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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 40

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 40 – Villa Party (2)


It didn’t take long for Su Mingxuan to come and apologize.


“Wife, I was wrong. I shouldn’t be fierce to you, forgive me.”


Li Susu turned her head and snorted, acting like she didn’t hear him. Seeing this, Qin Xiangnan quickly motioned her to talk.


Li Susu huffed and said, “It’s good that you know your wrong. Will you say that I’m stupid next time?”


“Who dares to say that you’re stupid? I’ll hit him. My wife is so smart and beautiful, who would compare? You.”


“It’s just the same.” Li Susu finally laughed.


They quarreled fast, and made up quickly. All these years, Qin Xiangnan has been used to it.


But the problem that followed was that they forgot to bring charcoal. Therefore, Xu Chang suggested to make food with the existing material since there is a kitchen in the villa anyway.


Because Li Susu and Su Mingxuan only knows how to eat and doesn’t know how to cook, as a result, Xu Chang took charge of the kitchen and Qin Xiangnan fought him.


While cooking, Qin Xiangnan was curious about what Xu Chang and Su Mingxuan talked about.


She asked him: “What did you say to Su Mingxuan?”


Xu Chang smiled, “What else can I say but let him coax his wife?”


“I didn’t expect that you know a lot, didn’t you say that you don’t know much about love?”


At this time, Xu Chang stopped his work, looked at her and said, “I’m so clever. Of course, these things can be mastered.”


Qin Xiangnan was speechless for a while. He really changed! Such shameless words that he said!


Qin Xiangnan knows about Xu Chang’s cooking skills but the couple didn’t. Li Susu was convinced by Xu Chang’s superb skills.


“Why is there such a perfect man such as Xu Chang in this world? Such a person is still single, unbelievable. Qin Xiangnan, if there is no one else, you take Xu Chang.”


Qin Xiangnan was about to bit her, only then did Li Susu stopped. The two had a quarrel again and again, and the four had a happy lunch.


The villa was quite luxurious and has all kinds of entertainment activities, including  KTV, chess room, table tennis and snooker. Li Susu suggested that the four people could just play mahjong in the afternoon. Qin Xiangnan opposed at first. She knew little about mahjong, but she was really not proficient enough.


Li Susu persuaded her, and finally let Xu Chang, the smartest person, teach Qin Xiangnan a few more things, so she reluctantly agreed to play mahjong with them.


Qin Xiangnan is really not good at symbols, but fortunately, Xu Chang can always guess what cards she lacks. This mahjong game is played much smoother, and she has played several times.


Li Susu began to regret letting Xu Chang assist Qin Xiangnan. She felt that Xu Chang and Qin Xiangnan were too cheap. She didn’t want to play anymore.


Subsequently, the four people played several rounds of table tennis. Xu Chang, who played with one hand, always won, making Li Susu furious again.


After playing a few rounds, the four soon felt hungry, because Xu Chang made lunch, they didn’t want to bother him to cook again. Not to mention that there were no ingredients in the house, they then called for takeouts.


The four then entered the KTV, singing and chatting while eating, and of course, prepared a lot of liquors.


Xu Chang and Su Mingxuan were originally in a band in high school so singing was nothing to them. Li Susu became a little fangirl again, her eyes bright.


Qin Xiangnan watched Xu Chang silently, remembering the glamorous youth on the stage at the high school welcome party, how charming and youthful they were.


Thinking about it, suddenly a microphone was handed in front of her. She turned around and saw Xu Chang pass the microphone to her and said, “Your song.”


Qin Xiangnan was surprised, and the TV screen appeared at this time. Deng Ziqi’s “Bubbles” accompaniment music, she was stunned…


Why did Xu Chang said that this is her song? She only sang this song at a previous annual meeting, and also sent to her circle of friends… She changed her circle of friends visibility for three days. Did he see it?


She really wanted to find a place to hide. But the microphone had already been handed to her, she had to pick it up. She did not dare to look at him and sang the song quickly.


She didn’t know how to sing very much, but because Chen Xiaoqi had urged her to perform on the meeting before, she went home and practiced for a long time. Other than this song, she did not dare sing.


On that night, Xu Chang and Su Mingxuan sang the most. They also drank a lot of liquor. Qin Xiangnan and Li Susu listened to them singing, chatting, and eating.


At nine o’ clock in the evening, Li Susu felt tired and proposed to go to bed. The four stopped before preparing to return to their rooms to rest.


The author has something to say:
Chang Chang can do anything even with one hand