll meet him.”


“Mom, you didn’t even tell me about it yet you’ve already promised them.” Qin Xiangnan was very angry.


“Just meet up, it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna marry right away. I promised that. See, there’s nothing to lose.”


Qin Xiangnan said angrily: “I’m not free.”


“This child. I’m really annoyed. How old are you, yet all you do is work. You haven’t live with us, there is no one to take care of you. Just thinking about that made me not eat for a while. How can you assure us, your parents? You and your brother, from an early age, will not let us worry. I never thought that after working and earning money, you’ll be proud and not let us worry about it. What did you two do? Are you here to collect debts?” Zhao Mei said more and got worked up, she was really angry with her daughter.


Qin Xiangnan had no choice but to promise Zhao Mei to meet her blind date on the weekend.


“Xiao Nan, how does it feel to meet the person today? I heard Aunt Chen said that the other party is very satisfied with you and wants to develop your relationship further. I see that this person is really sincere, you can try to develop your relationship, okay?”


She wasn’t dressed up that day and went out as usual.


At the agreed place, Qin Xiangnan met her blind date. The other person wore glasses, a flat head, and looks okay. At first glance, Qin Xiangnan classified him into a reliable and honest type.


“Hello, I am Qin Xiangnan. May I ask, are you Wang Mingyan?” She asked the other party.


Wang Mingyan quickly looked at Qin Xiangnan and said with a smile, “Ms. Qin, you are so beautiful. Why do I feel like I have seen you somewhere?”


Qin Xiangnan thought that this Wang Mingyan looked honest, and he was kind of ordinary.


The two talked one after the other, nothing more than talking about work, which school or university they attended, and what major they took.


Qin Xiangnan learned that Wang Mingyan went to D High School, right next to her school.


When Wang Mingyan found that Qin Xiangnan went to C High School, he suddenly seemed to remember something, and his eyes lighted up.


“I said earlier that I seemed to have met you somewhere. Aren’t you Qin Xiangnan from C High School?”


Qin Xiangnan wondered why she was so famous that even D High School knew her, and she was not even the school-level figure.


“Have we met before?” Qin Xiangnan asked.


“I have saw you before. Do you remember when you participated in a debate match in high school?”


Of course Qin Xiangnan remembered it, wasn’t it the one where she was embarrassed?


“I remember. Did you participate?” She couldn’t remember who he was for a moment.


“I’m a defender, I’m Shen Zhiyang’s classmate. I was very impressed with you t that time.”


Qin Xiangnan wondered why she always hear the name Shen Zhiyang recently, first it was mentioned by Xu Chang, and later scolded by Qin Xiangbei. This time, she even met Shen Zhiyang’s old classmate.


Wang Mingyan continued” “I remember, you and Shen Zhiyang became friends and later you…” He asked with a little embarrassment.


“We broke up long ago.” Qin Xiangnan said.


“Of course I know, otherwise we will not be here today, huh.” Wang Mingyan smirked, “I heard that he went abroad when he was in college. He can really do it, so good in high school.”


Qin Xiangnan stayed silent for a few seconds.


Seeing that she was not willing to talk to him about Shen Zhiyang, Wang Mingyan did not continue talking.


Qin Xiangnan completed the task given by Zhao Mei. She met the blind date, she knew that it was impossible to develop more relationship with Wang Mingyan. Whether she likes Wang Mingyan or not, he and Shen Zhiyang were on the same class. Her heart will not be able to handle it.


Unexpectedly, Zhao Mei called Qin Xiangnan to inquire about the situation that night.


Qin Xiangnan laughed, and said yes, she understood that if she refused Zhao Mei, she would probably be scolded again, and then she will have to meet other new dates one after the other. She could not stand it.


She had to agree in front of Zhao Mei, and after a few days Zhao Mei asked again. She said that her personality was not suitable for the development. In short, she has delayed it for as long as she can.