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Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 1

Translated by Angela and Nyx, edited by Nyx.


The umbrella-shaped ancient camphor trees that stood tall on both sides of the playground were verdant, and the hot wind blew like the sound of cicadas.


Today was the school midterm exam.


Students inside the examination room were breaking their neck answering.


The moment Lu Wan opened her eyes, her pupil shrank as she looked around at a crowd of people with their heads still buried on their answer sheet.


She had finished answering her math exam a long time ago but it wasn’t the time to submit it yet. So she simply laid down on the table to take a nap for a while. 


She glanced at the clock hanging on the wall and found that only fifteen minutes had passed since then.


Sure enough, it was that dream again.


In her dreams, she was continuously falling. The feeling of plummeting as if iced water had poured into her lungs and torn her chest.


Recently, she had the same dream over and over again, and jumped dozens of times.


As if it was a never-ending jumped.


She also dreamed that the world she was in now was called “The Tyrannical School Grass : Fierce Love” by Mary Sue


(T/N: “School Grass” means most handsome male student.)


And she herself was the villain in the novel, the vicious female character.


The basic standard that fit for a vicious female character was there must be a bumpy psychological journey to pave way for the cold and insanely jealous heroine when she appeared.


Lu Wan’s parents or more precisely her adoptive parents actually preferred sons over daughters. It’s a pity that the couple only had one daughter and there was not much room for argument in this regard.


After all, this only daughter of theirs had been bought with money.


The couple couldn’t have a child. Fifteen years ago, they planned to spend their savings to buy a male child to be their son. At that time, the husband was looking at the goods with a human trafficker to buy a boy. After he returned home, he found out that the boy he bought was actually a girl!


At that time, the traffickers had disappeared among the sea of people, and the couple could only grit their teeth and raise this money-losing good.


Lu Wan did not know whether her adoptive mother wanted to make up for the regret or just want to please her husband as she strictly raised her as a boy.


Her family register was always “male” since childhood. Maybe because the family registration was not too strict at that time or because the couple found a connection inside.


Fortunately, it wasn’t hard for her to pretend as a male. She even thought that it was nice to be a man. Being a man saved her a lot of trouble in most of the situations and it lessened the chance of running into weirdos.


Throughout her childhood, Lu Wan was chased around the house by her adoptive father with a broomstick. Passerbys often reminded her that there were shoe prints imprinted on the back of her clothes.


When she was still not entering a school, she thought that her friends’ fathers were all the same, only to find out later that it wasn’t. The other kids’ father was not a drunkard nor swear, and they also didn’t beat up their child  whenever they were hungry and asked for something to eat.


So… Lu Wan had enough. She started to fight back, which soon escalated into an exchange of blows with her drunkard adoptive father. Both of them sustained injuries in this prolonged fight.


Lu Wan had accumulated numerous experience in fighting. She was brave and talented. During her primary school, she dared to fight with a child on the second grade and had been fighting with dogs since she was ten.


She was a devil incarnate who could beat s̲h̲i̲t̲ out of anyone.


When she was a little older, Lu Wan became famous in her second year of middle school for her skill of “massaging her father with the soles of her shoes”. The neighbors often complain that if Lu Wan had not fallen in love with her studies, she would have become a gangster.


She might even have gone to jail!


If there were any praiseworthy value of Lu Wan, that was she had been very good in studying. She was the first in every exam.


She never spent a penny of her family’s money for education since she was little. When she stepped in high school, her tuition was free and she was also given an allowance per semester. With this, she was able to profit and earned a few thousand RMB or else she wouldn’t have been able to study otherwise.


Her adoptive father would not bother to spend money for her education. Their living expenses were all supported by the female of the household because the drunkard hadn’t worked for more than a decade.


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