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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 39

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 39 – Villa Party (1)


Seeing Xu Chang staring at her, Qin Xiangnan felt a little embarrassed. He quickly turned his head and got into the car.


Su Mingxuan drove, Li Susu was sitting on the co-pilot seat, Xu Chang had to go to the other side of the car, get in, and sat next to Qin Xiangnan.


Along the way, the couple, Li Susu and Su Mingxuan talked and the atmosphere was not awkward.


Because Xu Chang’s left hand was injured, Li Susu saw that he still wore an arm plaster, so she became curious and asked him what was going on.


Xu Chang told her the medical incident in their hospital.


Qin Xiangnan also told Li Susu about Xu Chang becoming an internet celebrity. Li Susu opened her phone curiously, and laughed after seeing Weibo.


“Xu Chang, you really did not change, you are so charming wherever you go.” Li Susu really admired Xu Chang.


Su Mingxuan on the side was unhappy when he heard it. “Li Susu, isn’t your husband attractive?”


“Come on, let’s go!” Li Susu glanced at him disgustingly.


Turning her head and asking Qin Xiangnan again, “So, the two of you have met before. Qin Xiangnan, you didn’t tell me about such a big thing.”


“Li Susu, haven’t you been honeymooning all these time? How can I tell you, international calls are expensive.” Qin Xiangnan said to her.


Li Susu snorted, expressing dissatisfaction.


Speaking of honeymoon, she talked about the funny things hey had seen in the past few months.


Along the way, Qin Xiangnan was laughed at by Li Susu, and Xu Chang occasionally inserted a few words.


From time to time, Xu Chang also peeked at Qin Xiangnan who laughed and sneered.


The four drove to Li Susu’s booked villa. After walking around, putting things in the room, they were ready to barbecue in the small garden together.


The air here is very good and especially quiet. Qin Xiangnan strolled around a small garden and felt particularly good.


Because they came here for grilling, the trunk was filled with with today’s ingredients and grilling tools.


Qin Xiangnan saw Xu Chang’s left hand was not good and said to him, “You can just rest for a while, the three of us can do it.”


Xu Chang raised an eyebrow and said, “You look down on me?” He lifted the barbecue stand on one hand.


Qin Xiangnan sighed, who dares to look down on him? Even if you are great, you can do it even if you break your arm.


The four removed everything from the trunk of the car.


Li Susu suddenly screamed: “Carbon, carbon, where did it go, ah.” She asked Su Mingxuan, “Su Mingxuan, where did you put the carbon? Why can’t I find it?”


“Why are you asking me?”


“Didn’t I ask you to take it for me?” Li Susu stuttered and said, “Su Mingxuan, did you forget to take it?”


Su Mingxuan seemed to find the problem to be serious. He can’t remember Li Susu asking him to take it. He then said irritably, “What me forgetting it, obviously it was you who forgot about it, OK?”


Upon hearing this, Li Susu was anxious: “Su Mingxuan, you still won’t admit it. You obviously forgot about it and you still put the responsibility on me. Okay, how can you grill without carbon? Such a little thing and you can’t even do it.”


“Why are you blaming me. Li Susu, if you have something wrong, don’t just make trouble!”


Qin Xiangnan and Xu Chang heard their quarrel and hurriedly persuaded them. Instead of calming down, the two became increasingly angry.


“Su Mingxuan, you said that I’m making unreasonable trouble? It is clearly your fault, why do you always do this. You say that you have never done any wrong whenever you do something wrong. Last time when we were in Europe, it was the same. You obviously lost your wallet, and then blamed me for not hiding it well. Su Mingxuan, I have endured you for a long time.”


“Li Susu, don’t you lose your temper all the time? Also, please don’t run around whenever you lose your temper. Last time that I lost my wallet, I didn’t know where you went. You said that you went to find it. If you got lost and alone at a foreign country, and you can’t even speak English well. You re so stupid, what should I do?”


“Don’t you forsake me, am I not pleasing to the eye? I can’t speak English, does it embarrass you?” Li Susu said, her eyes reddening.


“Look at you, wherever we go, you always make some trouble without reason, it’s endless. Why is it so tiring to talk to you?”


Li Susu couldn’t help it anymore, her tears dripped down, “You’re already tired of me, is that it? I don’t want to talk to you anymore, let’s divorce.”


“You…” Su Mingxuan was really angry with her and slammed the door closed..


Qin Xiangnan didn’t expect that the two will fight again when they were good earlier.


Li Susu was crying more and more, and rushed to Qin Xiangnan’s arms and cried, “Look at him, always treating me like this. I must divorce him this time.”


Xu Chang glanced at Qin Xiangnan and pointed to the sullen Su Mingxuan and said to her, “I’ll go persuade him.”


She agreed with a hum.


Qin Xiangnan and Xu Chang started their work.


Men and women quarrel, men needs to talk things out, they must make a point. And women need support from each other. Usually, when a man speaks good words and coaxes, the woman’s anger will pass.


But if the two are deadlocked and can’t put their pride down, the fight will never end, and the matter will not be solved.


Li Susu cried, “He is always fierce, do you think he has not love me for a long time and just endured? I must divorce him this time to see who can’t live without who.”


Qin Xiangnan handed her a paper towel and said, “Don’t say those words when you’re upset. How long have you just been married before you say that you want divorce? Whenever you quarrel, you always make up. As long as you wait for a while, he always apologize and you forgive him, giving him another chance.”


“I won’t forgive him this time, or any other time.” Li Susu snorted. “I think he just dislikes me and doesn’t love me.”


“Come on, if he doesn’t love you, then why did he marry you? Every time you quarrel, he will come to coax you. Don’t think much about it, let him calm down first.”




Qin Xiangnan looked at Xu Chang and Su Mingxuan who were talking not far away from them but she couldn’t hear what they were talking about.