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Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 2

Translated by Angela and Nyx, edited by Nyx.


Lu Wan’s adoptive mother was a meek woman.


She set up a stall in the intersection of the road to sell pancakes and worked early in the morning until late at night. The small business was having a decent income, but the money she earned from it was always taken by her drunkard husband to drink and gamble.


Each time his adoptive father asked for money, it was always accompanied by verbal abuse and punches and kicks which made the family’s chickens and dogs jump flying.


Lu Wan used to think that if their life went on like this, she wouldn’t be sure if her adoptive father would kill her first, or if she would kill him first.


Fortunately, God wasn’t too hard on her. That guy died in front of her. When she was thirteen, that man drank too much and fell into the river. He already went cold before being sent to the hospital, saving money for the rescues.


But even after so many years of family abuse, her adoptive mother’s mind still collapsed when the drunkard passed away. A few years after his death, her adoptive mother died three months ago.


After her adoptive mother passed away, Lu Wan began to have these weird dreams everyday. However, Lu Wan didn’t care much as it was just a dream after all.


Until three days ago… a man arrived at their doorstep.


A middle-aged man with slicked-back hair, was claiming that he was sent by her grandfather. He said that she was the long lost granddaughter of the Zhao family and her grandfather wanted to take her back home.


Only then did Lu Wan become aware… that her biological parents were someone else. This was the same as her dream!


Lu Wan recalled the plot of 《The Tyrannical School Grass: Fierce Love》.


The heroine was from an aristocratic high school. Although she came from an impoverished background, she had a great personality and charisma. Her ways did not follow common sense and this attracted countless outstanding men.


Although the heroine was plotted against by various rich girls and malicious women along the way, they failed to take her down. She always succeeded in escaping from their plots.


In the story, she was a cannon fodder who dared to steal the male lead from the heroine and ended up miserable.


Because she was head over heels to the male lead, she constantly found faults with the heroine. However, she failed every time, and she would end up advancing the relationship between the heroine and all kinds of men.


After she had played the role of the villain, she fell into humiliation and became addicted to drugs. In the end, she jumped off the tall building.


I was used as a tool till the end.


Lu Wan:


This damn story was venomous!


No, the hero and heroine had a fight every time, how could they still have time to study?


Both were high school students, but their situations differ in comparison. Juggling between classes, homework, and part-time jobs, her daily life was like a dull silent movie that revolved around these three things.


Although it was not the point of the novel, if you couldn’t possibly win when you tried to mess with the heroine you could just stay away from her.


Lu Wan didn’t want to be used as a tool who acted viciously and mentally r̲e̲t̲a̲r̲d̲e̲d̲ just to support the hostess’ kindness. Everyone should just mind their own business.


She disguised her beautiful face as a man and pretended to be a guy all along because she wanted to study peacefully. Her petite and delicate girl face would be loved by the school bullies… and they would try their best to get near her! She just wanted to be at the top of her grade.




Lu Wan came out of the examination room and walked towards the school gate. There, she saw her friend standing across the street.


But then a car stopped by her side before she could reach the sidewalk. The car window lowered and she saw a familiar face in the driver seat. It was the same middle-aged man who came to find her two days ago.


It had already been three days since Zhang Weidong arrived in Ning Xian. He was entrusted by the Zhao family to bring back the old man’s long lost granddaughter. When he first saw Lu Wan, he was disappointed. It could only be said that the environment played a crucial role in the development of a person!


Do not mention a lady that came from a rich family, she doesn’t even look like a woman. It’s amazing that the Zhao family’s granddaughter is actually raised as a boy for more than ten years! Zhang Weidong muttered to himself and he wasn’t sure if there was something wrong with her mentality.


Anyway, once she returned and was recognized by the family, this life would disappear.


Unexpectedly, Lu Wan appeared not to be surprised by the situation and just quickly accepted the happenings.


Then again, her reaction was quite normal. If I had been living a hard life and suddenly became the daughter from a rich family. Why should I be upset?


It was like winning the grand prize, no one would refuse it!

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