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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 38

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 38 – Outing (2)


A few days later, when Qin Xiangnan got up in the morning, she received a call from her friend Li Susu.


“Li Susu, aren’t you on honeymoon? You claimed that you will roam half the earth and then come back. It’s not even that long, and you’re done already? Did you spend all your money, hahaha.”


“Oh, Qin Xiangnan, does it look like I don’t have money?”


Li Susu is now a big boss. Five years ago, she opened a hot pot restaurant. Unexpectedly, after a long time, the business became hot. She opened seven or eight branches. She really became a big boss. She realized her dream of becoming rich when she was young.


“Then why are you back so soon? Are you arguing with Su Mingxuan?” Li Susu and Su Mingxuan, a happy pair of enemies from high school, did not expect that they will bump into marriage after so many years. Qin Xiangnan gave them a sincere blessing. The two were together for ten years. Although they broke up a few times over the years, they finally achieved a positive result.


She remembered a few months ago, when she attended the wedding ceremony of the two, when the emcee introduced the two’s love story and the slide show that showed the two of them together for ten years, Qin Xiangnan cried and became a crying mess.


“I didn’t have the time to quarrel with him. It is because there were problems with my hotpot restaurant that I have to deal with, so I had to come back. And also, I really miss you, Qin Xiangnan.”


Listening to Li Susu’s voice, Qin Xiangnan mouthed that it was annoying but she felt sweet inside.


“I plan to relax in a few days. How about we go to the suburban barbecue together?” Li Susu suggested.


“With whom?” Qin Xiangnan asked her.


“Who else could it be, you, me, and Su Mingxuan.”


“I don’t want to be your light bulb. [1]” Qin Xiangnan snorted.


[1] Light bulb = third wheel


“Who else could we invite? Besides, haven’t you been the light bulb for so many years?” Li Susu laughed at her.


“You… It’s because you are always bugging me, who want to be your light bulb?


“Well, I don’t care. That’s it. I’ll arrange it and find a villa in the suburbs for one night. You must come.”


Qin Xiangnan agreed quickly.


Li Susu’s efficiency is still very high, and within a few days, she arranged it.


Qin Xiangnan dress up today, because it is rare for her to go outing. She also specially chose to wear a skirt. For the past few years, she rarely wore skirts because of her work and just usually wore t-shirts and jeans.


Because she had asked the team leader for a two-day vacation that day, she knew that there would be definitely no interruptions to her. She dressed herself up beautifully. She also packed two skirts, one for today and the other for tomorrow.


Early in the morning, Su Mingxuan and Li Susu came to pick her up.


Li Susu praised her for being beautiful today.


“Qin Xiangnan, you should be well dressed to look like a woman. You usually look like a man.”


“Don’t brag about me. It sounds so awkward.”


“Of course, I’ll praise you, our Qin Xiangnan is a great beauty.”


Qin Xiangnan pouted, and said that it was almost the same.


Su Mingxuan, who was driving, also inserted: “Qin Xiangnan, you are dressed right today. I will let you see a handsome guy.”


“Who?” Qin Xiangnan asked, “Isn’t it just the three of us?”


“Yeah, Su Mingxuan, you did not tell me that you will bring others. Do you still have me?” Li Susu was angry.


“Oh, it’s my fault. Don’t be angry. You’ll get ugly when you get angry.” Su Mingxuan coaxed his wife and said, “You guys know this guy, and he wanted to surprise you.”


“Who?” Qin Xiangnan and Li Susu both asked him at the same time.


When Su Mingxuan sat that these two women were beyond his control, he had to confess, “It’s our high school classmate, Xu Chang.”


Qin Xiangnan heard Xu Chang at first, and was somewhat surprised.


Li Susu was even more pleasantly surprised. “You mean Xu Chang? Wasn’t he really in City B?”


“A few months ago, he came back. As soon as I heard that he came back, I contacted him. For so many years, I haven’t seen him, I always thought of looking for a chance to meet with him. Coincidentally, I told him today’s schedule, and he agreed.”


“I didn’t expect that Xu Chang could be invited by you, Su Mingxuan. Then I have to look good. Qin Xiangnan, look at me, do I look good today?” Li Susu turned to ask her.


“Hey, Li Susu, don’t have any thoughts on Xu Chang. Don’t forget, you are my wife now!”


Li Susu gave him a look.


Su Mingxuan went on to say: “Xu Chang didn’t give me face, he originally refused me. But I told him that our great beauty, reporter Qin, was also coming, and he agreed.”


Qin Xiangnan blushed when she heard about this. She did not know what to say.


“Why did Xu Chang come because of Qin Xiangnan? She disliked Xu Chang the most. They didn’t even say a few words in high school. Right, QIn Xiangnan?” Li Susu asked her.


Qin Xiangnan felt embarrassed, and hummed.


Although QIn Xiangnan and Li Susu are good friends, she did not dare tell her that XU Chang was her tutor during high school. Because Li Susu has a big mouth, she was afraid that if the matter was leaked out, she would become the enemy of girls in the school. Later, because everyone went their separate ways. There was no need to mention it to her.


Su Mingxuan drove to pick up Xu Chang, and Qin Xiangnan became a little nervous. Although she and Xu Chang gradually became familiar with each other these days, she still remembered what Qin Xiangbei said to her from time to time. Today, she heard Su Mingxuan saying that Xu Chang had come because she was also coming, and she felt a little bit nervous.


If she had known that Xu Chang was going, she wouldn’t be so dressed up.


When Su Mingxuan arrived at Xu Chang’s house, Qin Xiangnan looked at the surroundings of his neighborhood. It was like a high-end apartment, Xu Chang did a good job! Compared to her place where there will be a perverted intruder in the middle of the night, Qin Xiangnan sighed secretly.


Su Mingxuan called Xu Chang. It didn’t take long before Qin Xiangnan saw the handsome and terrifying Doctor Xu that was running over.


Li Susu was unabashed, and when she saw Xu Chang, she looked stupid.


“Big handsome guy, do you remember me?” Li Susu posed in an enchanting posture, standing at the door of the car.


“Of course I remember, Li Susu. Surprisingly, you and Su Mingxuan are married.” Xu Chang said.


Li Susu smiled smugly.


When Xu Chang turned his head to look at Qin Xiangnan on the side, he suddenly lost a bit of his breath.


Today’s Qin Xiangnan is very different. She wore a light blue dress that was tight on her upper body and outlined her figure. Her skirt was fluffy and cute. She was dressed up enchantingly. Previously, she was mostly plain and wore light makeup, looking pure and cute. Those are two different kinds of beauty.


Xu Chang stared at Qin Xiangnan for a while…




The author has something to say:
Chang Chang, please close your eyes, thank you~